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  1. Even if they don't go with a high risk their will probably be a PDS tornado watch for that area in the late evening
  2. HUN has a pretty strongly worded AFD as well.
  3. Strange that there's no mention of this potentially significant severe set up in the Southeastern Forum. They're all worried about some flurries around the 15th or something.
  4. 1,197. First High Risk, 3/18 There will be an EF5 this year sadly
  5. Some of the other pics look EF4ish. I guess we'll know in 2 or 3 days what the pros have to say.
  6. I hope being under construction was the case.
  7. That KCK beast is likely a high end EF4. And would not be surprised if it winds up with a 5. That home with just a basement and everything else gone looks like something from the 1997 Jarrell TX monster
  8. I don't think they liked the idea. In 2006 on both March 11th and 12th they used some vividly worded warnings with headlines like "extremely dangerous storm approaching Paris". EAX and SGF used TOR-E wording but LSX chose not too. In 2011 I remember the headline in one of the warnings having a headline of "destructive tornado moving through St Charles County". Definitely got the point across. The EF3 in 2013 had a tier 2 PDS warning for most of its life. I'm still not a TOR-E fan but I understand where it may be effective. Last night being a good example
  9. Does anyone have the text for the Jefferson City Tornado Emergency? I believe it was a first for the LSX office
  10. KOCO 5 is Damon Lane. KOKH 25 isn't bad either but they don't have a helicopter. Both of the above mentioned channels are definitely the calmer of the four news channels in OKC.
  11. 4 and 9 have turned into a clown show since 2013.
  12. It's moving right on top of the radar sight
  13. If it is to be called a bust then it was a bust for not only government mets but seasoned tornado alley TV mets, well experienced chasers and internet know nothings like myself. I would say (with hindsight being 20/20) that the best course of action would be to look back and see what was missed and if it was possible to predict it. For all of our advancements mother nature is still in charge and occasionally will make everyone look kind of dumb.
  14. Perhaps changes to the models in recent years are affecting their performance. Hard to believe this is not panning out as predicted with all the ingredients in place. Watch tomorrow overperform in the Mid MS Valley with "only" an enhanced risk in place simply because Mother Nature hates the weather community.