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  1. Hey everyone! Long time, no chat! Crossing my fingers this is the year the pendulum swings back to our favor! Our region is due for a big one! Haha! Thanks for posting that Jomo! At least I think we will get pretty cold next Monday...perfect night for some chili and cornbread!
  2. Horrific! That's the scenes I remember from Joplin and Moore! Unfortunately, the strength and the fact this struck in the middle of the night, early March, people were not prepared! My prayers go out to these folks! Just heartbreaking!
  3. Wow...this thread is dead. Did any of your Wichita or MO folks get anything? It sucks we've had the moisture, more than needed actually, but never could get the cold to sustain! This is really not normal for this area!
  4. Sooo, I'm just north of downtown Tulsa, and it's definitely sleeting!
  5. Tulsa NWS said 4-6 for Tulsa. That didn’t happen.
  6. My brother lives in Morris, near Okmulgee, and he says they have 5 inches so far. I’m not exactly sure how it whiffed so much in Tulsa, but hopefully we get a dusting out of whatever comes tonight!
  7. I live near downtown Tulsa, and honestly I’m not impressed with this....lol look at me, turning into a snow snob after not having anything for 3 years! Seriously though, I’m not sure there is even 2 inches outside!
  8. That's a lot of ice! I'm really hoping the temps come down! 18Z NAM
  9. Surface temps are going to be close. Tulsa is at it's peak of snow and at 33?? YIKES! We need these temps to come down or it's going to limit totals A LOT! 12Z HRRR
  10. I'm just gonna accept that whatever real snow (3+ inches) we get won't be expected. Expectations stay low so the depression doesn't kick in, lol!
  11. ....I was just about to say...not that I want freezing rain!