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  1. What type are amount can we expect for Passaic County in NJ more or less near Clifton area
  2. Snow has gotten lighter and sleet is working its self back in.
  3. Almost a inch of snow on the ground in Clifton NJ very good moderate snow falling now.
  4. Snowing close to moderate rate now. Feeling the good vibes xD Clifton NJ
  5. Exciting times ahead. I feel like a little kid on Christmas night waiting to open gifts xD
  6. What type of amounts can we expect to fall near Clifton NJ area.
  7. Anything at this moment is welcomed. First snow of the season and this early. Why complain...its better then nothing.
  8. I live in Clifton NJ and work in West Caldwell. Normally it would take me 20 mins to get back home going threw 80 east. This time last year it took me over 8 hours. I never want to experience that ever again. Complete grid lock aka shut down and complete failure of the state to do proper work during snow event.