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  1. Yea man November was pretty insane, I have hope also though it's early. Weather wise, its there for sure but the temperature swings just feel the same as they have the past 4 seasons so we will see. I will start getting nervous once mid january arrives and we have had zilch lol, of course its weather one good big perfect track can dump a seasons worth of snow if things come together perfectly ya know.
  2. Minus November, it seems we are following the same crazy weird pattern swings like we have been stuck in the last 4 years now! Same ole same ole, warm chilly warm chilly nonsense. Moisture has been there for some time now but it's just these weird temp. patterns. Its like clockwork every darn year it seems, at least so far again. I really hope we don't repeat this pattern yet again this season idk lol. While snow would be awesome for Christmas, I would at least like it to be cold and not balmy like this sighhhh.
  3. Ok, this warmth has got to go lol! Nearly the middle of December and I see nothing but upper 50's in the forecast. I really hope it gets cold towards the end of this month or near Christmas (I think a few of you hinted around at this I cant remember haha).
  4. Never, not until it actually happens lol. Looks to get balmy by the end of the week
  5. Yea that was just a terrible forecast, it was all over the place...Sometimes I wonder and think are people glued to a monitor and a specific model? Does anyone go outside and actually see what it's doing now days on a real observation to notice temps etc. Use some real live observations from people in different locations throughout a warned/advised area. Idk I'm rambling, guess I am just set in my old ancient ways lol.
  6. Quite a few I would imagine, I can see 9 that were on the old WWA map from tulsa that they posted. I would guess at least the 4 here in Arkansas in the upper nw quadrant, not sure about the southern tier ones near ft.smith and the ones over on the oklahoma side. That advisory should have been taken down early afternoon when they were wanting to do so in their disco. It was obvious by radar returns and temps that it wasn't going to happen lol. Still sitting at 33 here
  7. Welp that was a bust of an advisory boooo :( nothing but a rogue flurry here and there lol. Having hope for next time!
  8. Awesome! Nothing here at all, had a quick drizzly rain that lasted 5 minutes about an hour ago but that's it. Heck the whole state is filled in for the most part except the extreme nw corner of arkansas here.
  9. Don't have a good feeling with this advisory that's up, first bust incoming lol? Been watching that precip all night staying right around ft.smith, it's trying to make its way up here but still literally 5 miles away haha. Who knows, maybe the back end of this thing is what needs to be watched? These storms can be confusing to understand that's for sure!
  10. Yea I have seen this also, just didn't even bother really lol. Tulsa seems to think best chances for 1-4" will be for here and up your way, we shall see huh? Eh at this point I will be happy to see 2" on the ground compared to the last stinker 3 years. I try to keep myself in check anymore, get sick of being disappointed ya know. I love snow, grew up on the east coast and back in the late 80's early 90's we were constantly getting slammed with a foot of snow a week(man those were the days lol).
  11. Would be nice huh, things look grim so far lol. Haven't seen ya on here in a bit man, hope all is well!
  12. This is the usual case here lol, looks good then bam nothing looks so good. Is why I stated earlier that a watch was too early (just my opinion of course) because of how the models are trending since last night. Yea I know its a winter storm watch but with all the crazy social media hype now days it just causes mass panic lol, should have been held out until later tomorrow when models could sample it better after the thing comes onshore. But man it's depressing to see such a fantasy good storm for almost a week then just get slapped in the face again (possibly) by mother nature, NO you guys do not get snow in Ok. Ar. and Mo. lol....of course there is still time for things to change again ya know but Im not getting my hopes up, been burnt 3 years in a row and learnt my lesson On a side note, when was the last time you guys saw measurable (more than an inch lol) snow? 2013 here
  13. Hmmm not sure what to think of this one now based on everything I read here, and from writeups from NWS offices. Sounds like temps are so borderline or its going to be a sleet slop fest blah. Guess the models need time(if possible lol) to sample this thing properly. Tulsa has a watch for here now but its mostly a rain and sleet writeup with maybe a smidge of snow very very late saturday into midnight sat. , The watch should have been waited on I feel idk.
  14. This is sounding promising maybe for my area here now! I am def. keeping an eye on this, can we do it...can we break this half inch or less for the last 4 years each season record, just maybeeeee. Tulsa saying rain or freezing rain here friday then snow saturday into sunday early am right now. Is it too early to get excited, I want to but also dont wanna get my hopes up lol.
  15. Just wanted to say hello and give a warm welcome to all the new people on the forum! With that said, I really hope we can all get in on some much needed snow! I will be happy to see even 3-4" at this point lol