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  1. Got a coating here lol, an advisory up for who knows what reason. The roads are dry and fine, we got a lil rain last night but it was so windy it dried right up then around 1am it went right over to flurries. Extremely cold though I will say that! When I got up this morning to let the cat out the snow was coming down, thats what gave us the coating we got on the ground...other than that no where near as much precip as they were calling for it seemed.
  2. You got way more than me man lol!!! Finished(maybe, I see hints of a mixed bag sunday night?) at a half inch or even less for year 3 lol.
  3. Agree as well, it felt like it never even began minus the cold we had off and on! lol. What did u end up with this season so far up there man? I'm sitting at the 3rd season in a row with exactly a half inch of snow total lmao(that fell the day after xmas). Last time we saw a measurable snow here was 2014 according to my pics I save. Really pathetic area here if your a snow lover!
  4. Nothing never came of the advisory here yesterday, was a total bust yet again. It did rain for about 20 minutes and was done, then the temps spiked throughout the night. Be safe for those of you who did/are getting ice from all this moisture!! We did need all the recent rain though I'm sure, more on the way...my local trails stream is completely flooded now almost up to the trail which sits a good 10ft above the stream itself.
  5. Advisory here til 6am, heres the kicker and weird thing yet again....This much moisture, watching the giant donut hole form over my immediate area and just north/south and east!!! This seems to be the case and what has been happening all winter with these storms and it really has me going bonkers trying to figure out what causes it to happen! Maybe it will fill in IDK lol
  6. Started freezing raining here just now, still at 31. Tulsa seems to think no no for here again but we will see
  7. Not sure what will come of this later for here, I been watching radars today and noticed all that stuff you guys are getting over there in Oklahoma! Tulsa has not updated the forecast for here in a long time so maybe they are once again lost in the model shuffle who knows(says 40 percent chance of stuff, rain for tonight/today). High was expected to be 36 here today but been sitting at 31 all day now. We look to either just get missed once again lol tonight here or get in on the action also, time will tell...jeez I really am desperate for anything at this point lol.
  8. Well that advisory busted yet again last night lol(at least for fayetteville here), the ground was just too warm. Literally as all that rain ended right around midnight the temp dropped to 30. Still at 31 degrees and just a raw miserable day again.
  9. Temp. here has been holding steady and not budging now for a few hours, right at 36. Still raining but no where near as heavy as it was earlier And 30 minutes later the rain has picked up again and the temp has dropped to 33.
  10. 36 now and still pouring the rain, might add the forecast just keeps non stop changing too from tulsa. Must be hard to predict these types of situations!! Says no freezing rain until after 3am up until or later than noon tomorrow lol
  11. Kiss of death WWA just got put up for here from 9pm to 6am for a glazing of ice possible lol.
  12. 46 here now, still pouring buckets of rain! Spoke to an old friend in kc earlier and he said it was freezing raining pretty bad up there(he's a lil north of kc outside its limits about 10 miles) and was at roughly 28 degrees or so.
  13. Yea man it can be really insane out here how fast stuff can drop!!! I have seen it happen so many times, this is quick though as now I am down to 55 after typing my last message. Probably will be ok here as most this stuff will end before it gets too cold and the ground is warm but who really knows?
  14. Just a downpour of rain the last 10 minutes, temp was 70 now down to 58 in that time frame....crazy! Never ceases to amaze me how fast it can drop.
  15. Yikes going to be close tomorrow night guys! Now says 1-2" of rain at 33 degrees, earlier Tulsa said 35-37!! Thankfully if we do get below freezing or just at the ground is very warm again