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  1. Clinton OK now reporting 78 degrees. Dew points in the mid 60s. Could be a decent day for sig svr.
  2. Is anyone seeing rotation on the cell SW of Talala? Looks like a fairly potent storm on reflectivity and looks decent on velocity as well.
  3. Very decent rotation heading toward Stringtown as well.
  4. Four separate tornado warnings across Oklahoma right now. Pretty solid day for the lack of chatter it's getting.
  5. Confirmed large tornado on the ground -- Madill may have taken a direct impact.
  6. Not for the 23, but there is a very nasty cell with a hook to the NW of Elk City atm. Rotation evident on velocity.
  7. Tornado Warning for... West central Brazoria County in southeastern Texas... Northeastern Matagorda County in southeastern Texas...Until 2:30 PM CDT VERY clear hook echo on this cell.
  8. Tornado warning for just south of Natchitoches, LA.
  9. ...SUMMARY... An outbreak of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms is expected today from parts of the lower Mississippi Valley across much of the the Southeast. In addition to tornadoes, many of the storms will have very large hail and wind damage. The severe threat will be greatest from north-central Louisiana eastward to southern and central Mississippi, southern and central Alabama into south-central Georgia. Additional severe storms with a threat for tornadoes, wind damage and hail will be possible in parts of east Texas this morning and in the Carolinas tonight. Seems like the strongest wording possible that wouldn't include a high risk for 4/19.
  10. I just don't get it. If we see 60+ tornadoes tomorrow, it's going to be two undersold predictions in a row, all in the name of trying to be careful.
  11. Yeah. I'm not trying to advocate for a HGH risk tomorrow, especially since the setup doesn't look as promising as last week. However... all that said... I think NWS is significantly too conservative in much of their predictions. A lot of people died last week who were out of the MDT risk area. I sincerely believe we are still years if not decades away from understanding the underlying synoptic conditions that make one event a bust and another an outbreak. As someone who's spent much of his career attempting to protect people from harm, they take the under on a given day far too often. I understand there's no easy solution here with respect to being a service who cries "wolf" too often, but it's my sincere belief that giving space to the best possible setup is far more important than trying to play it safe for fear of casting out a high risk on a bust day.
  12. I mean.... high risk would have absolutely verified last week....
  13. Esp the single day total might be top 10 since 2000.