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  1. Weatherdemon

    Severe weather risk 4/30 - 5/3

    Agreed but it was interesting nonetheless.
  2. Weatherdemon

    Severe weather risk 4/30 - 5/3

    03z NAM sounding near OKC. Note the May 3, 1999 analog.
  3. Weatherdemon

    Severe weather risk 4/30 - 5/3

    Not much to disagree with given the trends of the last couple of days.
  4. Weatherdemon

    Severe weather risk 4/30 - 5/3

    Me too. I already took Wed off. May run out west Tuesday and follow it back home then do it again Wednesday.
  5. Weatherdemon

    Wind Chill

    I don’t know, but we shouldn’t be talking about this going into April LOL!
  6. Ugh... just took a look at the models and this simply sucks.
  7. Severe Thunderstorm Warning from OUN... with sleet OUN Tweet
  8. Tulsa NWS posted this earlier
  9. Temps running about +1 compared to the 17z HRRR. HRRR doesn't typically overdue freezing rain from what I remember.
  10. Not confident in precip amounts or temp. I would lean toward colder than shown for sure.
  11. Got a glaze up here but it looks like the precip is shifting east faster than models indicated
  12. Wouldn't surprise me to see some freezing drizzle sticking around after the main rain shield moves east tonight.
  13. Pics on Twitter in Stillawater water showing what looks like near 1/2 inch of ice on trees
  14. Tulsa NWS with a new Winter Weather Advisory basically along and NW of I44. 31.4 degree drop just S of Collinsville since 7:35. Temp now at 38.2