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  1. Decent snows in whiting ocean county now- my colleague Justin at the News 12 HQ in Edison has some heavy snow right now.
  2. I lived in NEPA for 7 years. During the holy grail of NJ coastals. I know how this ends.
  3. That’s an ugly gfs run for westerners.
  4. I fear driving in any snow on the PA Turnpike. There tends to be massive crashes, and with the first event possible of the season, get ready for all the newbies and crazies on the road. If you can wait until a few hours after the snow stops, you're better off. During snowfalls, the turnpike flat out scares me.
  5. About 3 inches of rain at the jersey shore and stations are gusting to 44 at sea girt 40 seaside heights
  6. Harvey cedars recently gusted to 33 on LBI
  7. Getting nothing but spam on my iPhone again trying to browse the forums. Can someone please help
  8. The virus pop up is happening to my Iphone as well. It's gotten to the point where this site is almost impossible to look at on the IPhone. It's a "virus alert" which is obviously a scam because iphones don't get viruses but it renders the page useless until you close it out.
  9. Jersey shore was a bust. Rained for maybe a minute here in Toms River.
  10. Did a fall foliage story at Hopatcong State Park today where we are about a week away from peak and we notice the muted colors. Spectacular Sunday afternoon feels more like late summer than late October.
  11. And that's amazing because at the jersey shore surf was enormous this morning. Complete 180 from yesterday
  12. Beaches are taking a pounding today - here's what I shot around the Manasquan Inlet this morning
  13. Some photos of the surf this morning around Manasquan Inlet
  14. https://tunein.com/radio/Wice-QFM-951-s89626/ live radio from Dominica None of this sounds good.
  15. Waves look to have actually decreased in size at the Manasquan beach this morning-just got back from there for work.