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  1. As I said yesterday my feeling was LOT was going to get burned twice. April 14th storm blew up, and this one in which they bit didn't get the rates. Really just verifies that April snowstorms are virtually impossible to peg. But to say, "nothing impressive" about this is incorrect. I have never seen a snow or a forecasted snow amount of this magnitude in my lifetime this late in the season.That's 57 years.
  2. Heavy Sleet. Have cleared the trees of snow twice already.
  3. really starting to pick up in intensity. Very similar to the 14th now.
  4. A lot of proms and first communions this weekend. And i thought my kids got tough weather for those events.
  5. Given the rarity of a mid-late April accumulating snowfall I feel bad for LOT. They did not buy into the 4/14 event and got burned a bit. Would not be surprised that as they buy in this time things don't pan out the same way. Luck of the draw I guess. Either way, this last two weeks is for the "winters over" crowd that posts on December 26.
  6. ^ could be argued that given the leafing of the trees the hazards of even a 2-4 " wet snow warrants such an alert given projected wind speeds.
  7. based on RC's 1:14 aviation update I'm not sure they are going to completely bite on some of these model amounts. They still seemed more focused on the heaviest along the state line.
  8. LOT must have summoned RC for the special mid range AFD becasue he did so well on the April 14 event. Nice and fun discussion as always.
  9. Baum

    April 14-15 Snow Potential

    Like a mid January snow...decent backwash snows putting down a new layer of white. BTW...I never trust the Chicago measurements esp. after the terrible job they did on this storm..the night crew for Friday, Saturday particularly struggled. If only they had rode the forecast and trends they were given by the afternoon shift. But not making changes once it was clear what was going on today was really bizarre.