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  1. Not a single streaming chaser on Severe Studios with that. Crazy
  2. Norman Discussion interesting: .DISCUSSION... Determining exactly when and where storms occur today remains a challenge. Latest guidance overall has been suggesting an earlier start for storm initiation with first storms forming across southwestern Oklahoma and western north Texas around noon. Overall, based on latest model guidance (particularly the HRRR/RAP) and incoming data from a special 15 UTC KOUN sounding, confidence is growing that storms will form earlier and somewhere over southwestern Oklahoma or western north Texas around noon today. The 15 UTC KOUN sounding depicted that the base of the low level inversion has lifted about 40 mb (from around 900 mb to 860 mb) and low level moisture deepening below the inversion. Based on latest HRRR/RAP guidance, this lifting is expected to continue in the next few hours, which would allow for storms to form earlier than previously expected once surface temperatures reach the lower to mid 80s near or just east of the dryline across southwestern Oklahoma and western north Texas. A weak mid level disturbance may be causing the lift, though the exact cause for the lift remains uncertain. If these storms form around noon in southwestern Oklahoma and western north Texas, they may at first be slighlty elevated with giant hail as the main hazard. However, these storms would likely become surface-based due to daytime heating no later than 3 pm as they move northeast. This could increase the tornado potential across western north Texas, southwestern and central Oklahoma this afternoon and evening while slightly decrease the tornado potential in northwestern Oklahoma. Again, the exact details remain uncertain today. The bottom line is that the combination of shear, instability, and moisture support significant severe storms with giant hail and tornadoes this afternoon and evening somewhere over the western two thirds of Oklahoma and western north Texas
  3. Eldorado storm looking pretty healthy. Should go warned soon.
  4. I saw the funnel about 2/3 tp the ground about 2-3 miles from me. It apparently touched down briefly and dissolved quickly before reforming NE of there.
  5. Looks like it was a dealership
  6. Jesus. I hope those werent on the highway
  7. CC picking up debris
  8. Wow. That's scary! Thanks for the info man!
  9. What determines a Flash Flood Emergency with PDS wording? BULLETIN - EAS ACTIVATION REQUESTED Flash Flood Warning National Weather Service Springfield MO 1251 PM CDT SAT APR 29 2017 ...FLASH FLOOD EMERGENCY FOR the city of Springfield... The National Weather Service in Springfield has issued a * Flash Flood Warning for... Southeastern Greene County in southwestern Missouri... * Until 645 PM CDT * At 1249 PM CDT, Doppler radar indicated heavy rain across the warned area. Up to three inches of rain has already fallen. Flash flooding is already occurring. Additional moderate to heavy rain is expected to train over the city of Springfield through mid afternoon. This is a FLASH FLOOD EMERGENCY for the city of Springfield. This is a PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION. SEEK HIGHER GROUND NOW! * Creeks, streams, and low water crossings will be especially susceptible to the dangers of flash flooding. Locations in the warning include... Springfield... Battlefield... Strafford... Brookline... Galloway... Turners...
  10. Mesonet is back up.
  11. Tulsa NWS thinking the warm front will be Near I40. Norman NWS is thinking I 44. I'm leaning I40
  12. Ok, yea. That area sucks. Bad radar, bad terrain. We don't chase down there at all really.
  13. What mean by spotty radar coverage east of I35?
  14. TSA and OUN saying severe but also calling for lot of rain. Seems like early discrete cells quickly forming into a line looking at the GFS convective precip view. SPC focused on Thurs/Fri, local offices more on Friday.
  15. I had the problem in Chrome but it opened in IE. You can try that. Thanks for the alt URL!