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  1. i will lose my everlasting mind lol
  2. i've grown to really dislike the raptors
  3. lol i follow that as well...figured i'd put mine out this weekend
  4. yeah, i think we'd be favored to advance over iran or whatever team is the 4th for sure...
  5. lol US in group B with England, Iran, and either Wales, Scotland or Ukraine…texted my English friend:
  6. i'd take horvath over zach too...i had a buddy over last night who is a pretty successful youth coach and played GK growing up in england, and i learned some new phrases that i won't repeat lol...
  7. right. so you want be in a higher pot if possible...the US being in pot 2 isn't too bad...it means there will only be one team ranked higher than them in their group
  8. agree, especially with the bolded...he should have given up a goal against panama for the same reason...anyway, relieved they qualified, now i just have to pretend to be on the fence about watching the WC for a while...
  9. i read that, too...apparently FIFA waived that rule for the UEFA playoffs but i don't know if you want to count on that happening for the NZ game if you are costa rica, so i would expect them to run a B team out there as well...get the three and hope everyone gets healthy between now and november
  10. no worries about qualifying (mostly lol) but would still love to get a result tonight for the first time ever down there
  11. extra hour of sunlight got ingested by models finally
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