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  1. I’m curious because I’m going to be in Broken Bow tomorrow through Sunday, and would love it if I saw some accumulating snow while in a cabin for the weekend. So here’s to hoping the nam is onto something haha.
  2. Is the 00Z NAM out to lunch on this run of Friday’s snow potential?
  3. When the sleet first moved in this morning we had thunder and small hail with it as well. Unfortunately, up here in Owasso we’ve been on the northern fringe of all of this, so haven’t gotten much. But since I work in Broken Arrow where they’ve been getting sleet all day, today and tomorrow are work from home days!
  4. 22 and pretty steady freezing drizzle here in north Tulsa.
  5. Yeah, freezing drizzle events always seem to creep up and catch everyone off guard. Part of that I think is because they are hard to forecast, but also highly impactful, Mets play it safe by not sounding the alarm since models don’t pick up well. But I’ll be interested to see this play out. Huge messy forecast, not much agreement on models and just heavily leaving on the euro seems to be the play by everyone right now.
  6. Awfully quiet in here with some icy weather potentially starting as early as tomorrow. I think Sunday might catch a lot of people off guard with freezing drizzle.
  7. It is looking like some freezing drizzle may impact the area on Sunday. Models don't pick up on that great and those events can sneak up on you and coat the roads quick.
  8. I’m supposed to fly out of Tulsa to Florida next week for work. My flight leaves at 12:09 Monday, and it’s safe to say that I could be cutting it VERY close, and who knows about my return flight on Thursday. I don’t really love the idea of leaving my wife and daughter behind in an ice storm, and I don’t want to miss it,so part of me hopes the ice moves in earlier Monday AM so my flight gets canceled, and we just push the trip back.
  9. I think this image sums up us Tulsans feelings accurately. It's like the storm wanted to hurt our feelings specifically. I'm happy for everyone else though!
  10. Nothing but rain in Tulsa while all other directions around us getting snow….I’ve had the rug swept out under my feet before, but this one stings a little more than others.
  11. Still just rain here in Tulsa. Hoping this band from the south moving northward will be the push that brings the transition on.
  12. Both metros in OK now under the Winter Storm Warning. Soon we can start tracking the rain/snow line to see how models have been handling it.
  13. Am I allowed to ignore it because I don't like it?
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