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  1. i will lose my everlasting mind lol
  2. i've grown to really dislike the raptors
  3. lol i follow that as well...figured i'd put mine out this weekend
  4. yeah, i think we'd be favored to advance over iran or whatever team is the 4th for sure...
  5. lol US in group B with England, Iran, and either Wales, Scotland or Ukraine…texted my English friend:
  6. i'd take horvath over zach too...i had a buddy over last night who is a pretty successful youth coach and played GK growing up in england, and i learned some new phrases that i won't repeat lol...
  7. right. so you want be in a higher pot if possible...the US being in pot 2 isn't too bad...it means there will only be one team ranked higher than them in their group
  8. agree, especially with the bolded...he should have given up a goal against panama for the same reason...anyway, relieved they qualified, now i just have to pretend to be on the fence about watching the WC for a while...
  9. i read that, too...apparently FIFA waived that rule for the UEFA playoffs but i don't know if you want to count on that happening for the NZ game if you are costa rica, so i would expect them to run a B team out there as well...get the three and hope everyone gets healthy between now and november
  10. no worries about qualifying (mostly lol) but would still love to get a result tonight for the first time ever down there
  11. extra hour of sunlight got ingested by models finally
  12. outdoor soccer tournament tomorrow should be brutal, would love for the snow to come in earlier so games get cancelled
  13. as an Eagles fan let me just say i'm all for it
  14. was looking for a warren zevon reference i made a while back and this post turned up...have to bump just for a zevon/elo rec...amazing, there can't be very many of us lol
  15. That's horrible...wife saved his life no doubt
  16. it's a weather forum, relax man
  17. yeah that’s bad…my mom died from colon cancer in her 50s so I got my first colonoscopy at 35
  18. it's a gamble and Morey is staking his career (at least in philly) on it but it should be fun agreed on all counts
  19. wish they didn’t have to give up Seth or Drummond but they’ll pick up a center in the buyout market…Seth will be tougher to replace but I guess they are counting on joe to keep progressing…overall it was more than I thought they’d have to give up but it defintiely makes them better now and the fact that Harden is reportedly opting in for next year is actually huge…I’m excited to see what harden can do…
  20. how much for dalmatia, pillow area, pa?
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