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  1. Just got placed in a warning here in Wall for 80 mph wind gusts! - this is serious.
  2. Fun storm. Great cloud formations from my front porch, but damage and trees all over just up the road.
  3. Was out grilling some chicken and had wet snowflakes hitting me here in Point Pleasant Beach with a temp around 48.
  4. We are about to changeover to sleet or freezing rain in the NW Philly burbs where I am now in Phoenixville. That line is rapidly advancing east. It's still about 25 degrees outside.
  5. Ocean is 46 degrees in Belmar. That's above normal for this time of year.
  6. The Raritan Bay effect snow was fun for about an hour this morning in Long Branch. We were at Pier Village on the boardwalk. When it combined with the band moving from the West it dropped visibility down to about 1/3 mile and coated everything even pavement at 9 am.
  7. The morning rush hour Wednesday has the potential to be quite dicey as it stands right now. No one is going to take a snow threat seriously tomorrow when it's 65 degrees and raining.
  8. I don't mean for you. I mean for areas where nothing fell. Nothing is on the ground. Where is the justification for WSW when the actual forecast calls for an additional 1-2 inches on top of nothing? How can that be substantiated?
  9. There's no reason Western NJ should still be in a winter storm warning when no accumulating snow fell from Trenton to Princeton and now they're only calling for 1-2 inches more. Same goes for most of Hunterdon County south of Flemington. Where less than 2 fell all day.
  10. Dry air is a storm killer. Dave Curren now lowering potential totals. I knew we were in trouble especially for Western NJ when the sun was coming out at 11 am in Princeton.
  11. Almost 2 inches on the grass in Point Pleasant Beach. We are so close to getting dry slotted but for now it's amazing.
  12. Moderate snow now after some heavy snow in Ringoes. About 3/4 inch on ground.
  13. Winds just cranked to more than 50 here in eastern Monmouth/ocean. 51 at the allaire airport. It's howling outside after a few hours of calm. Sting?