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  1. Did not expect to see a severe ts watch today, but storms are robust.
  2. I noticed something was going on when I neared I-20 while driving up Hwy 69. I could see the wall cloud lowering. There was video of multiple funnels near FM 14 & 16, not sure if there was anything more definite. That was just one of several tornado warned storms scattered all over E TX yesterday evening.
  3. Another possible tornado a bit ago between Lindale and Gladewater.
  4. Looks like they will go with an EF-1 on the Lindale one. That makes three years in a row with tornado damage in the immediate Lindale area. Update: A possible separate EF-0 near Mineola. NWS survey ongoing.
  5. Northern Smith Co damage from when it started to line out and die. Looks like it put on one last burst.
  6. Possible additional tornado in NW Smith Co. north of Lindale on the property adjacent to my family's. One barn destroyed and a mature grove of pecan trees leveled. Luckily the house in the middle of it was undamaged.
  7. Canton is in the middle of some very rough weather right now possible tornadoes to the NW and SE. This is First Monday weekend so there are a bunch of additional people in town likely. Still not much here but we have all evening to go and the storms are not far off along with watching new developments.
  8. This is Canton First Monday Trade Days weekend so there are thousands of people in Canton from out of town. I live 20 miles to the east. Hope all are safe, did not expect it to be as bad as it now seems.
  9. There is a winter storm watch for NE NM where they are expecting 6"+ of snow and a foot is possible in the mountains the snow will pour over into the Panhandles Saturday night. Around here on Sunday highs will struggle to reach 60 especially if clouds hold on like they did last Saturday. Along with the chill will be heavy rain on Saturday for North and East Texas.
  10. I made it to 45 yesterday and 44 today. Saturday barely touched 60 here before rains knocked it back down in the late afternoon. Looks like we are in for something similar this weekend maybe.
  11. Northern NM mountains are very snowy right now with 1-2 feet from the last storm and the current storm will be in that range at the resorts. This is pretty typical for that area with temps warming well into the 40s and even 50s between storms.
  12. Snow in West Texas yesterday and the consecutive freezing mornings here, not bad.
  13. Surprise decent freeze for most of North and East Texas this morning. Many locales in mid 20s which is 5 to 10 degrees below the forecasted low from last night. A few warm spots as usual with traditional cooling and a couple spots in the low 20s.
  14. This winter has yet to see any particular pattern set up for any period of time.
  15. Eh, Euro has not been good this winter. GFS has been better at long range and Euro weeklies have just about polar opposite of reality at long range. NE Pacific ridging, building cold in NW NA, STJ active, and Canadian blocking are all present or expected over the next few weeks and winter in the past few years has shifted from mid-Nov through mid-Feb to now being more early Dec through early March. To compare to hurricane season we are still in August and the atmosphere is favorable generally, it's not like we have have a roaring jet into Canada. Edit to add: in the 17 days leading up to the March 2-3, 2014 extreme sleet storm which featured temps subfreezing highs and lows in the teens we were above average for 14 days with most days in the 70s during that time. One big event will quickly make us forget about warm periods during winter.