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  1. whatever it was I’m glad…hope you and everyone you know is safe…
  2. Whole lot of nothing down here, no complaints, clouds did their job.
  3. In Avalon this week and haven’t seen the sun today. Hoping the cloud cover sticks and convection is cancelled. I’ve got an outdoor dinner reservation at 5:45.
  4. Taking the kids to GNR…on the one hand, that’s awesome…on the other, christ we’re old…
  5. obligatory 220, 221, whatever it takes
  6. but maybe skip the cod sushi
  7. traveling goddamn tacos...this is why the god of vengeance and war or whatnot suddenly appeared
  8. glad you found it useful, sounds like you had a great trip!
  9. Good stuff. I’ve got a DDH one of those in the fridge. Toppling Goliath King Sue for me right now though.
  10. first of all, your friend must be old af… second of all eugene levy can do no wrong so I’m down with him
  11. i guess we could do that here pretty much against it
  12. i went to a ravens-eagles game years ago and the pre-teen kid in back of me was literally cursing me out for wearing an eagles t-shirt while his dad laughed and egged him on it was a preseason game
  13. oh, none of the fans were *nice*...you hear all kinds of shit at all of those games, but my girls hear worse stuff at home in school...it's the drunken violence that separates an Eagles tailgate from the others that i don't feel like dealing with anymore, especially with kids in tow...
  14. i've taken my girls (ages 13 and 11 now) to Phillies, Sixers, Flyers, Union, USWNT, USMNT games without any issues...always avoided Eagles games...they are probably old enough now but i really have no desire to take them through the hell gauntlet that is an Eagles tailgate to get into the stadium
  15. it's unbelievable that this isn't unbelievable
  16. holy shit i didn't know this is what your name meant...i always thought you were just a big gary burghoff fan
  17. from what i've read simmons is really going to hit the gym this summer and dedicate himself to getting better so i guess things will be ok
  18. they really are something else
  19. years ago: macchump critters: we hate swim team, do we have to do it this year? mr. and mrs. macchump: *look at each other* mr. macchump: god no mr. and mrs. macchump: *high five*
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