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  1. westhope84

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    Yes. The certainty of severity conveyed in the video seems to indicate we’re looking at something historic for this part of the country.
  2. Whoa. If the Euro is even half right, Tulsa NWS and all area meteorologists will need to make some huge changes to the forecast quickly. Is anyone buying the Euro solution for snow in Tulsa?
  3. Has OKC ever received 6”+ snow when Tulsa got zilch? I know OKC may not get over 6” tomorrow, but it’s weird to see some modes forecasting that and giving Tulsa little to nothing.
  4. This rather intense sleet band is going to be fun here in Tulsa. I’ll take whatever we can get these days. Edit: it’s marginal freezing rain. Lol.
  5. Merry Christmas to all! This forum adds quality to my life. I’m grateful to all who contribute!
  6. Per their AFD, NWS Tulsa seems to have concerns that Saturday could be a sleet-show until fairly late in the day. Nothing is more frustrating than watching heavy sleet and thinking about what the snowfall rate COULD’VE BEEN.
  7. Hello! Just wanted to check in and see if this community has moved over to another forum or something? It’s so quiet in here and Old Man Winter is knocking...
  8. Here in Midtown Tulsa, we had that rare "Currier & Ives" Christmas snow. It came down at a very good clip for awhile and was a dream to behold! Having such a scene is a real treat before Christmas.
  9. I'd be just fine with upper 40s for Christmas here in the Tulsa area, NwWhiteOut! That's the seasonal average, and seasonal averages seem hard to achieve in December these days. I really dread any sort of Christmas warmth. I was able to avoid the Christmas mega-torch somewhat last year by spending Christmas in Iowa. Here's to wishing and hoping.
  10. westhope84

    OK/AR/KS/MO Winter 2016-17 Winter Discussion

    I'll be in southeastern Iowa for Christmas. It's truly absurd that even there it'll likely be in the 50s! May see a bit of snow on our way up on Saturday from the modest Friday-early Saturday system. I suppose we can still get into the spirit by imagining Christmas in Bethlehem... Plus, we did have a little pre-Christmas snow and cold, which is more than we can say for many years.
  11. westhope84

    OK/AR/KS/MO Winter 2016-17 Winter Discussion

    Pre-Christmas snow! Yes! Blowing off roads and rooftops with the piercing wind. Might as well be Fargo.
  12. westhope84

    OK/AR/KS/MO Winter 2016-17 Winter Discussion

    I love December cold, so I'm happy to see the models depicting the increasing likelihood of a below-normal month. Now if we could only get some snow. I got a Subaru Outback in January 2015 and haven't had the chance to see what it can do in the snow. I'm hoping that changes around the 17th of this month.
  13. westhope84

    OK/AR/KS/MO Winter 2016-17 Winter Discussion

    Hello again! Optimistic for some significant cold and/or snow event during December. It'll be fun watching with you guys.
  14. westhope84

    OK/AR/KS/MO Winter 2015-16 Discussion

    Currently 90 degrees in portions of northwestern Oklahoma. I'll never forget the morning Nowata, Ok fell to -31 in February 2011. Pretty wild for a non-mountainous state to have a 121-degree temp range for one particular month. Anyone know what Oklahoma's all-time warm February temperature is?
  15. westhope84

    OK/AR/KS/MO Winter 2015-16 Discussion

    Yep. Time for daily, naked snow dances. But I'll take cold and no snow over warm and no snow this time of year.