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  1. What's really gonna be a kick in the gut is when the deep South ends up with more snow than any of us this winter. We may not catch Mississippi now lol with their 6 inches today.
  2. I'm certainly growing more concerned about any December forecasts for cold and snow. It seems the persistent dry pattern is trumping all for the foreseeable future.
  3. Yah man my chiefs and cowboys are all of a sudden bad teams again. Frustrating season.
  4. Doug seems to think a favorable pattern is getting close, so the Euro may be onto it.
  5. Tell me that in a couple of days I may start to believe.
  6. Remember JBs old saying, the weather in November the winter will remember. Man it's been dry and boring most of the month. I have no faith in any long term forecast calling for cold and stormy. Certainly nothing sustaining. But then the snow weenie part of me screams no way we go 3 straight snowless winters. Just ready to get something good going.
  7. Hard to get excited about snow around here anymore. Last day in Fayetteville with greater than .5 snow was back in March 2015. SMDH
  8. I think you can kiss fall color goodbye in this region again this year. Just like the past 2 yrs, really dry conditions have set up at the wrong time, leaves are dying and falling off prematurely.
  9. Nothing like a good 8" rainfall to end the month.
  10. Snowed heavy here for 30 mins or so, mostly light off and on, sleet mixed in too at times. There may be half inch or so accum here now.
  11. Almost all snow now in Rogers, AR. Most falling snow I've seen all winter.
  12. Strong Nino might mean 3 stinkers in a row. I think the 1950's had stretches like this.
  13. Yes it is. Almost like a snowstorm in July.
  14. Yeah I was like you thinking we won't have back to back stinkers, goes to show nobody really has a clue.
  15. Yah I hear ya, this place outright sucks for winter. And we're just in a really bad stretch of winters lately, maybe we break that next yr.