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  1. JMT417

    Severe storms 3-9/12

    Also Tor Probabilities lowered
  2. JMT417

    March 3, 2019 Severe Threat

    10% Hatched TOR for portions of AL/GA
  3. And the disappointment begins...
  4. Different Ratio Models, Kansas is Kuhera Temp Profile Ratio. MO is 10/1
  5. Can someone center this on MO for me to see? thanks in advance
  6. The Weather Channel is buying it as of now for the 18th/19th lol
  7. Good afternoon. Welcome to the new members. I am monitoring from Ozark MO.
  8. JMT417

    Memorial Day weekend severe threats

    You are not alone.
  9. JMT417

    Severe weather risk 3-28 and 3-29 2017

    Maybe they believe in recycling.
  10. That centers right around Joplin
  11. Possible rotation on storm crossing over OK/AR line
  12. Tornado Warning in NWAR includes Fayettevlle and University of Arkansas