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  1. ouamber

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    Power is out, but we are fine.
  2. ouamber

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    We are in the basement...we live right by ORU
  3. ouamber

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    KOTV in Tulsa is showing a large tornado on the ground with damage to the north side of Jay.
  4. ouamber

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    Wedge TOG north of Jay, OK.
  5. ouamber

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    Sirens are blowing here on the north side of Tulsa.
  6. ouamber

    MAY 20, 2019 High Risk

    KOTV reporting power flashes in Verdigris. Sirens going off in Tulsa again.
  7. Well, my two Pyrenees are loving the snow & 9 degree weather! For real...they stare at the snow the way I stare at a beach!
  8. This weekend storm better start trending colder! I'm not having another 33 and cold rain event! Nope...not gonna happen!
  9. Just went to lunch. Car windows and trees are covered in ice. 27 in Tulsa now. Just absolutely disgusting day! I'm so ready for snow!
  10. Hello Fellow Weather Buddies! Please help me graduate!! As part of my Master’s capstone at the University of Oklahoma, I am conducting a study and would greatly appreciate your time in completing the following survey. The focus of my study is to determine whether support resources in organizations can predict presenteeism, which is described as an act of attending work while mentally or physically unwell. This study will also research the effects that emotional exhaustion and work disengagement have on the relationship between support resources and presenteeism. You must be at least 18 years old and currently in the workforce to take this survey. The survey should take only about 10-15 minutes of your time and is completely anonymous. If you should have any questions or comments about this research, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Survey Link: https://ousurvey.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9FuXTSdy9EIcrvT Thank you so much! Have a fantastic day! Amber Mullins amb[email protected]
  11. Did it ever snow in OKC metro?
  12. Tulsa 35 degrees/ Dewpoint 31.... it's little sleet and a lot of rain? This sucks so bad!
  13. *crossing my fingers* I'm about to head out for lunch and scope out the weather. I'm on the north side of Tulsa today.
  14. OU Norman is closing at 1pm. If the snow is delayed, does that hurt Tulsa's chances at snow?
  15. Watching the freezing line today. It's pretty much running along I-44.