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  1. How about Long Island? 37" to not a flake in one run!
  2. From this to this. LOLOLOL. Lots of cliff-diving in the NE right now. I may have never seen a bigger run-to-run switch.
  3. 2nd run in a row now that has snow with this. Will be interesting to see if the Globals follow.
  4. Until I see at least a bit of agreement with the ensembles I am not getting the least bit excited about this. There is not *one* Euro ensemble member with amounts over 3", here the vast majority are no snow or less than an inch. Over a foot, it is to laugh.
  5. This was a very difficult forecast. It can be said that the Euro was a massive bust and the GEFS, while still overdone, was a much better indication that there was a pretty decent chance of it underperforming.
  6. DT won't like the 06Z EC and EPS- pretty big change for the worse for many folks. Much more towards the GFS. Yes, the GFS has sucked recently but with this storm it has been pretty consistent having a suppressed system with maybe only a very narrow band of freezing/frozen precip on the northern fringe. This could still change but time is running out. 12Z runs may tell the story.
  7. 18Z GEFS is mostly a swing and a miss, very suppressed.
  8. The NAM is almost identical to the GFS so far.
  9. EPS father south and a bit stronger as it passes through GA. Snow line a bit farther south. Usually if the 500mb low passes overhead or slightly south we get decent snow and maybe more than decent but for now will stay conservative.
  10. The GEFS members are insane at the airport just north of me (KPDK)- the totals range from 0 to 19!". Just a bit of uncertainty LOL.
  11. Yes, but it still trended farther south with the surface low, baby steps.
  12. GFS to 57, ULL farther west and more pos tilted. Good trend.
  13. I was getting a bit discouraged with the GFS refusing to budge and the 00Z Euro not that great either for Atlanta but the 06Z Euro and the new NAM has made me feel better for now. Now we'll see if the GFS comes around or at least trends in this direction.
  14. Lousy run for Atlanta but I have a place to stay in the GA mountains so a road trip may be in order. Let's see what the Euro does.
  15. It is so lame that my former employer (TWC) is putting totals on that map. I hated that when I was there and still do.
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