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  1. about 4.5 inches in kamuland…glad I kept the Christmas lights up
  2. first step if I’m Lurie is to call Johnson and Siriani into my office this morning and say “raise your hand if you were the one calling all the wide receiver screens this year” and whoever puts their hand up is fired on the spot
  3. i know for a certainty i'm going to regret this but what are ex-grandparents? like an ex-parrot or is it something else?
  4. saw spamalot over the holidays, very funny and my daughters loved it (made them watch holy grail first), highly recommend
  5. Looks beautiful https://tourismfernie.com/activities/hiking-trails/silver-springs
  6. this storm irritates the shit out of me 29 degrees
  7. that’s always been my understanding anyway ^
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