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  1. Larry Cosgrove had a nice long-range write-up last Saturday. Worth the read if you haven't yet. https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!topic/weatheramerica/0pZ9780WViA
  2. Mega bust no matter how you slice it or try to defend it.
  3. 3k NAM looks better FWIW
  4. Yah man all well here. Just trying to temper my excitement after all these dud winters. Its paying off so far lol.
  5. I'm expecting a colder, stronger storm at 0z tonite. Time to waffle back to the excitement.
  6. NC AR ozarks continue to be in the crosshairs of this one.
  7. Greetings all, welcome new posters, here's to an active winter full of snow chasing. This weekend has some nice potential, would like to see better model consensus before I jump in very deep. We're off to a good start.
  8. Yah and now it's gone lol. Can't make up its mind.
  9. Heavy hand setting up here now in Springdale. Very nice to see this early.
  10. Nice, waterboy. Sounds good to me.
  11. Yes, seems like both American models trended to more snow on 12z today.
  12. Yah this area may be worse now than NE Tex where i grew up. We might go 3 yrs down that way with no snow, like here lol. But we didn't expect it there every year. We gotta really lower our expectations here. I think my total was half inch.
  13. I think our winter is done. Another winter here without a 1" snow. Unbelievable 3 in a row now.
  14. Yah same ole song and dance here in NWA. Just came back from driving in heavy snow around the MO state line up to Monett area. Maybe an inch or so there. Not many flakes fell here lol.
  15. Agree, another atrocious winter. 3 in a row.