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  1. Well I never, snowing!!! And man is it coming down Lol! Don't think I have ever witnessed this in my lifetime haha, where was this during the winter! Ugh crazy crazy stuff here man
  2. Beyond crazy, and scary real now! We have a pack of 18 rolls, many wet wipes but thats it. What are the stores like up there? Shelves are completely bare here now, no meats no nothing. I got a couple gallons of milk frozen in the freezer beings it can last 3 months frozen. Was trying to get some MRE's or freeze dried camping food but those are gone online too now. My friend was in the Army and has some MRE's so yea.
  3. Snowed here really good from about 2-4am last night also! It did not stick though as usual but was neat to see...been flurrying here off and on all day.
  4. Who's rdy for the possible whopper of a half inch snow tonight through early am LOL!!! Tulsa tooting on about snow after midnight until 9am.
  5. What a waste of another storm today, figures it is going to get cold after its done. Im so rdy for spring now, maybe next season LOL!!!! This so sux anymore man, I had such high hopes for this season because of the tease in october! and what long range mets were saying (not falling for that junk anymore either).
  6. Odd, I just read about that. I heard parts of the area were mixing, I think the temps were way lower all day with this system! Hell the low predicted is 34 and we are already there just about. I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled, should be out of here by midnight though I think Tulsa was saying. More rain tomorrow after midnight, AGAIN!!
  7. I thought I may have heard some earlier here. Another cold 34 degree rain predicted all night for here boooooo 37 right now .
  8. Shoot Im not falling for this trickery again, nope. Have been holding out for the big one to hit still Lol!!!
  9. Eh I dont even know what to say lol, better luck next time to us 3 huh haha.
  10. Well snowed decently for about 40 minutes, my worry with this storm all along was warm ground temps. Even at 30 degrees it just barely stuck to the grass, was neat to see though and we got a coating lol...something is better than nothing. MoWeatherGuy, TheWaterboy did you 2 get anything up there?
  11. Man dont remind me how long its been haha, J/K. I guess we are the 3 left to be unlucky ones? Its been flurrying here off and on again man lol, also a lot of returns(seems to be holding together still) coming from the SW that may give us something here in a bit!! Air should be juicy enough still too.
  12. Is so very true, or not being able to look out a window and see what its doing outside LOL! It snowed for about 2 minutes here, Im not kidding either haha. I lost count of the busts here now this winter, at least for the fayetteville area
  13. This, we both lived in similar areas. I feel Tulsa is about as bad as I ever seen. When I lived in Jersey Mount Holly was terrible too lol. Not to bash, I know how hard this stuff has to be but sometimes(like your warning lmao) its just common sense not to do some things lol. On a side note, temp is falling rapidly now...down to that magic number 33 here in the back yard. And I see giant sized flakes coming down!! Anything up there man?
  14. Stop, its not your fault lol. It just is what it is here anymore in these places.