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  1. Spent the morning cleaning up the Bradford Pears in my grandparent's yard. Took out a few big 30ft ones. Man I hate those trees haha.
  2. That storm last night was intense. Took down some big trees and either snapped or knocked over tons of trees at my Dads nursery. Sipapu got around 8" of fresh snow.
  3. That storm did some damage on my family's farm north of Lindale. I'm heading there this morning to help with cleanup. This was the worst storm there since they move there in the early 1980s.
  4. Looks like OK especially western OK could see some decent snow next week.
  5. That storm will bring cold with moisture wish it was a month or two ago.
  6. Saturday was at or near record levels for cold highs, today is near record warm highs and northern Texas could see snow next week. March was boring but man April is not just hope no severe weather in between.
  7. It is silly to do anything but pattern watch right now. Surface reflections are useless right now.
  8. I need to check my rain gauge and see what additional rain I got. The drive into the Arlington Convention Center for NTNGA's Trade Show yesterday morning was interesting in the heavy rain. Also model teasing another Texas winter storm for the middle of next week. I have not looked at details on that yet.
  9. I have gotten around 4" of rain from this event. As expected snow chances are increasing for next week.
  10. The transition line to snow is staying just to my west. Looks like a no go here, just a bit of sleet.
  11. Looks like the I-35 corridor of C TX is getting at least a dusting tonight. It is inching toward me in NW Smith Co.
  12. It still looks good for light snow tonight from Central TX through East TX. Moisture is shallow but it is there along with an impulse to wring the moisture out. I expect a dusting to an isolated inch for most as temps will be mostly in the 33-35 range and precip rates will be light.