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  1. Chased around Stroud, OK, all the way over to Henryetta, OK yesterday. Not a single tornado warning, and only the occasional area of rotation that was almost impossible to predict and chase due to the nature of the storms... I did find out after the fact there was a confirmed tornado on the ground in Raiford, OK to the SE of Henryetta, shortly after I called it quits and passed not 20 min from there before hand. If I had a crystal ball I could have been there, but who knows if I would have even seen it in that terrain and HP.
  2. Mike Armstrong on Channel 5 just had rotation drop right ontop of him, literally.
  3. Can confirm, we've been cooking in the sun here in Tulsa for a bit now...85 degrees out.
  4. Starting to think we might have a decent chance at tornadoes around I-44 and I-40 this evening....
  5. My chase target is as clear as mud today.........
  6. Models hinting at the complex holding together overnight better, and firing storms off on the boundary early in the day, keeping the severe threat much lower.
  7. I feel like there’s tornadoes everyone Reed is not lol
  8. Honestly, where the 10% tornado patch is, it's not too terribly bad terrain wise, there's a section between Interstate 75 and highway 99 with trees and some hills, but outside of that, it's fairly flat up there all things considered, unlike the stretch of 44 in between OKC and Tulsa as well as East Oklahoma(Yikes).
  9. Liking the 12Z HRRR. These would have some good tornado potential as they stay discrete enough for a couple hours.
  10. Yeah, this is what I'm thinking. If a cell can stay isolated enough on the boundary, then there is potential for a strong tornado. But I think there's only going to be 1, maaayyybe 2 cells that have that opportunity before they squall out. So I think hatching will be needed, but will stay at 10%.
  11. I think you're right, we do see a small moderate area, but that 10% tornado section is so dependent on where that boundary sets up tomorrow after tonight's storms. So I don't think we see a moderate risk or any hatched area for strong tornadoes until tomorrow morning's update(unless they throw a mod out sooner for the wind and hail). Either way, I'll be chasing tomorrow. I'm in north Tulsa, so luckily(or unluckily) I don't have to drive far for a possible strong tornado.
  12. Will definitely be chasing here in OK if Thursday pans out. Haven't had a really good chase day yet here to be honest.