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  1. February going out with a little bang. Heavy, wet snow falling out right now.
  2. Winter Storm Warning now for NW corner of AR. SW MO not a warning dut to not meeting their criteria which is 6+ inches.
  3. Yes could be significant in those areas. Even taking away 2/3 of that yields 4-5 inches in the heavier bands.
  4. Surprised by the lack of comments on here about this upcoming snow event. Albeit to affect a pretty small part of this region. Something to pay attention to, though, with some possible heavy banding.
  5. Euro is an outlier this far south for now but sure looks nice.
  6. Yah we're lucky to get what we did today. Hopefully more to come in the next few weeks.
  7. Looks like the AR River valley might cash out the most.
  8. I still think most of us are still good for that 2-3 inches.
  9. KNWA Dan Skoff said on a FB live show an hour ago it wasn't fully sampled until tonight. They're going with a general 2-4 for now. But banding could produce more in some areas. Also said based on soundings flakes could be sizeable.
  10. Morning runs are settling in on a general 2-3" snow across a lot of this region. NAM a bit more banded and juiced up. Waiting on Euro.
  11. I think modeling will keep jumping around until sometime tomorrow. It's not even onshore on the Pacific coast yet. But I do believe most of N AR OK and MO are out on anything big.
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