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  1. If only we were 10 degrees colder today..this storm could've been real interesting! Cold Rain Sucks!
  2. I personally will not be giving an apology. It still sucks!
  3. For Fallin to declare a state of emergency for this is just about the biggest bust for Oklahoma!
  4. Hmmm....I see that. It does look similar. I'm wishcasting for the low to close off, which would pull it back north and go negative tilt. Long shot, but that's what I'm hoping for.
  5. Through hour 35, the 12K NAM has the low in the boot of Texas, but the 3K NAM has the low north of Houston. That's a HUGE difference!
  6. Dangit...models are pretty depressing today!
  7. Is it on shore yet to be sampled?
  8. Where's Mike Morgan to get the hype train started? Channel 4 will no doubt have some high amounts! I live in Tulsa, but that guy is fun to watch when I'm in OKC!
  9. So are we throwing out the NAM all together? I've been throwing the GFS out!
  10. 18Z NAM12k is doomsday for Oklahoma! Pretty much a foot+ for the state!? And at 84 it's ongoing!
  11. Welcome Aboard Everyone! It's so nice having something to track, even if it makes me pull my hair out! Seriously, what has it been since NE OK and SW MO has had a Winter Storm Warning? Like 5000 days? J/K...almost! Kidding aside, I hope that HP can stay in a good position long enough to dump on all of us!
  12. Well, now both GFS and V3 have went north and Tulsa is in the screw zone. The snow maps look weird how it goes NE and then due east. Why can't it just give all of us something instead of screwing someone to the north or someone to the south? Terrible.