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  1. Some snow is possible tomorrow north of I-20 in higher precip rates areas. Accumulations are unlikely with temps in mid to upper 30s.
  2. Odd but that freeze line is well NW of the actual freeze line.
  3. 27 and light freezing in Lindale for past few hours.
  4. Candian is only model that has tps in NE TX correct right now. 27 in Lindale, around 1" QPF expected today. Most models want to quickly get us above freezing which I am seriously questioning. Maybe we touch 33 this afternoon. I think an additional 0.5" of ice is possible here.
  5. Finally got power back on in Lindale. Today we got maybe 0.2" of ice and some sleet mixed in. Temps rose to around 32 or a tad above but are back in upper 20s again now. Oncor reporting major damage in this area. Much more damage expected tomorrow.
  6. Ground white now from sleet shower, that should make freezing rain surface accretion rates increase
  7. Water vapor imagery shows the upper low sitting over SoCal pumping in a constant stream of moisture directly out of the EPAC ITCZ. We will stay wet with little to no break until the upper low ejects over us later this week. The surface cold also will not break until then so expect current temps to persist until Thu. The surface cold will temporarily be replaced with cold from above Thu which cold bring some snow. Warm up and dry out starts Friday.
  8. We are dealing with ripples in the jet coming through Mexico. We have no upper air data for the models to initialize on down there. I would still bet on Pacific moisture producing though there be winner and losers as always.
  9. Rdps has been my go to for many years for winter storms. Its the hi Res Canadian.
  10. Tyler still has not rose above 32 today. Fell to 32 around midnight and won't likely reach 33 until Wed maybe even Thu. All of that while now under a Flood Watch in addition to the winter storm warning. Not sure I have seen that combo before.
  11. Its bad out there this morning. Elevated surfaces are ice covered across much of the state. Freeze line from Austin to College Station to south of Tyler to Texarkana. This is significantly further south than even the cold models had. SHV likely needs to add a tier of advisories another row of counties south of the warnings.
  12. Yep, though I am still on the bandwagon of Thursday being more of a snow event. If that upper low stays closed than I am hopeful that we can end this mess with a couple inches of snow.
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