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  1. The only significant weather happening over the next week in our region is a decent mountain snow for northern and western NM this weekend into early next week.
  2. I am loving what I am seeing for NM and TX for late fall/early winter. Cold shots with good moisture. I expect mid winter to be cold and dry. Who knows about late winter/early spring but my bet is warm for that period.
  3. Already hearing some totals nearing 2 feet across northern NM. Wondering if there will be any 3 feet totals from this event, I expect there will be.
  4. GFS keeps teasing a northern TX winter event next week. I am not buying it outside of the Panhandle at this point though. Arctic dry air usually cuts off precip faster in reality than models depict.
  5. The main excitement for this winter will be how low can we get the temps. Its a great set up for a few short lived but severe cold shots. Can we get into the single digits with sub 0 for western N TX? It will likely be dry though. Hopefully we can get a couple NW flow high ratio surprises though. Beautiful weather after today though. Maybe some showers with each front then highs in the 60s with lows in the 40s post fronts. i do like seeing the rapid succession of the fronts, if that continues into winter maybe we wont see the big warmups between fronts. This is a winter where we could see some 90s in Feb though.
  6. This morning was the coolest of the fall so far. Reached the mid 40s.
  7. It is amazing how the NAM handles these so much better than anything else. The CMC sometimes gets it right but that may just be that it is cold biased overall around here. I think the best blend is use a Euro/GFS blend for upper air and once within 3 days follow the NAM for surface temps.
  8. Strong storms in the Tyler area with heavy Rain and the airport report 47 mph gust.
  9. Looks like the northern NM peaks will see 8-16" of snow, with 3-6" at 9,000 ft and 0-2" for northern lower elevation towns. For areas east of I35 in TX we are clinging to hope from the NAM and CMC for the front to push at least partially into E TX. Behind the front highs will be in the 70s with lows in the 60s.
  10. It will be interesting to see if the upper low hangs back enough that the front haha up. If so the cool down will be marginal east of I35. If the upper low does hang up then the NM snow could be impressive as it will prolong the duration of snowfall and allow ground temps to cool for more accumulations to occur. Above 7500' some accumulations are likely either way, but a slower upper low will allow for up to a foot above 9000'. There is a good chance for the first freeze and first snow in Texas during the first half of Sept since records began.
  11. I have had over 7" and radar estimates up to 12" north of Chandler which is just to my SW. This even continues today, but I think the heavy stuff is about over with. Now on to next week's cold front and if it will be Plains (GFS) or SW (Euro) based. The Euro has us briefly cooling down next Wed before 80s return by Thu and it has a cold Panhandle and back into NM where they could get heavy snow. The GFS has snow for the Panhandle and NM Tue into Wed with the front blasting through TX on Wed. The GFS has the chilly weather sticking around into the weekend. A GFS solution would threaten record low maxes and record low mins.
  12. Spent the morning cleaning up the Bradford Pears in my grandparent's yard. Took out a few big 30ft ones. Man I hate those trees haha.