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  1. A lot of people are probably doing Mothers Day celebrations. If this thread doesn't heat up Monday and Tuesday I will be shocked though. Discrete development potential in traditional chase territory should get everyone buzzing.
  2. The first part of both videos reminded me of the Wichita Andover storm as it was over McConnell AFB. The debris being thrown just beyond the parking lot. All it needed was a barracks building to the right of the screen.
  3. I'm not sure if it's the TV stations on site radar or the radar you referenced but either way it's in Monroe and updates about every minute and 30
  4. You can view it through this local station.
  5. I kind of expected it to. Probably some heated discussions and maybe out and out arguing. Or revising the written disco.
  6. If it's you and 1 or 2 others it should be fine. Just bring alcohol wipes or Chlorox wipes and sanitizer. Pack your own food. At the rate these storms will be moving it will be more of a quick intercept rather than following and staying with it.
  7. The afternoon AFDs and HWOs from JAN, HUN, BMX, and FFC are pretty bleak and highlighting long track strong tornadoes and other attendant hazards. Including what could be a flash flood event in addition to the rest of the severe. Chasing would be almost impossible given projected storm motion speeds. Would be more of a storm intercept situation.
  8. Maybe throwing around comparisons to 4/27/11 isn't a very good idea at this point. Every parameter was so off the scale that day it almost wasn't believable. Birmingham broke 90 that day providing the tornadic equivalent of 110 octane racing fuel. This upcoming event certainly looks very ominous and looks like a significant threat to life and property but maybe comparisons to past events should wait until the event has moved on. Just my 2 cents. I'll see myself out now.
  9. The PDS turned out to be a Particularly Dull Situation
  10. Or Nashville and Cookeville as much more recent examples.
  11. Here is Bree Smith's forecast from WTVF. Not an over alarming forecast but she did emphasize that severe weather was possible and to have a way to get warnings overnight. I consider her one of the better TV mets out there.
  12. Even if they don't go with a high risk their will probably be a PDS tornado watch for that area in the late evening
  13. HUN has a pretty strongly worded AFD as well.
  14. Strange that there's no mention of this potentially significant severe set up in the Southeastern Forum. They're all worried about some flurries around the 15th or something.
  15. 1,197. First High Risk, 3/18 There will be an EF5 this year sadly