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  1. SPC out with an 80% chance of watch issuance in the next couple of hours for DFW into portions of northeast Texas, southeast Oklahoma, and southwest Arkansas
  2. D1 slight from northeast TX to far southwest KY
  3. Some folks were getting ping pong ball sized in McKinney per social media
  4. Real good thunder and lightening under the special weather statement! Wonder if it goes severe soon?
  5. Some at least marginal severe days for NTX coming up, including tonight
  6. 5 inches for DFW. When averaged with the marginal amounts since 15-16 we actually end up at roughly our expected yearly average (about an inch per year)
  7. Looking like a good call so far. Any recent melting covered with some steady but very light snow by the airport. Probably end up with a 1/2inch when all is said and done unless things pick up soon
  8. Wind had problems but it wasn't *the* problem. That honor would go to natural gas:
  9. Much more like the winter storms of yore lol. FWD still forecasting a 100% chance of snow fwiw
  10. Anyone know why the forecast pages, hourly forecasts, and snowfall map on FWD's main page all diverge in their snowfall projections? And 2nding the power companies and state leguslature being held responsible. I know two folks without electricity *and* running water since no heat = burst pipes in this weather. There is no reason for folks having to poop in a bucket all to line the pockets of politicians and CEOs
  11. I may have been a bit too pessimistic regarding snow totals lol
  12. I'm confident I'll be right. You'll see
  13. FWD has a band of lower snow totals cutting through, you guessed it, DFW. Dry slot imminent at this rate
  14. Would not be shocked if that's the satellite image tomorrow
  15. FWD dropped snow chances from 100% to 80% in their daily forecast for DFW
  16. Dry slotting looks to be most likely failure mode for DFW. Could present either as virga or a complete abscence of moisture. Either way...
  17. Good chance FWD has egg on its face come Monday afternoon
  18. A literal hole would be perfectly on brand and is probably what happens in the end. 100% of setups have busted in the past six years. If every setup up to this point has done so, why would the latest one pan out?
  19. Can tell you right now: it won't. Seriously when are y'all gonna get that it does not, for some bizzare reason, snow here anymore?
  20. Oh yeah I know DFW is the odd man out. I just want to understand why. It's disheartening when you enjoy snow as much as I do and practically know nothing will accumulate no matter what FWD thinks
  21. If you bet on the drier and/or warmer solution every setup since March 2015 you'd be a millionaire by now. I don't know what quirk of climatology causes consistent frozen precip busts but it doesn't seem to be captured adequately by any weather models. Especially outside 4-5 days
  22. Central TX getting slammed while NTX misses out would also be very on brand for the past 6 years
  23. Yeah that pile up was nasty. It managed to sleet here for all of 2 minutes and glazed over every surface including the streets. Have to imagine something similar happened with the 100+ car pileup there. Parts of centeal TX now under a Winter Storm Warning with a 26 car pileup in Austin
  24. Well unless the bridges are really bad it does not exactly seem to be STORM OF THE CENTURY OMG here by the airport. If anything it's bone dry. The whole cold snap is increasingly looming like (yet another) hill country/central TX event precip-wise