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  1. https://radar.weather.gov/Conus/southplains_loop.php Honest question, should we be concerned here in Tulsa? That's a very large band of heavy precip headed our way and it's still 27 degrees here in Tulsa. Does the High res tend to overdo amounts?
  2. 1/2 inch of freezing rain in Tulsa as evening rush hour is out would be a nightmare. The HRRR just keep pumping up Tulsa's numbers.
  3. I've been watching the HRRR ice totals slowly creep closer and higher in the Tulsa area, going to be a fine line(as usual).
  4. Brand new GFS is painting a dangerous picture for Tulsa and SW Missouri....
  5. Officially 32 in Tulsa now, still plenty more precip headed our way, plus the NAM and HRR indicating a decent surge of moisture for Wed night/Thurs morning.
  6. Doesn't surprise me, and with another shield of precip headed that way with temps in the mid twenties, I find it hard to believe we won't see some ice storm warnings issued.
  7. I'm starting to think we may get some ice storm warnings issued to the NW of Tulsa Metro area. Down in DFW they extended their flood watch to the west because their expecting that heavier precip to shift some to the west, if that plays out, that area of precip will make its way up to NE Oklahoma after the freezing temps are in place. Just my two cents.
  8. Just rain here in Tulsa still, but the temp is steadily dropping, an interesting forecast to be sure. Keep those updates coming!
  9. Wow, this is a sharp a front as you'll see. 30 degree difference here in Tulsa and Skiatook....that's a short drive. Things are going to get interesting.
  10. The Nam just out down a foot of sleet here in the Tulsa area. Obviously that would never happen, but even a fourth of that would turn the roads into an ice skating rink.
  11. This is what Tulsa NWS had to say about that today. Granted, it doesn't show as much ice here as it does in KS and MO, it still shows a few hours of moderate sleet/Frz Rain. "A cold front will move across the area late Monday night and Tuesday, with showers and thunderstorms becoming more numerous near and behind the front. Some models indicate the potential for temperatures to fall low enough for some freezing rain or sleet on the back side of the precipitation shield late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Confidence is low in this however, so will not mention wintry precipitation at this time."
  12. NWS in Tulsa has a great take for the next 10 or so days on the changing pattern. The ongoing pattern change will feature more troughing over the western U.S. and this looks to persist through at least early next week. This is a departure from what has been observed for much of the winter season and is likely to a more active flow regime. An initial influence of this unsettled pattern is the forecast Friday night into Saturday with latest data showing a more substantial post frontal precip band developing and passing mainly across southern portions of the forecast area. Current forecast will keep temps warm enough for all liquid but this time frame will need to be followed. Precip chances continue into early next week with moderating temps ahead of the next cold front possibly arriving toward the end of this forecast period. The pattern of troughing to our west and a reinforcing push of colder air early next week will be a focus for upcoming forecasts. Hopefully a sign that our winter precip drought has a better chance of coming to an end!
  13. Nice pics, we had the ever so slightest glaze here in the Tulsa area over the weekend. Some slick spots on Saturday night was the worst it got. So since every model shows a great storm until about 5 days out and then squashes it, do we have a different change in pattern coming up that might let me be a little more hopeful? Because I see a few ice storms on the horizon on the models but figure there's no point to even hope that we may see something if the overall upper pattern is the same.
  14. 06Z on February 11th(the run that preceded the massive ice storm run in OK/TX. And here is today's 12Z run, which looks almost identical. I don't expect to see another run like Sunday's 12Z run, but it has slowly trended closer to it the past few runs.
  15. I will say, the GFS has slowly been trending back north after its initial jump away from that ice storm in Oklahoma and Texas.