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  1. I'm no met and perhaps I'm looking at it wrong but it appears the HRRR is showing another batch of freezing precip tomorrow heading into the OKC area.
  2. Tulsa traffic is a nightmare right now! I'm sitting on highway 75 coming out of downtown...just passed accidents in a 4 mile stretch. Freezing rain with a few sleet pellets mixed in.
  3. Yea, OSU-Tulsa just closed and OU-Tulsa is closing early. 5pm traffic is going to be a nightmare. Just got home and watched a car spin off highway 75 south toward Jenks.
  4. 33 in downtown Tulsa right now..temps are hanging on, but not sure for how long. Back windshield of my car is getting a glaze.
  5. Canadian has the storm with the snow/ice up in central to southern KS....with temps in northern and NE OK really close to freezing. Looks pretty good for rain..I'll take it!
  6. Does anyone know if OKC or TUL are on track to have the least snow in a season or year?? I feel like it is...
  7. Just had some freezing drizzle here in downtown Tulsa. 27 degrees. NWS expanded the advisory as well.
  8. Yea Oklahoma and Texas is hurting! We need moisture of any kind! Where is this SER that is supposed to be in Ninas??
  9. Just looked at the GFS and Euro and it disgusts me! Once again...our best chance at a storm or any moisture is being pulled east and south. I thought there was supposed to be a pattern change??? If we get nothing for that February 1st storm...I'm genuinely worried that will be out last chance at winter. Terrible!
  10. Yea Oklahoma as a whole is hurting this winter. We got 1/2 inch before Christmas but that's it. This is by far the worst stretch of snowless winters. Lol and then this "storm" miraculously picks up South of us in Texas...sitting between the northern and southern stream is terrible. February is my last hope for this winter. ETA: Sorry to be a bummer when many of y'all are happy today! Lol that HRRR straight up trolled Tulsa last night!
  11. Glad for all you guys! This is sad for here....can't even buy a flurry here in Tulsa. Systems keep pulling North, south and east. It's terrible! I need to check the drought monitor.
  12. Dang, this is truly depressing! Saw the 18z GFS and Oklahoma was the snow hole state Unreal!
  13. It appears these systems are pulling too far east for Oklahoma. Man, what I wouldn't give for a good ol' Southeast Ridge! This sucks!
  14. WOW...the 00zGFS went waaaay north!
  15. News in Tulsa is reporting I-44 is snowpacked! Which I totally believe because it came hard and fast. Winding down here. Going straight up the Turnpike for Jomo!