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  1. They look pretty close to average for central Oklahoma overall.
  2. It looks like we'll get another powerful shot of cold air in about a week.
  3. It's cool today but it looks like it will be near to above normal the rest of the week.
  4. It's finally looking to cool off and rain some in the next few days. It might not get out of the 60s on Wednesday. And after the rain stops it looks like we're supposed to get pleasant weather with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s.
  5. I was looking through historical weather data, and Bismarck seems to get January rain once or twice a decade on average.
  6. I'm not looking forward to the 90s I have to put up with for the next week. I've been enjoying the cooler weather over the past three weeks back in Norman. I'd like to see some rain and thunderstorms sometime too.
  7. You seem to be making the assumption that 2C of warming is necessarily a tipping point.
  8. I don't particularly like it, but I can tolerate it fine. I just stay inside most of the day. Someday I'd like to live in a place with cooler summers. But I'm glad I went back to North Carolina in the summer instead of staying in Oklahoma. It's too hot and dry there this time of year.
  9. I'd much rather get into the 100s tho. Mid-upper 90s is boring and unpleasant with nothing to show for it.
  10. I actually like the long days; I just wish the sun angle was a bit lower.
  11. Maybe you should post that in the Weather Forecasting and Discussion or Meteorology 201 forum.
  12. July 18 (in 1972)
  13. Las Vegas tied their June record high of 117F.
  14. After a dry start to March, we've had some nice rains the past few weeks. There was supposedly hail in Norman today, but I was in class at the time. It hit 91 in March but hasn't gotten above 84 yet this April.
  15. I'll do Raleigh, and can compare to Oklahoma City, where I was most of the winter (I know that's in the Central/Western region, but that thread is pretty quiet in the winter). I hope you don't mind I just copied your formatting and changed the numbers; I was too lazy to be original. Raleigh Dec - The closest to average. 44.5 which was + 1.0. Only 11 nights below freezing with a low of just 19 for the month. 11 days with a high below 50 (lowest 32) with one day above 70. 10 above 60. Jan - 46.5 which was +5.5. Just 10 nights below freezing but with a low of 9. Just 7 days with high below 50 (all of them before the 11th) with 3 days not exceeding 32 (snow). 5 Days over 70 with a high of 76. 11 days over 60. Feb - 53.3 which was +8.8 (the warmest of all-time). Only 2 days with a high below 50 (45 & 49)! Whopping 13 days with highs above 70 with a high of 83! 22 days 60 or above! Only 5 nights below freezing with a low of 26. The airport only received 0.5" of snow, but I got 2.8". 19 days hit 70 and 20 failed to hit 50. 43 days hit 60. OKC (for comparison, and with the benefit of being slightly cooler in winter on average) Dec - The only below normal month since August. 39.5 which was -1.1. A solid 19 nights below freezing with a low of 4 for the month. 13 days with a high below 50 (lowest 320) with one day above 70. 8 above 60. Jan - 41.5 which was +2.3. A decent nights below freezing with a low of -3 (but it happened when I was in NC). 12 days with high below 50 with 3 days not exceeding 32 (snow). 4 Days over 70 with a high of 79. 13 days over 60. Feb - 51.0 which was +7.3 (the 3rd warmest of all-time). Only 4 days with a highs below 50! Whopping 11 days with highs above 70 with a high of 89! 15 days 60 or above. Only 7 nights below freezing with a low of 23. The airport only received 2.1" of snow, all of which fell while I was in NC. 16 days hit 70 and 29 failed to hit 50. 36 days hit 60.