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  1. 5:30pm we have dreezing frizzle occurring now . Roads in our area were treated earlier today so not slick yet . Sidewalks and hand rail are getting slick though . I'm glad I have no reason to be on the road tonight . For those who have to be on the road, I trust you to be safe .
  2. Got 1/2" here . Not much but was fun watching the snow fall .
  3. Two day total was a little less than 3" .. I got to see snow come down for two days.. The snow drought finally ended here in southern MO . I trust that all of us end up with a snowy February .
  4. I saw that earlier when some guy on youtube was showing the GPS ...don't know if it was the 6am or 12pm model
  5. 1 1/2" here This is the biggest snow in nearly 3 years . Maybe the snow drought is over ?
  6. Looks like we get a little ice/snow tomorrow aint got no snow here yet, well a few tiny flurries but that don't count . Winter Weather Advisory in effect from January 7, 06:00 AM CST until January 7, 12:00 PM CST ...Light Wintry Mix Likely Sunday Across The Ozarks Region...
  7. We had a few flurries here but no accumulation.
  8. Got a dusting here and it was gone fast ...so maybe tomorrow ? Local weather sez we have a 50% chance .
  9. Mood Snow is better than none ..Also the 9th snow possibility sounds neat , now only if it will happen would be fantastic . A white New Year
  10. I like the forecast RDwx ,as it has been overly dry around here. With 0 to 1+ temps and above normal wet spells big chances of some wet accumulating snows . I can deal with that . Also as has been mentioned that if those conditions prevail you'll get bigger chance of Ice and sleet of which my preference would be negative to that . Well maybe a little bit but not the 1" + stuff .
  11. Doramo

    OK/AR/KS/MO 2017 Autumn Disco and OBS.

    It has been several years since we had a full color fall here in the southern Ozarks . I'm speaking of the best color that I had ever seen . It was magical . Would love for it to happen this fall .
  12. We received a tornado warning here from NWS . There was a super cell with tornado circulation that pass just south east of us about 4-5 miles from my house according to the NWS .
  13. temp 31 - DP 28 The rain has stopped. Some small icicles on bushes and a thin glaze < .10" on everything otherwise . I guess that will be all we get unless more rain starts again before the temp rise above freezing . The radar shows most of that activity has moved N .