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  1. feeling's frigging mutual amigo
  2. hope everything works out for you
  3. good lord…we’re so boned
  4. I mean here is an idiot
  5. but tell me what the **** is up with tolland…that must be quite a place
  6. I disagree with him on this but radarman isn’t an idiot
  7. Nice. The tomatoes beer is nuts. I’ve had Einstok porter which is pretty good. If you see any fermented blubber beer or something be sure to give a review.
  8. poisons them? what a cat
  9. mostly the admin staff is my understanding
  10. my wife is a doctor and she and every doctor she/we know has gotten the vax...however, a not insignificant portion of the staff have not...i'm not sure what their plan is with that going forward...
  11. it's kind of crazy that the prey drive stops short after catching the animal
  12. I've got two dogs--the border collie/lab mix and then some yellow dog...the yellow one came to the back door the other night with a baby rabbit hanging out of its mouth...i was sure the rabbit was dead so i put on some gloves and got a plastic bag and went out onto the deck to dispose of it...yellow dog looked so proud and when i told him to drop it he did and just sat there wagging his tail...i picked up the rabbit and it didn't move and its eyes were closed but it was still breathing...i held it for a bit more and then it kicked its back legs a little so i went and put it under our woodpile to see if it may be OK...checked it about 10 minutes later and it had buried itself into some dead leaves and it was gone the next morning so i guess it was just tharn or whatever...can't believe yellow dog didn't injure it too much...we have a guinea pig that he likes to play with so maybe that had something to do with it? edit: that's them below
  13. I've got a border collie/black lab mix...the lab mellows out the border collie energy a bit but he was still a pain in the ass as a pup
  14. that's not really what i meant
  15. ^working title could be “in defense of walking tacos” but obviously I’d defer to chris
  16. I need christopher guest to make a movie about summer swim teams
  17. $25 for a pizza at a Baltimore Pizza Hut in the 80s? I’ve got news for you man they were buying drugs.
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