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  1. Yah this area may be worse now than NE Tex where i grew up. We might go 3 yrs down that way with no snow, like here lol. But we didn't expect it there every year. We gotta really lower our expectations here. I think my total was half inch.
  2. I think our winter is done. Another winter here without a 1" snow. Unbelievable 3 in a row now.
  3. Yah same ole song and dance here in NWA. Just came back from driving in heavy snow around the MO state line up to Monett area. Maybe an inch or so there. Not many flakes fell here lol.
  4. Agree, another atrocious winter. 3 in a row.
  5. Yes, just like WhiteoutWx said above, the same thing has happened all winter. These patterns are repeating, and horrible for this region. Maybe next yr.
  6. Next week storm another solid event for points just east and North of most on here. SMDH same pattern won't change.
  7. Post of the month, thank you!
  8. MJO apparently headed into cold phases early Feb. Joe B keeps spouting this mini thaw to be followed by a very cold mid to late Feb into March. Just hopefully we get some blocking this time around to keep that northern stream from being super dominant. We all know NW flow here can really suck.
  9. Yah lol go figure just a week ago we were in the arctic grip. Quite the change in air mass to bring tornado threats with it. People all over the Ozark trail today taking this all in while they can.
  10. Yah man makes me wanna go ahead and throw in the towel but still hanging hopes on some Feb action.
  11. Haha sorry bro I couldn't resist.
  12. That's how everything has been panning out this season for 3 yrs it seems.
  13. Yah this is getting ridiculous
  14. Man, good stats there. I think we get a good one in Feb this yr.
  15. I like the research, tks for sharing. We are no doubt teetering on the brink of something historical at this pace, and I think the averages have to catch up at some point. Just hope it's soon, these departures are insane.