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  1. Had some pretty nasty sleet and freezing drizzle here then it changed over to massive sized snow flakes for a bit, was just a quick burst but got the half inch as expected. Roads are pretty bad here in the neighborhoods! Cold night ahead, stay warm everyone
  2. Went out for a hike at night, just stopped flurrying here. In the woods where the fireball doesn't hit much probly 5" of snow! Here in the yards up in treeless areas, 3" after the temps warmed up in the afternoon and compacted it all down.
  3. Thanks Jomo, was wondering what was causing that. What did you wind up getting for totals?
  4. About the same here, misty light snow. My temps been doing the same, 31 up from 25 earlier.
  5. Probly about 3" or so here, I'm sure wherever these off and on bands setup is who gets what ya know. Its off and on bursts of moderate snow here. Temp actually went up a few degrees too but still below freezing, I love how this is sticking to the trees!! Looks awesome out there for once.
  6. Starting to lightly snow here again also, still holding at 25 degrees according to my weather stations. I see stuff filling in but keep hearing the dreaded dry slot being mentioned everywhere.
  7. Someone else was just mentioning that online too! This has been a nightmare of a storm to track and figure out, man Id love to see more though as this round was a bit overperforming.
  8. Got up at 4am real quick and it was already 33 and had changed over, no clue whats on the ground now maybe 1.5" . Unexpected surprise from round 1, curious to see what we get with the stuff later this afternoon?! Already down to 26 degrees here too, flurrying right now
  9. Man have things changed for the better, fingers crossed! The mets online are going bonkers cause of all the model runs lol
  10. Goodness are we ever going to get any decent measurable snow geez, its bad enough with these weird temps!! I've grown accustomed to this disappointment as well now though so meh whatever. Hopefully February brings us some better cold and excitement who knows
  11. Got a nice surprise of snow flurries all night, must have came down a bit heavier after going to bed after midnight as we got close to an inch here also it appears. Awesome to see for once!!!
  12. Merry Christmas everyone, I wish it were colder but that's just the way it is.
  13. I hear ya, this is ridiculous! I hate warm Christmas's lol but like you said we better get use to it
  14. Looks like we got about 2.5" in Fayetteville here, guessing but it was not a whole lot this time. Everything got recoated though, beautiful out there. Be safe everyone, not sure about where you all live but the back side streets here are terrible
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