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  1. Snowman86

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    Thanks for the update. We still have some time but its closing in soon. We shall see.
  2. Snowman86

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    So snow is out of the question for Northern NJ aka Passaic County area at this time.
  3. Holy Shamoly yes i see what your showing me....damm we can only dream for now. xD
  4. How much is it showing.
  5. That is some sweet encouraging sound to my ears.
  6. Im ready for snow. No more Rain. How are things looking for December so far for winter events?
  7. Snowman86

    Winter Predictions

    Dreaming xD
  8. Let it snow let it snow let it snow xD
  9. im ready for nicer warmer day.
  10. Might be over before it ever started. Im in the same boat most of today.
  11. Light snow all day long in Passaic County Cllifton area. Yes its snowing but not to the amounts it was on the forecast. Busted to a degree for sure.
  12. What type of amounts we can see in Passaic County Clifton Area