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  1. The two E5's made the whole season in itself . I don't think we need another of those . Just give a bunch of E2-3's
  2. Light snow beginning to come down . The snow showing on the radar isn't much . Will get a dusting at most . As always it is fun to watch .
  3. NWS forecast tonight: " A slight chance of snow before midnight, then occasional light snow after midnight. Low around 10. Light and variable wind becoming north 5 to 7 mph in the evening. Chance of precipitation is 80%. Little or no snow accumulation expected." This is a bonus snow I guess . I Like! I think I will stay up late to watch .
  4. 3" new snow here and happy as ever! No snow drought here ...
  5. Low of -10.3 my Davis station . Drain lines are froze and my water line to the toilet is froze as well . ouch!
  6. -3 here and partly cloudy . NWS calling for -8
  7. At least 5" or 6" Hard to tell because of drifts and all . We have one area where the it was 1/2" where the wind funneled between two buildings. Some drifts are near 2 ft deep . The flat area that I measured snow depth before was affected by the wind . So I measured it in a wind protected area that was away from drifts and got the 5" in one spot and 6" in another . So maybe call it 5.5" ???
  8. The last time I experienced this kind of cold was 1989 . I think the temp was 14 below zero . But that was in a January Edit ( December ). The record cold for West Plains, MO for February is 7 below . We might break that tonight .
  9. My cold water line to my bathroom froze , I sure hope the line didn't burst. Yikes
  10. It has finally slowed down to flurries but wow what an snow event .
  11. Snowing moderate when I thought it would be over....I ain't complaining mind you . I will get a final measurement tomorrow , as it is too dark now. Besides it is 2 degrees outside
  12. I measured 6" on the flattest non drift area I could find . Still snowing lightly . Temp at 3 degrees .
  13. This must be the Grand Finally" as big flakes coming down now . Couple more hours like this and we will reach 6" easily . NWS adjusted tonight's low temp from -1 to -5 below . I'm thinking it will be more like -10 myself . Record lows tonight anybody?
  14. Current Temp per my Davis weather station is a toasty 1 degree . It was -1 this morning . I think the NWS's Springfield forecast high of 7 degrees isn't going to happen. So how low could it get tonight?
  15. We have close to 5" of snow and we may end up with 6" as lit looks like the last bit coming up from Arkansas is moderate in appearance to the radar . I am one happy snow loving nut