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  1. yeah i'm pretty happy to be honest although my joke was a little too jburns-ish on a second reading...can't all be hits lol
  2. and once again we thank you
  3. that's what i've been hearing, thanks iceresistance
  4. anyone know the forest situation in eastern Oklahoma?
  5. not me...i'm staying home to really stick it to the non-vaxxers
  6. if you like good sci-fi try the expanse on amazon prime and give it the same 5 episodes or so
  7. lol that post was something else
  8. my wife and i are very pro-vaccine as well but this is pretty much our approach right now with respect to our kids (aged 13 and 11)'s a tough call, but i think we'll give it at least a month or two to see what additional information comes out
  9. Oh Evan, lol...Because you so desperately need the attention, here you go:
  10. see this is where a simple get bent really does the job
  11. Sixers lose to the pelicans without Zion I’m not watching another game Edit: phew
  12. never heard of it, much less tried it but get bent is my go to response to about a million different situations
  13. get bent is my spirit beer
  14. yeah spatchcocking is the the spatchcock...couple years ago I picked up a small turkey on sale like the day after thanksgiving and spatchcocked the hell out of it edited to add: i forgot until i really looked at this picture again how deformed this turkey was, one breast was like triple the size of the other :shrug:
  15. thanks, sounds great! the cinnamon is a surprise, may have to try that some time
  16. that looks good...what spices were in the rub and what type of wood did you use and what temp did you run and how long was the cook? may have other questions later
  17. they make drains for a reason, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do lol
  18. Oh yeah, they deliver to VA now...the DDH AC may be my favorite semi-regular beer they put out...the brewery is just far enough away from my house that it’s not convenient to get to with any regularity but when we have soccer games (or vax appointments) in the area I’ll usually make a pit stop...they make some really good stuff, hope you like your delivery...
  19. This too shall pass, Mrs.J But seriously, hope you get rid of that thing quickly and with as little pain as possible