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  1. What is this, sleet and Zr? Like to see that verify and push south some plz ty lol
  2. Would be neat to see something before christmas! Anyone else have their windows open LOL??? No kidding 70 degrees in december is unreal, thought it was warm last year...this is even more crazy haha
  3. Please be cold for xmas and xmas eve!!! Goodness I dont want another xmas and holidays in the upper 40's lol!! On a side note my home state of south jersey is in a winter storm watch!!!! Jeesh they will probly have another year of feet of snow haha. My aunt, who is further away from the coast, said its been snowing there all morning and probly gonna get 5-10" or so in her area, the area I grew up in was close to the bay and ocean so it can be hit or miss in that spot but even that area is supposed to start as rain then over to snow for a day or two...bleh
  4. Yea man like you when we get into december like this and are still forecasted to have upper 50's(again, same ole same ole lol) when forecaster's mentioned cold to come and stick around, I get antsy and worried!! I'm not buying any of the analogs or any of these so called long range forecasts anymore haha. I will just wait this out for the 3rd year and see what happens! I am definitely not holding my breath yet again for sure lol. I do hope the snow gods and mother nature at least throw us a bone around xmas and give us some damn cold at least! That is what bums me out the most, a warm crappy balmy xmas eve and day haha. I know we are further south now but darn cmon already!! For surely can't have another winter/xmas day in the upper 40's right....most likely wrong lol
  5. Nice and cold finally for a change! Its 34 and have some snow flurries here!!!! Is nice to see
  6. Has anyone really done good with long range winter forecasts though over the past few "dud" winters lol? October was fairly cold for around here, heck halloween was brutal! Now its off and on same ole same ole crazy temp swings like its been the past few years. I start getting nervous when we get close to december like this and we are going to be in upper 60's again a few days this week! Of course I know things can change out here though in minutes haha. So lets see what this season holds, last two we had roughly a half inch of snow both of those years lmao.
  7. Yea man its gonna get downright cold for sure, especially for this time of year!!!
  8. Yea JoMo, when I looked at the map it showed snow for south central MO. I never saw snow in October so it would be neat, doubt that will happen but you never know lol.
  9. I see Doug Heady mentioned the S word for next friday and posted a couple maps, his long range FC stating snow/rain as well. Must be some fluke model runs lol, hope you all are doing well!!! Hopefully we get something this season and its not another boring winter with a half inch total again haha.
  10. Was mainly rain here man, switched over to a snow/rain mix about an hour ago but its let up now. A tad coating on some grassy areas and trees mainly. Just at freezing now though
  11. Down to 34 and rain mixed with fat snow flakes.
  12. Crazy lol, so snow just to my north and all sleet at your place. Still rain here, temp did drop a degree though.
  13. Ugh send some down here man plz lol, still all rain here 36 degrees. This sux, an advisory is out til midnight but I'm not holding my breath anymore here lol. Probly will bust south of 412 as always haha
  14. Man temps look iffy close on this weekends event! This weather is just nutty lol. Gonna have to watch nightimes maybe? Guess I better get this yard cut while I can haha. Hope you all are doing well its been quiet in here!!