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  1. The better half is second grade school teacher. She's looking forward to going back. She understands that there is some risk of the staff contracting the virus. Less chance of the children becoming seriously ill. The hope is the measures put in place; distancing,masks, temp checks, open air classes when possible minimize those risks. She believes remote learning for elementary school and special ed levels is something that does not work. Her time in the spring spent via remote learning and class prep and teacher/parent/student communication even with maximum effort has left students a half year behind compared to where they would be. She knows the children that are coming in this fall will not be as prepared they normally would be. In the end, she feels the children's need to learn in as normal a classroom setting outweighs the risks that surely exist. Personal note. I commend her courage, and am proud of her.
  2. actually is going to end up a beautiful stretch of mid summer weather.
  3. if that. More like a 1 day dewpoint wave. Not going to get that 5 day 94-98 degree run I was hoping for this summer it appears. 4th of July weekend might be our peak length heat run.
  4. This is actually looking more like continuation of the warm/humid period we have been in for several weeks with a uptick in dews over the weekend. 80's with humidity and the potential for a storm now and than isn't terrible July weather.
  5. Can you post some studies regarding these longer term effects: cases, specific medical studies discussing causes and frequency? I have seen references to this before, but it certainly not something that is discussed often when referring to this virus. Wife will be a returning "in class"teacher this fall for second graders so any info from trusted medical sources would be a great help. Thanks.
  6. one day like yesterday was enough. Not the kind of heat I enjoy.
  7. ^ interesting case, though I suggest challenging the legality of wearing the masks maybe harder to argue given the conflicting information initially brought forth regarding it's ability to stop the spread even from Dr. Fauci and the CDC among others before reversing course. This confusion did not help. That said, I've been wearing a mask in closed quarters around folks since early April. I view it as a courtesy to others whether it is useful or not. There are folks out and about who have literally been paralyzed by fear. If I can help ease that a bit I'm all for it. Hard to believe the mask thing became a political football. Here is some more analysis on the case which was a great item to inject into the debate: "Those who pose a risk to the community can be required to submit to compulsory measures for the common good. The control measure itself, however, should not pose a health risk to its subject. Justice Harlan emphasized that Henning Jacobson was a “fit person” for smallpox vaccination, but he asserted that requiring a person to be immunized who would be harmed is “cruel and inhuman in the last degree.” Baseball in less than a week. So there's that.
  8. ^ ugh. a thundershower around breakfast and than clouds to spoil the heat. Hoping this thing is racing so it maintains some intensity and than clears MBY.
  9. ^ yep. was hoping for several days of 100 degree heat indices with a daily derecho..ala 4th of July 2012.......
  11. trending warmer it seems.
  12. Garden variety boomer. Won't have to water the flowers for the second day in a row,
  13. I'm banking on Hot. NW and stronger for the ridge.
  14. Rumor has it this period is not looking as toasty.