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  1. I had some frost this morning with a low around 35. 8 years ago we had the finale of the amazing 09/10 winter with widespread 2" and some spots over 6".
  2. 3/18/TX/LA Severe prospects

    Two tornado warnings between Center and San Augustine right now.
  3. Total Solar Eclipse

    Should be great for me in E TX near Tyler.
  4. Snuck in a freeze this morning with 32 degrees. Looks like we are in for a stormy weekend.
  5. 4 years ago today I experienced a sleet thunderstorm. Maybe the most amazing thing I have ever experienced weather wise. Ended up with around 2" of pure sleet though there was a lot of wind so hard to get accurate measurements with the drifting.
  6. 39 here this morning. I do expect a few frosts next week with at least one freeze for rural areas likely.
  7. The NM mountains continue to see their snow piling up with heavy snow falling this morning. They have been getting almost daily snow for the last week plus with that expected to continue for the foreseeable future.
  8. Getting bad out towards Abilene and Wichita Falls where there is an Ice Storm Warning. WWA to the NW edge of DFW could extend into Tarrant and Collin later today.
  9. For the city, it will take below 28 likely for significant impacts which is unlikely. Icicles hanging from signs and trees along with sleet is likely though. A very similar setup 10 days ago gave my area a glaze with white roofs with 28 to 31 degree surface and 50 degrees at 850 mb even some spotty snow.
  10. Incredibly hard call for DFW tomorrow. 33 and heavy rain or 29 and a mess of a mix. With such a shallow cold layer and warm ground major issues are unlikely though DFW has lots of elevated roads so it could get tricky out there. NW of DFW could get nasty though.
  11. I believe this was determined to be an EF-0.
  12. Significant ice event possible tomorrow from the Midland area NE towards Wichita Falls tomorrow (light ice possible for DFW). Rain amounts will be over three inches for large swaths of N and E TX through Thursday with a few spots pushing up towards 10 inches. Sipapu received another 10" so the northern NM snowpack is quickly building finally.
  13. Looks like Sipapu got 10", their biggest snow of the season so far. They are finally over 2 feet for the season. Should be able to say that by before Christmas most years.
  14. To me it looks like a below average next few weeks with plenty of precip for most of the state. PNA going negative finally, EPO may be going positive though models have shown this many times and it has not happened and NAO/AO goes negative as the SSW event flexes its muscles. I would say wintery weather is very possible for northern Texas. Next week has potential though PNA may be too negative with too positive of a NAO. Later in the month still has good potential especially if the PNA stays closer to neutral. We are moving into a very Nino esque pattern with highs near or below average and lows near to above average with little to no sun and lots of rain. Anytime the PNA slips back toward neutral then we will turn chilly with some of the best Atlantic blocking we have seen in a long time. This will finally give the SW some drought relief hopefully extending into the Panhandles.
  15. I am still amazed at the snow reports. At first I discounted them with the very warm nose (50F at 850mb), but I guess the low levels were cold enough around 900mb with saturation to produce a surprise dusting for some around here.