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  1. Several classic supercells near the coast tonight. A rare sight
  2. How can I better help explain it, Kev?
  3. Tornado threat is pretty cooked. Virtually no instability and substantial convective inhibition, both analyzed and forecast. Favorable low level shear is also becoming increasingly displaced to the north.
  4. Tropical Storm Henri Tropical Cyclone Update NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL082021 1230 PM EDT Sun Aug 22 2021 ...TROPICAL STORM HENRI MAKES LANDFALL ALONG THE COAST OF RHODE ISLAND NEAR WESTERLY... Data from an Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft, NOAA Doppler weather radars, and surface observations indicate that the center of Tropical Storm Henri made landfall along the coast of Rhode Island near Westerly at approximately 1215 PM EDT this afternoon. At the time of landfall, maximum sustained winds were estimated to be 60 mph. A Weatherflow station near Point Judith, Rhode Island, recently measured a sustained wind of 57 mph (92 km/h) and a gust to 70 mph (113 km/h). The center of Henri passed over Block Island, Rhode Island, around 1100 AM EDT...1500 UTC.
  5. BID is back online. Almost reaching TS verification. Sustained winds 27 knots at the top of the hour. Gusting to 48 knots. 998.1mb
  6. Impressive inland wind field
  7. Not sure a sharp NW curve is coming, but due north takes the center to MVY. Should see a modest bend NNW. Thinking the center comes close to BID.
  8. SREF mostly clustered near the general model consensus, but at least two members keep the center offshore.
  9. 00z HRRR sneaks in between MTP and BID. Very lopsided rainfall-wise. Almost nothing on the east side by landfall:
  10. While Hurricane Henri Gently Weakens
  11. Forgot to mention that the low level wind shear over Rhode Island tomorrow supports up to an EF-4 tornado
  12. Satellite imagery depicts what you’d expect to see from a marginal cat 1 that’s more or less remaining steady state.
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