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  1. And that's amazing because at the jersey shore surf was enormous this morning. Complete 180 from yesterday
  2. Beaches are taking a pounding today - here's what I shot around the Manasquan Inlet this morning
  3. Some photos of the surf this morning around Manasquan Inlet
  4. https://tunein.com/radio/Wice-QFM-951-s89626/ live radio from Dominica None of this sounds good.
  5. Waves look to have actually decreased in size at the Manasquan beach this morning-just got back from there for work.
  6. I wouldn't go that far. We are days out yet. Tracks are very uncertain. A track 300 miles offshore would give some large waves/spill over/beach erosion. Our beaches have handled the large swells over the last few weeks quite well, no need to sound the alarms.
  7. I noticed Lee is the name of the next storm...I'm surprised it wasn't retired after all the damage 2011 Lee caused in northeastern PA and NY.
  8. Jose is the gift that keeps on giving-Jersey Shore surfers fantastic waves- Did a story on the 4-6 foot barrels today-water is still warm, and they say it's the best waves they've seen around here in a decade thanks to Gert, Irma, and now Jose.
  9. Richard Branson hasn't tweeted in almost 8 hours-his last tweet came about 3-4 hours before his tiny island went into the eye. He also tweeted a photo with what looks like a bunch of teens/twenty-somethings he was staying with.
  10. Fact about Miami-Dade county: According to a 2016 census report,[1]the county had a population of 2,712,945,[2]making it the most populous county in Florida and the seventh-most populous county in the United States.[3] in 1990, around Andrew time, the population was roughly 800,000 less, to put it in perspective. In homestead alone the population more than doubled since Andrew.
  11. This will get picked up by the media. Remember we are in a hyper-news era with immediacy thanks to Twitter. OC mets can't simply ignore all the hype thrown there way on their social media platforms. Can you imagine what twitter would be like if we had a hurricane decade like the 50s and 60s around the mid Atlantic northeast? Also, this isn't weeks away-if there is a cat 4 possible landfall next weekend you can bet the media and local outlets will discuss this at length beginning this weekend. There's a big difference between perceptions of storms which already exist and are out there for days vs a cat 4 storm designation a few hours before landfall.
  12. Mike Rizzo (news 12 met), his GF, Noni Hodges (News 12 met) and myself chased from NJ to Seneca, South Carolina to the Duke Energy facility in the upstate. I just threw this little video together of our experience. If I said I didn't cry when it happened I would be lying. If I said I didn't cry assembling this video, again, I would be lying. We had 2 minutes 30 seconds of totality. It was the greatest single nature moment of my life. I find myself even getting choked up when trying to describe to friends back at home what it was actually like.
  13. We are in full sunshine in Lacey township ocean county. Temperatures shooting up as well.
  14. Turning into a nice day at the shore.
  15. You can see where the breaks are right now.