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  1. whatever it was I’m glad…hope you and everyone you know is safe…
  2. Whole lot of nothing down here, no complaints, clouds did their job.
  3. In Avalon this week and haven’t seen the sun today. Hoping the cloud cover sticks and convection is cancelled. I’ve got an outdoor dinner reservation at 5:45.
  4. Taking the kids to GNR…on the one hand, that’s awesome…on the other, christ we’re old…
  5. obligatory 220, 221, whatever it takes
  6. but maybe skip the cod sushi
  7. traveling goddamn tacos...this is why the god of vengeance and war or whatnot suddenly appeared
  8. glad you found it useful, sounds like you had a great trip!
  9. Good stuff. I’ve got a DDH one of those in the fridge. Toppling Goliath King Sue for me right now though.
  10. first of all, your friend must be old af… second of all eugene levy can do no wrong so I’m down with him
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