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  1. aggiegeog

    April 17-18 Severe Weather

    Yep, lots of closings around Palestine because of power outages. Damage seems to primarily be tree damage with a large area of 50 mph to even 70 mph gusts and multiple inches of rain Sat and again last night. I have not heard of much hail damage and despite areas of broad rotation I do not believe there were any tornadoes.
  2. aggiegeog

    April 17-18 Severe Weather

    Storms are intense along along and south of I-20 in E TX. So far just heavy rain in Hideaway but storm is starting to bow out towards Tyler with some notches starting to form. Down in the Palestine, Jacksonville and Nacogdoches corridor it is already severe warned. This includes the Alto area that saw 3 tornadoes on Sat.
  3. aggiegeog

    April 17-18 Severe Weather

    A line tried over western NE TX. We will likely have to wait on the main line after midnight.
  4. The mountains have been very warm lately except for a couple cold snow days. At 9K feet they have had highs in the 60s and even around 70 some days. Our place on Highway 518 has dropped from 50 this morning to snow now. Last Saturday was wild going from bare ground to snow covered back to bare ground multiple times in 12 hour period.
  5. aggiegeog

    April 17-18 Severe Weather

    Very dreary with light rain and drizzle around Tyler. It is around 70 throughout E TX. As of now it is in the mid 80s west of I-35 and low 70s east of I-35. It doesn't look like the NE quadrant of TX will warm enough for much isolated supercell activity this evening, but closer to I-35 it may be possible.
  6. aggiegeog

    April 13th-14th Severe Threat

    3 dead in E TX. The Franklin and Alto tornados we significant. Franklin one prelim classified as a EF3.
  7. aggiegeog

    April 13th-14th Severe Threat

    Damage photos from Alto show numerous homes destroyed and mobile homes are blown until stopped by trees. They got hit by two tornados. Betting that they got hit by at least one EF3. Today reminds me of the April 2017 E TX storm with training tornadic supercells over populated areas. In Texas today lived up to the forecasts with 4 to 5 tornados, monster hail around San Antonio, many severe storm criteria hail storms in the cold sector and at least a few reports of significant straight line damage. Intense day here.
  8. Tomorrow night could feature some strong storms for N TX and Saturday afternoon in E & SE TX looks volatile with tornados possible. As the system exits Sat night into Sun morning there will likely be some snow on the backside. It is questionable how much will wrap around south of the Red River though. Upper Levels will be plenty cold down to I-20 and surface will be in the upper 30s most likely all depends on how far south the moisture can wrap around. Maybe somewhere like Denison gets a dusting.
  9. Maybe a late season freeze for northern Texas Monday morning. Sunday and Monday look to be chilly days, maybe not out of the 40s.
  10. aggiegeog

    Severe storms 3-9/12

    Storms collapsed as they moved into E TX this morning, now it is just a line of showers with scattered strong storms ahead of the line.
  11. aggiegeog

    Mountain West Discussion

    NAM 3km has a spot of over 80" of snow around the Truchas Peaks in northern NM with over 6" liquid equivalent. This is a warm storm so even at 9k rain will likely mix in cutting totals at ski resort base levels. Many spots will receive over 2" of liquid with this along with some thunderstorms. Been a long time since NM has had a March storm like this. I expect some infrastructure issues with this heavy wet snow along with periods of heavy rain causing melting and icing issues overnight. Glad I am not up there right now.
  12. The mountains will likely see the heaviest snow totals in a good long while. These big March snow storms used to be more common. Hope this is a return of that trend.
  13. 34 here this morning. We may see the low 40s today with drizzle, a long cry from the near 70 and sunny predicted a couple days ago. Tomorrow may reach 50 with showers. Sunday looks like temps falling into the 30s but little to no post frontal precip on any model. 30s to low 40s and cloudy Monday. Best shot I see for precip late Monday is for the GL upper low to be weaker and shift west. This would keep us in more zonal flow vs NW fow and it would allow the shortwave a chance to not fully shear out. The cold stays around through Wed before a warm-up Thu ahead of the next cold front next Friday.