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  1. Canadian and Euro both picking up on a system for next Thurs.
  2. For inquiring mind who wish to know. I live in south Tulsa and we got just about 3 inches, looks like those first 2 hours of heavy sleet is what mitigated the totals in Tulsa.
  3. VERY HEAVY sleet moving into Tulsa right now. All I can hear is ice pellets and the roads are already getting covered.
  4. Tuttle seems to be buying into a heavy sleet scenario for OKC and possibly Tulsa. Not sure I agree though(as if that matters).
  5. I moved to Tulsa back in 2016, since living here, we've never been under a WSW let alone gotten more than 2 inches. So, being 18 hours out from this, I feel confident enough to say I'm glad I'm finally going to see over 3 inches! And living in sw tulsa, more like over 5.
  6. Here is the 12Z and 15Z HRRR at 3:00 AM Wed morning. You can see the newer run is cooler.
  7. The rate it will be coming down, even if we lose an inch to melting, it's going to pile up quick and then it'll drop down to where it doesn't melt.
  8. I figured Tulsa would have pulled the trigger already on the winter storm warning. But maybe they're waiting until lunchtime.
  9. If you believe the 12Z HRRR then it's not out of the question.
  10. Here come the warnings. OKC under winter storm warning. Looks like Tulsa will be too once they pull the trigger.
  11. Tulsa has expanded the winter storm watch further South.