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  1. yup, that's it...thanks for the pic...i have a recollection of having to crawl under something so the rock may have been there back in the mid-late eighties...
  2. that name rings a there a stone arch/tunnel-thing along the trail somewhere? i think i may have camped and hiked this mountain when i was a kid
  3. Anyone have one of these? I used it this winter and the pizza was underwhelming. The temp struggled to get above 550 but that may have been due to the sleet storm happening at the time. Will probably try it again this summer but wondering if anyone has had good luck with this contraption.
  4. sensible states like florida
  5. I’m gonna quote these really wise words I recently read elsewhere: lol get bent
  6. If you’ve never been, you tulip photographers should really make a trip to longwood gardens by end of the month or so. We have a yearly pass and went last weekend but nothing much was blooming yet, but when the tulips start blooming they are spectacular. Probably next weekend, definitely the week after?
  7. Second Pfizer shot yesterday...feel great this morning, just a bit of arm soreness
  8. As with most things, you’ll be fine if you don’t overdo it...I stopped off at a good brewery close to my vac site that I don’t get to very much and picked up my celebration pack and I will most certainly be cracking a few open this evening edit: which is what pretty much everybody else said
  9. pfizer # 2 tomorrow...trying to figure out if i should swing by our vet's office afterwards to see if she can use her pet scanner to make sure the chip implanted successfully or if i need to go ahead and make an appointment at the genius bar