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  1. We are in full sunshine in Lacey township ocean county. Temperatures shooting up as well.
  2. Turning into a nice day at the shore.
  3. You can see where the breaks are right now.
  4. I was enjoying record air temps in Florida around Tampa Bay and a gulf hovering around 73 degrees:). Also, spc just increased for potential to 5% from i78 on south.
  5. Bc I literally just got back from Florida and this is a cruel tease to later this spring lol. Sun is drifting in and out of the marine layer low clouds. Inland should clear quickly.
  6. Meh. Sun is out at the shore. Wasn't expecting that.
  7. Hrrr showing broken line over the usual spots in south central PA south consolidating into a nasty line from just south of i-78 and south.
  8. First round is going to miss central and south jersey where temps are already in the mid 60s. Still a stubborn marine layer along the immediate coast.
  9. Extremely lucky that didn't track one mile further west up the populated valley.
  10. And my county just went severe storm warned...
  11. Bout 2 inches otg of new snow in Ringwood. Second inch fell in less than an hour.
  12. No, on the road doing News 12 snow coverage this morning. And as I type this it's now heavy snow in Wanaque.
  13. All snow now in Wanaque. Big fat flakes.
  14. I gave ya a shout!
  15. We made it to Wanaque - 28 degrees with a mix of snow and sleet. Live at 9.