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  1. Initiation to the South of Bartlesville OK ?
  2. Camp Shelby in the path I believe
  3. Large upgrade area in new Day 2 outlook
  4. I used all of mine to wipe away the tears of disappointment this winter season
  5. Am I reading it wrong or is there substantial disagreement between the NAM and GFS for Southern MO on this one? It looks like the NAM is a lot more bullish on this bring an Icing event for SGF and points South
  6. Something wrong here SGF still calling for 4”-6” for the metro less than 24 hours until the event. It just can’t be..:or can it???
  7. GFS showing a dusting NAM Showing 1.4 for SGF still my beating heart!
  8. Just read a news article where they had a plane slide off the runway in KC
  9. Another in the long line of “nothingburgers”
  10. Being from there, I am really becoming increasingly concerned for my friends and family in Joplin.
  11. SGF now showing pockets of Ice Accumulation forecast to be .25-.50 inches to the North of Springfield and for much of SE KS