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  1. I bet we could work something out edit: no idea why the gif is just a still edit again: it’s a killer gif too
  2. Agreed. Unless it’s an Eagles game I’d rather watch an EPL game than a random NFL game.
  3. Lol. We are overflowing with tomatoes as well and I made this pretty much exact salad tonight but with some garlic expressions vinaigrette…
  4. nice, sounds like a great week...i will say that, like most people seem to do, we went up on the "short route" and down on the "long route"...the short route is, well, short, but it is actually pretty steep and will definitely get your heart rate up...you could just do the long route both ways if you are worried at all and still be done in a couple hours...have a great time!
  5. we did that a couple of years ago...it is awesome...there's a good BBQ place right on main street that sits on the lake...we drove up to whiteface which is worth it but it's a long hike...if you are looking for a shorter hike i can recommend mt. jo...only takes a couple of hours at most to get up and down but the views are great
  6. feel like you are trying to insult me but i'm not too sure...zero sara mclaughlin cds but she did convince me to adopt two puppies
  7. i have zero aerosmith cds because i have taste
  8. so that's really 3 cds i guess...bona fide
  9. i have like two james taylor cds and one is the live double disc so i feel completely justified posting in a new england forum
  10. I was out yesterday so not sure what we got but I can tell you that my grass is plenty brown. Glad you are getting some relief from the dp lol
  11. feeling's frigging mutual amigo
  12. hope everything works out for you
  13. good lord…we’re so boned
  14. I mean here is an idiot
  15. but tell me what the **** is up with tolland…that must be quite a place
  16. I disagree with him on this but radarman isn’t an idiot
  17. Nice. The tomatoes beer is nuts. I’ve had Einstok porter which is pretty good. If you see any fermented blubber beer or something be sure to give a review.
  18. poisons them? what a cat
  19. mostly the admin staff is my understanding
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