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  1. 43 days for south central/southwest Missouri is way off . Here in Ozark county / southern Mo., has not hat a Winter Storm Warning the last two yrs or so .
  2. Well the temp here is 28 and I hope it holds to at or below the freezing mark . That and it would be nice to see the low go a little farther south ...don't like freezing mix slop as we have had enough of it already .
  3. Light freezing rain occurring here so far
  4. Got huge 2" of snow ...I am grateful that we got that much and wished that all members would have got some .
  5. It has been 32 all day here with light freezing rain so far . The trees and bushes are glistening with ice and small ice cycles .
  6. When I see it ---- then I will believe it .
  7. The models are pushing this farther south of which I hope it readjusts back toward the north . https://forecast.weather.gov/ DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Wednesday through Monday. Light snow may be possible Wednesday night into Thursday night. There remains uncertainty on the exact track of this system, so there are questions on how much of the area will be affected. At this time far southern Missouri will have the better potential for seeing any snow across the outlook area.
  8. Huh? One would think with the forecast being only two days away things would come to a settled prediction but ? NWS Springfield,MO "Interesting forecast ahead as models continue their differing run to run solutions with the approach of the upper closed low tracking through the Southern Plains. Ah what a difference 12 hours makes. The 12z NAM offered continuity with the 00z ECMWF initially offering a boost in confident...then the 12z ECMWF came into line with the previously outlier GFS...which now leaves the NAM as the outlier which offered a solution that coupled the upper level jets associated with the approaching upper low and shortwave over the Great Lakes occurs. While the juxtaposition isn`t ideal...the ageostrophic flow enhances lift throughout the column particularly above 700 MB and enhances frontogenesis. Further the NAM shows a response in the low levels with a significant surge in the low level moisture advection as the system approaches the forecast area. This is all while sub freezing temperatures arrives with this system ...resulting in a concerning amount of freezing rain. Again while this would lead to a greater impact and still needs to be monitored...the evolving model solutions have largely come in line with the 00z GFS in tracking the system well southward... reducing accumulations of a wintry mix on Wednesday night/Thursday. However...this solution leads to wraparound lift on the back side of the system and the development of snow accumulations into Friday. I must suggest caution in this deterministic determination as later runs will be critical in determining the temperature profile of the lower atmosphere."
  9. Not much being said at NWS Springfield for my area,, just this: A light wintry mix will fall from Wednesday night into Friday morning...with the precipitation changing over to rain for a period Thursday. At 80% chance for slop . Still have time for significant changes (for the better I Hope)
  10. The pattern is fixing to change for the better
  11. Merry Christmas Y'all Maybe snow by the 30th (?????) is showing up on the local online forecasts . To me, just a mention of snow gives me hope and is much better than no mention at all like it has been lately .