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  1. It still hasn't happened in OKC. It would be the first time since 2004 if we make it the whole summer without hitting 100.
  2. I didn't even see that the second half of the list was for places in Washington.
  3. If those 119's are verified, that would be a state record for Idaho, right?
  4. It looks like the hot Northwest/cool Southern Plains setup will continue for the next couple weeks.
  5. It looks warmer than average and uneventful for the near future.
  6. It's bizarre seeing it run 15-25 degrees warmer than the GFS from 96-168 hours out. It would be a pretty wimpy cold snap if the Euro verified, not even the coldest we've seen this winter.
  7. I have no idea why the dry adiabatic lapse rate is so great in the chart. I've only ever used Skew-T log-P charts, not emagrams. However, the moist adiabatic lapse rate varies significantly based on temperature, and 5.9K/km is well within the range of possibility. The average environmental lapse rate is not the same as the average moist lapse rate because sometimes the atmosphere will be dry adiabatic, sometimes there will be an inversion, etc. But since the atmosphere is often moist adiabatic, the two happen to be similar.
  8. I'm not an expert either, but I did a class project on it last spring and that's basically what I found. The change in lapse rates thing is new to me, but it makes total sense.
  9. I'd say a rough value would be a few hPa (few hundred Pa) per hour. Here's a good resource to download ASOS data from a variety of sites around the world. https://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/request/download.phtml I suppose this might be a little late for your project, but you may find it helpful for future reference.
  10. Greensboro just had their latest high in the 50s ever. Raleigh tied their second latest high of 62 or lower.
  11. Here's where you can find the April NC average temperature departure. For some reason the mapping feature isn't working, but the table is still there. https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cag/statewide/mapping/110/tavg/202004/1/value
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