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  1. Tulsa going extremely conservative with their amounts.
  2. Might get a nice little dumping of snow this Sunday. We shall see!
  3. Wow, I actually had no idea about all of that. Thanks for the info!
  4. It’s almost 5:30 and it’s still not above freezing here in Tulsa.roads are still awful.
  5. Tulsa got upgraded to a warning overnight. We have quite a bit of ice at my house. The freezing rain has been steady almost all night.
  6. I can confirm that roads are glazed over already here in Owasso, northern side of Tulsa.
  7. Heavier ice totals shifted to the north along I44 this run in the NAM. Gives Tulsa .40 inches, enough for warning criteria.
  8. Updated http://www.weather.gov/images/oun/graphicast/image1.png?a44dc7f95325dce9b8a06b4b1f9a045c
  9. I don’t have an official measurement, but I think we got around 2.5 inches here north of Tulsa.
  10. Winter weather advisories are out and some upgrades to Winter Storm Warnings. Ladies and gentlemen, Never forget, Mother Nature is at her core, unpredictable. Some of the most memorable weather events in history happened because things did not go as intended and Mother Nature had her own plans. I’ve experienced several winter weather events that were like a dream all because a storm overperformed. As far as we have come, our knowledge is not infallible. There is low confidence in this storm, which means the likelihood of someone getting more than they bargained for is higher. I believe the storm will give us more than advertised! A band will set up somewhere and drop half a foot. Mark my words!
  11. I’m ok knowing that 4 is still on the table if I’m lucky, otherwise 2-3 seems like a solid bet as of right now. Honestly, I’ll take it.
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