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  1. Mt. Holly mentioning a narrow band dropping 2"/hr rates somewhere in CNJ/SNJ in an update this morning. Could be fun for a little bit tomorrow. For a narrow section of coast this could be our biggest storm in two years.
  2. What a mess this morning. The alert went out at 3 pm yesterday which should have meant plenty of timing to get the roads pre-treated. I heard from so many folks today they didn't see any salt trucks out last night until the rain moved in.
  3. I ended up with roughly an inch in Point Pleasant Beach. It was a bad bust by the nws for my area as they had us in 4-6 all day. The gradient got the sickest between toms river and manahawkin.
  4. Mt Holly went with WSW all the way to Ocean County now.
  5. Wonderful day to soak in an October tan, yesterday also was phenomenal but the biting flies were out in full force here.
  6. Maximum Sustained Wind Overall (mph): 155 Maximum Sustained Wind at Landfall (mph): 140 Pressure at Landfall (mb): 940 mb Landfall Location: Houma, LA
  7. Because shrimp people, right?
  8. NWS MT HOLLY tweeted me said millstone expected to crest at 2 pm. That's a lot of time yet to rise unfortunately.
  9. Millstone River in Mercer County West Windsor Twp Southfield Road - we parked here on dry ground and in 45 minutes had to move - continues to rise.
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