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  1. Is this worse than swamp people storm?
  2. another week of rough surf and beach erosion along the East Coast with that set up. especially interesting how GFS stalls it for three days west of Bermuda.
  3. Any mention of Sandy outside a tropical system making landfall somewhere between ocean city md and block island should necessitate an immediate 72 hour ban during storm mode. Please? One can hope?
  4. Does the one still have it as a 2 boarder line 3?
  5. Best of both worlds. I, too, couldn't deal with the math but still get to play outside in storms here and get paid, and once in awhile fill in (although it's been a few years)
  6. But cranky said it was maxed at a 2 this morning. (sorry)
  7. There was also a serious upwelling episode last weekend before the storm hit. Water went from 80-81 degrees into the 60s by Sunday night.
  8. Amazing how many people came up to us between 6 and 9 am and said "fake storm". Definitely the strongest sustained winds I've stood in with gusts in the mid 60s. What stood out was the difference in temperature. Once the storm got going it was warm and humid then halfway through the temp dropped 10 degrees in a few minutes and when the winds shifted back to the west it rose again. The freakiest thing and I mentioned this on air was the smell of trees and vegetation in the air. Since we were on the beach we didn't have a lot of vegetation around. But the winds out of the west brought the smell of trees all the way to the beaches, something I smelled only after Irene and Sandy and in tornado damage in Florida.
  9. Winds gusting just under 20 mph at Manasquan inlet. That's up from calm when we first arrived at 5 am.
  10. This doesn't deserve a weenie emoji. This is legit. I am concerned about wind damage at the Jersey Shore. We tried to talk up the potential for 70+ gusts today. Media has been all over this - but some folks I spoke with this morning for my reports didn't even know there was a storm coming.
  11. A random 60 miles per hour wind gust is manageable. When you start getting in the 70s you have issues. I hope hope hope this is overdone but we will see.
  12. From my eyes the storm looks about as good in satellite as it has in awhile yet. Those wind projections are eye opening for sure. especially considering last July when we had that thunderstorm Squall line move through the Jersey Shore with 75 mile an hour winds I think we had hundreds of thousands without power for at least a couple of days.
  13. An 80 mph gust on LI and 70 on the Jersey Shore is a good possibility. I'll be covering this one from manasquan (as usual) and certainly emphasize the tornado threat.