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  1. Snowing and blowing. Would do mid January proud.
  2. yup. sounds wish washy to say the least.
  3. am I missing that this looks like a 1"-2" event? Which isn't crazy for early November. That said, if we get a snow cover the cold thereafter will be something to talk about.
  4. True, This was back when the Illini had a basketball team. Apologies.........
  5. I sure hope all this cold and snow early isn't a jinx on the main cold season. Although, it didn't matter in the late 70's. But those are the only winters I recall an early start that stuck.There I said it.
  6. ^ It's the day after Halloween and there is 4" of snow on the ground with temps in the teens. We are expected to be in the 30's and 40's for highs for the foreseeable future. Average temps for now are mid 50's. I've tracked 2-3 snow events this week. I'm normally not on this board until late November. Trust me, it's locked in.
  7. will certainly need to see an increase in rates if were to achieve some of the forecast totals.
  8. Ground is covered. Snowing at a good clip with big flakes. Looks like this morning is the real show around here. LOT hinting that Halloween event is looking a little less intense. Though, forecast for Halloween is still impressive given time of season.
  9. A decent measurable snow in May, and now the potential for a decent measurable snow on or just before Halloween. Not sure I've experienced such a short period between the season's last snowfall and the seasons first in my lifetime. And I'm not talking a windblown flurry, but rather tree bending, ground covering 3" or greater snowfalls.