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  1. I knew it was bad for Tulsa, but good grief at those maps. Eventually you would think the pendulum has to swing back in our favor. Mike Collier just posted on Facebook: "Rain/Snow mix Tuesday. #ThisWinterStinks
  2. Yea Tulsa was under an advisory, but it's just freezing drizzle right now. No biggie. *crossing my fingers* for Tuesday!
  3. Oh ok, yah I was just looking at the radar. Well hopefully it will change over!
  4. SW MO and NW AR look pretty good for snow today. Good luck y'all! IMBY Tulsa is still getting screwed. *over it*
  5. This is my last hope for this year...
  6. *sitting here enjoying my mood flakes! This pretty much sums up the "Winter" of 2018-2019 for me!
  7. ugh...boooooooo!!!! Can the Euro ever be wrong?
  8. ....and how much of that is actual snow? Cause...if that's ice....
  9. Sooooo....we just gonna act like we didn't see that FV3-GFS run?? k...cool!
  10. It's snowing in Tulsa!! Oh how I wish we could get a long event like this! It makes me so happy!
  11. Well, yikes at the current pattern. Looks like glancing blows at storms out of the NW. When we had precip, it wasn't cold enough. Now we have cold, and can't buy a decent storm. I'm not ready to call it yet, but wow..the torch is coming in February.
  12. I'm so jealous! I've only had 2 dustings this year! You are on a roll! LOL
  13. lol I see white dusting on rooftops and a few patches on grass! Zzzzzzzzz maybe Tulsa can get a WSW before we hit 1500 days! Not holding my breathe! This is by far the worst stretch of non-winter! Sorry to be a Debbie downer...
  14. Aaaannnddd 18zGFS is taking a north jog too. I've never seen a more unlucky pattern for Tulsa and NE OK in my life! Storms go west, north, south, east..... unbelievable!