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  1. Central and NE TX could see light freezing rain or a mix this evening. Tomorrow morning there will likely be a few winchills in the single digits across N TX with sub 20 wind chills for anywhere north of I-10.
  2. Surprisingly NWS has inserted a changeover to snow showers for much of the state Monday night. I would have likely held off since it is a borderline event with no impacts expected either way that is still 4 days out.
  3. The early week winter storm idea is gaining more model support with the GFS showing a ice storm Monday night. The recurving typhoon will likely bring the coldest air yet around the 18th. This November will likely go down as one of the coldest ever in Texas and Nationwide.
  4. Early next week is starting to look interesting. It is certain that it will rain and be cold. Question is if there is enough energy coming out of Mexico behind the front to generate wintery precip.
  5. 33 yesterday morning and 25 this morning at my house in Hideaway.
  6. This front will bring well below 0 temps to Angel Fire, NM, teens to the Panhandle and a freeze to most north of I20. Halloween morning wind chills around here could be in the teens with afternoon temps in the 40s only. If only the associated low could track further south so we could get wrap around flurries but it looks like the low will be well to our north keeping us cold and dry.
  7. Looks like my family's place in southern Taos County, NM got a few inches of snow so far.
  8. Looks like the NE quarter of NM and the TX Panhandle are in for their first significant snow tomorrow into Friday.
  9. Angel FIre, NM had a high of 51 on Friday then a low of 6 Saturday and back up to 57 then down to 13 this morning with a high of 62 this afternoon.
  10. Cold spots could drop into the 20s Sat morning in the cold spots along I-20 if the wind goes calm and skies clear.
  11. Looks like Friday will hold in the 40s for many with maybe some sleet if there is enough post frontal moisture. Frost is possible north of I-20 Saturday with a freeze possible along the Red River and in NW Texas.
  12. My weather station gave out a couple weeks ago so no measurements from my house. I need to get one ordered so I have it for the next front. Still in the upper 60s around Tyler.