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  1. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Anyone with any totals around the bound brook area?
  2. March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    Sea Girt OEM checked in with between 13 and 14 inches.
  3. March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    About 14 inches in holiday city south, in Toms River.
  4. March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    8-10 inches now in Point Pleasant Beach.10 counting the inch of slop yesterday. Dumping snow still 2-3 inches an hour rates
  5. March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    Absolutely dumping snow right now at Point Pleasant Beach. Sticking and about 3-4 inches on the ground
  6. In Sea Bright and I'm underwhelmed. Lol. It's snowing and sleeting lightly but watching the Shrewsbury river for any signs of flooding. Will be live at noon then a big lunch at bubbakoos
  7. March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    Can everyone please post their town with observations because smart phones don't pick up locator. Point Pleasant Beach:. Wind. Lots of wind. No snow.
  8. Winds already close to 30 at the Jersey beaches.
  9. Couple of instagram'd sunrise shots from our live broadcast at Asbury Park this morning
  10. Don't poo poo impacts of sleet. I drove to news 12 in the thunder sleet the other week from exit 98. Saw 12 vehicles wrecked on the parkway and it was absolutely terrifying.
  11. Cranky is calling for thunder sleet. It looks possible Wednesday in NJ.
  12. Nam came back northwest quite a bit from 0z, Mt. Holly snow map favors central NJ on South and east with 4-5.