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  1. rjay has no playoff baseball to watch so he's killing time until winter
  2. you can't make it to an online class at 8am??
  3. also, there is a more nefarious explanation that i'm not sure is incorrect but i don't know for sure--i.e. USSF has directed that the MLS must be adequately represented in these matches
  4. as to 1) agree as to 2) i suppose that this may be technically correct but on the other hand i *just know* that arriola doesn't score weah's (own) goal on any timeline even if we assume an infinite multiverse which i guess is impossible but still yeah...how awesome is it that the grizzled vet is 26 my man i like your rankings if you put Reyna in at the 8 in a 4-3-3, i think i would sit McKennie which would have been blasphemy for me until we finally got to see Musah...like you said, Adams is inked in at the 6 for the forseeable future...really not sure what the best formation is although i think the 4-3-3 is maybe my current favorite--Dest and Robinson bombing up the outsides, Richards and Brooks? (maybe Miles but idk) at CBs, Adams, Musah and Reyna, and then Puli, Aaronson/Weah and Pepi (or even try out Weah at striker?)...i'd run that out any day edit to add: i really like Hoppe...he seems like sort of a dick which i like and they need a bit of, will keep my eye on him this fall
  5. i don't even dislike him...he plays hard and is constantly working and he seems like good teammate...he's just technically not at a level where he should be starting over some of the other players available in a WCQ for the USMNT...he'd have been a fine player on this team 10 years ago but now he's just not good enough...my ire is more directed at gregggg for always starting this guy in big games...
  6. cool, i asked this in another thread and nobody even knew what i was talking about so if you don't mind can you let me know if i did in fact prove the existence of god or at least a god?
  7. confirmed, my buddy bought some bottles to take home and i asked him
  8. no lie i still lol about slippery slope stout
  9. hit up sapwood on saturday afternoon...it was as advertised...tried the leaf fall up, simcoe simpatico, the bourbon-stout-coconut-vanilla stout, and a sour but i can't remember which one...they were all fantastic
  10. i am low key, quiet, and older so that sounds good lol
  11. cool, thanks...i think i can make it work
  12. how is the taproom? i've got to be down there in october and it's almost walkable from the hotel if i'm willing to hop a fence or two or wade a creek--which i am--if it's worth it...
  13. yeah, good trolls are OK with me but this dude has nothing interesting to say...philly sucks!!!!!!!11!...ok, got it, thanks, phil...onto the ignore list
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