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  1. January 2018 Model Discussion Thread

    Good thing or bad thing?
  2. January 2018 Model Discussion Thread

    Explain what you mean by this guys?
  3. January 2018 Model Discussion Thread

    Im not weather men but if thats the case then it would mean less snow for NJ area. I knw there so much time and thing can change. Just trying to learn and understand.
  4. December Model Discussion

    Common sense isn't so common anymore. Back to weather reporting.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone.
  6. December Model Discussion

    So we are looking at a possible storm next friday. i know its a long way out.
  7. Spring Banter Thread

    So how is the threat for upcoming weekend look like. Snow/rain..temps too high discuss..
  8. Possible 2/16 storm threat

    So this is for next Tuesdays?
  9. Possible 2/16 storm threat

    I know it early but what are the chances for any snow out of this. Since temps will be hovering over freezing point.
  10. Continued Winter Banter.

    LookS like next week temps are on the rebound. 40 at least.
  11. 2/9-2/10 Inverted Trough/Mini-Coastal Storm

    What does Passaic county forcast for snow...if any..
  12. 2/9-2/10 Inverted Trough/Mini-Coastal Storm

    That would be interesting if they did put up something.
  13. 2/9-2/10 Inverted Trough/Mini-Coastal Storm

    Is Passaic county in the warning zone...for snow.
  14. Friday 2/5 Coastal Storm Obs/Discussion Thread

    Yea thx if would be great to have warning for our area...but will take anything at this point.