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  1. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    ^ far from unlikely.
  2. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Through all of this nightmare of a spring Chicago has pretty much missed every big snow while those north, south, east, and west have cashed in. Maybe this is what'll take to get to sunny and 75.
  3. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Here ya go Mother Nature.
  4. April 12th-15th Winter Storm

    April 13-14, 1961. Why not?
  5. April 12th-15th Winter Storm

    April special in Chicago. Severe to snow.
  6. April 8th-9th "winter" storm?

    Well we finally made up for the Chritmas eve fiasco that was basically 8:1 at 15 degrees.
  7. April 8th-9th "winter" storm?

    ^ can play Tuesday in 45 with some sun. Been a brutal spring, but me thinks I'm seeing my last flakes.
  8. April 8th-9th "winter" storm?

    What are the odds Cubs get the home opener in Monday?
  9. April 8th-9th "winter" storm?

  10. April 5-7 One-Two Punch Snow Systems

    Always love to watch the LOT AFD that follows Izzi's. Banana Split with Jalapeño versus vanilla. In this case the new guy gave us a saltine cracker to munch on.
  11. Winter ended on December 15th to some on here.
  12. April 8th-9th "winter" storm?

    Looking forward to being at Wrigley for the opener.
  13. March 23-24 Winter Storm

    Remember when I said "it'll be fun watching this storm even if it misses me?"...it's not.
  14. March 23-24 Winter Storm

    Should somebody check in on Beavis?