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  1. lol look at that thing just meandering around, reminds me of the path i'd take trying to walk home in college after a night at the balloon
  2. Got my wife one of them there ooni pizza ovens for Christmas and broke it out tonight. It is a pretty neat little thing. Pizzas turned out pretty good. Here’s the last one I made for myself.
  3. dude you’re gonna chase off the one met we have left who posts here
  4. this is a doozy...part of me wants to know how you like tucson, pa, and the other part doesn't really care enough to open that can of worms... primarily you need to simmer down a bit
  5. can we ask you to generally chill the eff out, or is that asking too much too?! 30F
  6. answer is as old as time: SECS sells
  7. some real cooks in here
  8. not many people still around that speak Weeper edit: except randy lol, oh stewardess
  9. feel for all of you that lost branches in this storm…same here in Glen Mills, PA
  10. that sucks man...sorry about your dad, too
  11. Yes, they built that boardwalk along the meadow a few years ago. When they shut down the main fountains to completely renovate them (it took years) that whole part of the gardens was closed so they added that walkway and some light installations to make up for it a bit.
  12. Christmas at Longwood is definitely worth the trip but don't sleep on it in other seasons...we go year round as it's pretty close and we have a membership but in particular late April through May is amazing and the fountain shows at night in the summer are really cool as well...
  13. wouldn't necessarily be against carving out a coatesville subforum
  14. oh man you guys are the ones that us weather nerds shoved in lockers
  15. Agree, that was a heartbreaker.
  16. rjay has no playoff baseball to watch so he's killing time until winter
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