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  1. I could be wrong. But I don't think he was a big fan of one of our non-weather threads. But his weather site still seems to be on going...so hopefully all is well. And hopefully just took his wares elsewhere....
  2. LOT's call for mid 70's here today looks like a miss. Clouding over now so not as nice a day as expected. See the chances for showers next two days have increased as well. But that's a needed caveat.
  3. this comes to mind: https://worldhistoryproject.org/1987/8/13/the-chicago-flood-of-1987
  4. Rumor has it getting the poke pretty much guarantees you will receive no snows in excess of 10 inches for a decade. Courage exemplified.
  5. ^I use to follow Cohen, but as much as he comes off as a pattern recognition met, he can flip on a dime if models switch. And a coolish late May early June is hardly news. Summer never hits for good in these parts until mid June. Though, based on general thought I'd hoped for a Phoneix, AZ type late May. Probably another case of delayed not denied.
  6. I'm starting to worry this thread might die. Despite the mod's best efforts.
  7. I personally enjoy it. But we all know the new posting for Independence Day is wrong. It should show a fire symbol with "Dust Bowl" italicized. And a footnote saying thunderstorms in the midwest are a thing of the past.
  8. was this post clipped from 1999?
  9. yup. Not a bad evening. Based on forecasts today was thinking this was going to be a nightmare for early May. Ended up with a fire on the patio as the winds faded and the sun shone brightly. Nice surprise.
  10. the palm dude might have screwed us with this thread. But honestly, any moisture is good at this point. Ready for 90's memorial day weekend.
  11. This is a serious weather board. You must have stumbled in from Romper room.
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