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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2–0_lead_is_the_worst_lead
  2. Maybe they are counting on puli not being able to go a full 90? Reyna comes in at 65 and scores game winner?
  3. 9 additional minutes of shaq moore, there are rules against this in the geneva convention and whatnot
  4. already? been there since last friday at about 4pm est lol unplugging the phone now
  5. if the us can't score in the first 30 minutes or so the shithousery will be concacaf level
  6. If you can’t win a single game in your group then you probably don’t really deserve to move on. US played well today and I expect them to beat Iran.
  7. pretty much...a tie against England would be huge...very disappointing result
  8. lol, i'm pretty much dying
  9. the Carson Wentz Experience...it's really something
  10. at least one pic of thousands of floating red maga hats or bust
  11. i will lose my everlasting mind lol
  12. i've grown to really dislike the raptors
  13. lol i follow that as well...figured i'd put mine out this weekend
  14. yeah, i think we'd be favored to advance over iran or whatever team is the 4th for sure...
  15. lol US in group B with England, Iran, and either Wales, Scotland or Ukraine…texted my English friend:
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