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  1. Looking at Google maps traffic data and the damage pics seems like it was a brief but powerful tornado.
  2. Had a brief tor warning up in Denton. Can't say I saw that coming on a marginal risk day
  3. 40% blob now where the lemon was this morning. Unreal
  4. A never-before used Greek-named hurricane at that!
  5. Didn't expect to wake up to a borderline Cat 5 this morning
  6. Can't have climate change when you ignore the existence of the climate
  7. So with 3 Atlantic majors in October-November for the first time in recorded history, and with more activity likely in the weeks ahead, does anyone still think this season is a "bust?"
  8. 30s and cold rain coming for DFW Sunday night into Monday. Aka the closest thing we ever see to wintery weather since 2015
  9. *yawn* Wake me when severe season rolls around (I'm not naieve enough to even consider being optimistic about winter snow)
  10. Watch this thing make landfall as a tropical storm just to mess with people. Haven't had too many TC forecasts bust low this year!
  11. More than decent chance we will have a Greek letter Cat 5 storm in the next 24 hours. What a year
  12. If you cancel the season every week, eventually you will be right!
  13. If you think this is sad, just wait for Hurricane Cuck!
  14. Given how long this thing is gonna be wiggling around in thr Gulf I figured I might as well get a banter thread going
  15. I don't trust these gulf systems one bit
  16. Amazed this thing might still make Cat 3. When was the last season 2 majors struck the CONUS?
  17. Downgraded to 85 MPH with the 4AM advisory, NHC expecting little to no change in intensity towards landfall. Big break for the gulf coast compared to what could have been but still expected to be a prolific rainmaker
  18. So is Levi lying in the title of this video or is there a minor difference between two sets of measurements that will ultimately be meaningless in the end?
  19. Still thinking this takes a run at cat 3