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  1. Ahhh so it looks like we may be done with the nasty humidity and heat now? Been loving the temps, hope everyone is doing great!!!? Here is to hoping we don't skunk out again this season with some winter weather lol.
  2. Are you rdy for the possible 70 degree mark this upcoming weekend lol? Man and I thought Missouri weather was nutty sometimes
  3. Hey MoWeatherGuy, so what did the lil surprise snow just hit you with up there man? We got a quick half inch from whatever lil system that was around 4ish am. Crazy weirdness
  4. Yea man it was fairly nasty out there this morning, wow you guys got cold there quick. They are saying 7 for a low tonight brrrrr
  5. Has already melted off everything but the grass here, even with falling temps its just a bad time of the year to get snow do to the darn sun angle rising. Gonna be cold the next few days before we start getting really warm again, tulsa was hinting at 70 by saturday maybe
  6. 27 and snow flurries. Must have came down sometime between 3am and now cause everything is covered, probly a 1/4 inch of snow idk lol. First time in 5 years I have actually seen the back roads covered though. Is just a mushy wet snow, not a lot but is nice to see.
  7. Tulsas latest disco from 9:30 now only says half an inch at best with stuff arriving later than anticipated....Im so over these busts and junk misses lol
  8. Got quiet in here fast again lol, Doug Heady thinks 2" maybe 3". Is about 37 degrees here right now IMBY
  9. Like I said my gut tells me this will be another non event even though another advisory is in place lol
  10. My gut tells me this will be a cold rain as always, storm exits(few flurries on the back end) and then we get brutally cold for a few days....rinse wash and repeat as always lol. I'm hoping yet I jinx myself and I am wrong and we all get slammed with snow haha
  11. Crazy, yea man the ground was completely covered here. Of course its all melted now, the case this winter more snow from surprise no mention events lol
  12. Big differences ion model totals and types? I will take what the Gfs is having, fantasy Im sure lol. I will believe it when I see it but plzzzzz just give us all some snow!!! I would be extremely happy with 3"
  13. MoWeatherGuy, anything happen up there last night? I got up at 6am to use the bathroom and noticed a coating of what looked like snow on the ground!!!!
  14. You watch, this is what will happen lol!!! Man actually that would suck if it did haha
  15. Well the roads are ok but there is a smidge of ice on everything else. Sounds like the once weekend snow into tuesday(or whatever the forecast previously shown lol) is just a memory now! Meh lets end this nonsense and be on to spring already.