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  1. I would say the foreign models did the best. But in all fairness, even the US models were realistic on the estimated snow depth all along. They all showed less than 6" depth, which is close. It's just the US models, namely the HRRR and NAM, had crazy 10:1 ratios, unlike the GEM, Euro, and Ukie.
  2. Without a doubt. This would've easily been the biggest snow here in at least 10 yrs.
  3. There's close to 5" here in Bella Vista. So much was compacted. I kept cleaning off my truck and it would fill back in. We had at least 6-7" fall after dark but at a temp of 33 there's only about 5 now.
  4. Chimes, AR sitting at 1800 ft in Van Buren Co with the report of 12" and more to come. Crazy.
  5. Just measured 2.5 in Bella Vista. We were late to the party here.
  6. God that really sucks and just bad luck. Really hate to see that.
  7. Some of the region could be in a sweet spot with that pivot/trowal as the low starts to turn NE.
  8. I agree with JoMo just looking at radar trends. Looks to move across central to NE AR.
  9. Still nothing here in BV. I think we'll bust low here. Taking too long to change over. KNWA now talking about a dry slot that might affect us later as well. You never know what's going to happen once these things get going.
  10. I actually lived there before moving to Bella Vista.
  11. I'm working in Springdale but nothing here where I am. I live in Bella Vista.
  12. I don't think we're going to warm as much as what was forecasted.
  13. I found one model that still looks bullish this morning. Go RAP!
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