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  1. nothing but flakes here as the temp has hovered 34ish . I hope the next event moves far enough north to produce a nice accumulation of snow.
  3. I would like for the ECMWF scenario to happen and have me fingers crossed. We've had two non-winter weather advisory/winter storm watch snows so far . 1 1/2" and on the 2nd 2021 near 1/2" respectively ....wasn't much but sure was fun to watch . It has been ages since we've had a winter storm watch and very few winter advisory's to speak of . One of these days it will happen....I Hope!
  4. Merry Christmas and a happy Snowy New Year to all.
  5. I do not remember the year , but I remember that winter , and it was frustrating to see so many good chances end up "Along the I-44 corridor " and we got the 1" or less snows if any . Anyway I trust that this year will be the year that breaks the no to little snow barrier .
  6. Nice brisk cold front moving over as we speak . Has anybody thought about starting the 2020 -2021 winter weather yet? It is getting close to that time again . I'm looking forward to having a nice winter this year . Nice Winter = lots of snow
  7. We got 1/2" of snow . Enough to make things nice to view .
  8. No additional snow accumulation here . Warmed to 35 and still spitting a few flakes now and then .
  9. WOW , 33 degress with 1 to 2 inch flakes coming down currently... About 1 1/2 in accumulation ..would be mush more if it was 32 edit added pic .
  10. Been/is snowing really good for the past four hours . It isn't amounting to much but it is sure nice to watch .
  11. WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY ISSUED: 2:55 PM JAN. 21, 2020 – NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM NOON WEDNESDAY TO NOON CST THURSDAY... * WHAT...Mixed precipitation expected. Total snow accumulations of up to two inches and ice accumulations of a light glaze. * WHERE...Portions of central, east central, south central and southwest Missouri. * WHEN...From noon Wednesday to noon CST Thursday. * IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning or evening commute. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Locations along and south of Interstate 44 and east of Highway 65 will be the most vulnerable to hazardous travel Wednesday evening as temperatures cool below freezing with heavier precipitation moving in. Accumulations may not be heavy, but icy roadways are anticipated as precipitation melts and then freezes onto sub-freezing surfaces.
  12. Snowed enough this evening to make the ground white...I did not expect it to do more than a few flurries so I am
  13. When the big one hits this place will explode from 6yrs pent up energy
  14. Temps went to 33 and most ice melted at 11:am or so but now 3:15 pm temp dropped to 32 and ice is reforming . I thought the temp was supposed to continue to rise?
  15. The forecaster High of 45 actual 40 The accumulated ice prediction of .20 will make for a neat photo op ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM 9 PM THIS EVENING TO 6 PM CST FRIDAY... * WHAT...Freezing rain expected. Total ice accumulations of up to two tenths of an inch. Isolated amounts up to a quarter of an inch. Winds gusting as high as 35 mph.
  16. 2 B or not 2 B? DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Wednesday through Monday. While there is a high degree of uncertainty at this time, there is a chance for some wintry weather Thursday night into Friday morning, especially over the eastern Ozarks. Stay tuned to later updates.
  17. I'm with you . Any frozen precipitation is welcome .
  18. Was checking the long-range temp forecasts (Pivotal) and it is looking good about the 19 or so for cold temps to return . Now if the moisture coincides with the cold = good snow chances .
  19. Freezing Rain/Sleet mix @ 31.6° 1" total predicted of mixed stuff. That is more than am expecting . Radar to the west/southwest of me is showing a moderate snow . Whether it gets here or not I don't know
  20. I'm expecting to get lots of rain and maybe a flake or two of snow on the exit .
  21. It is really nice to see this board come to life with something to actually follow DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Thursday through Tuesday. Widespread rainfall will begin Thursday and will continue intermittently into Saturday. The heaviest rainfall amounts look to occur on Friday and Friday night. Two to four inches of rain will be possible across the Missouri Ozarks into southeast Kansas with the higher amounts expected over the eastern Ozarks. The heavy rain may lead to some flooding, especially near creeks, streams and low lying areas. Some strong to severe storms will be possible Friday into Friday night as the front moves into the area. Some limited instability will combine with strong shear and a strong cold front to provide the strong to severe storm risk. As the colder air moves in behind the front Friday night, precipitation may change over to some freezing rain over southeast Kansas into western Missouri. The transition to light snow will be possible on Saturday prior to the system exiting. Some accumulating snow will be possible.
  22. Nothing is definite as of yet but this is the closest chance of something significant this winter . Just hope it doesn't end with the Peanuts Lucy/ Charley Brown effect .
  23. I like this fantasy, a YouTube forecaster , David Schlotthauer 's current take (ps I don't know how to resize this to be smaller ,sorry if it is too big ) projected forecast we may be in for a dilly...
  24. "Here’s to hoping for a big storm soon, though. We’re due. " Hugely Way past due