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  1. well i wasn't prepared for that
  2. https://gypsyguide.com/tour/yellowstone-national-park/ this is the one we used...my girls named the dude Fred
  3. we were in wyoming for a wedding a few years ago and decided to drive up to yellowstone for a couple of days...we had never been there before and weren't sure how to tackle it...on a whim i downloaded one of those GPS tour apps on my phone and played it through the car speakers and it helped out immensely...i was really skeptical but if you are trying to figure out what to see and do there in limited time i can highly recommend it...
  4. Random capitalization checks out
  5. not getting vaccinated because fat people what a thread
  6. nice. let me know if you need my bank account information or need me to wire funds somewhere...
  7. without embiid they are basically a .500 team so odds are they win 1 of the next 3, especially with 2 of them being at home in a full-capacity arena...they may have a chance next round against the hawks/knicks without him...but no shot whatsoever against nets/bucks...luckily i had prepared myself for this...
  8. Well they are definitely doing something right marketing-wise. I actually do have a friend of a friend here in PA who makes the trip up every so often and purchases thousands of dollars worth of stuff, some of which eventually finds its way to my beer fridge...
  9. Maybe? but I’m willing to pay you off also...whichever
  10. you'd do well to keep your mouth shut, amigo
  11. gram parsons approves, posthumously (probably)
  12. spent the whole weekend putzing around northern delaware and chester county for various outdoor sporting events and haven't seen or heard a single one...calling a bust here
  13. yeah I guess they do...jesus tap dancing christ more like blueberryfaygoeffyourself amirite?
  14. forgot to mention it was a skydiving accident
  15. and they got smoked in the last real game they played full strength against the heat...all kidding aside i could definitely see the wizards taking one or two
  16. as a sixers fan i'm always prepared for things to go as wrong as they possibly can...i do worry that beal could just go off at any time...
  17. Will be very disappointed if Sixers-Wizards is not a
  18. the linked map has us in a hatched zone which apparently means multiple broods so i would assume that is both brood II (2013) as well as brood X (2021)...or i guess it could also just mean really big cicadas
  19. yeah i'm pretty happy to be honest although my joke was a little too jburns-ish on a second reading...can't all be hits lol
  20. and once again we thank you
  21. that's what i've been hearing, thanks iceresistance
  22. anyone know the forest situation in eastern Oklahoma?
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