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  1. NAM creeping northward with those higher totals. I get the feeling that by noon tomorrow the whole metroplex will be under the Winter Storm Warning.
  2. Popping I here to pretty much say this. Euro is an outlier, almost all the others show Dallas and Tarrant getting in on it too. 12Z HRRR shows the back end of the low coming though as well, setting up some moderate wrap around bands moving through DFW. I think they’re very much undergoing it at this time.
  3. Yeah, it's really looking like a TX event.
  4. Yeah that's quite a snow if verified. And still snowing...
  5. For those interested. Looks like most of us had our coldest December morning on Christmas. Aside from snow, can't ask for much more than that!
  6. Can someone explain the GFS-PARA. Is it just an alteration to the GFS in an early phase? An Upgraded version that needs tweaking?
  7. I've got my eyes fixated on the 9th/10th. Euro and Canadian take it into Central/South Texas. GFS runs it through Oklahoma and Arkansas. Odds favor the former given the Euro's consistency, and how well the Canadian did on this last storm. But it's still 5 days out with alot of things going on right now; so plenty of room for error atm.
  8. Looking like I won't have a horse in this race unless things change 170 miles, lol. But there's definitely potential for you Arkansas and SOMO folks! 6Z GFS 6ZEuro Paints it more North.
  9. Yeah, I like being able to arrow up and down for the different runs so I can compare and contrast really easily on tropical tidbits.
  10. Yay!! Looks like we are about to get a good little drop here in Collinsville.
  11. Yeah, will be curious here in about 30 min if a lot of this is evaporating before it reaches the ground or if it’ll drop a dusting to 1 inch.
  12. THIS! This winter has already been more memorable than the previous 4 or 5 combined, and we still have 2 and a half to 3 months to go. I’ll take it with zero complaints!
  13. Yeah! Winding down here now, but we got it good! You’ll probably end up with 2-3 inches I think.