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  1. radar looks nice. Perfect timing on the season's first real event. Coming down nicely.
  2. Perfect for the kick off of Holiday season if you can't get a blizzard. Tree goes up tonight. Be nice to wake up to a coating of white for a nice setting. Good timing to say the least.
  3. agreed. trends are made to be broken.
  4. El nino years many times do have a good start in December but by Christmas it's game over. Per NOAA:"El Niño means The Little Boy or Christ child in Spanish. This name was used for the tendency of the phenomenon to arrive around Christmas. " and so might the winter of '23-'24.
  5. so we can skip the December thread this year?
  6. as they say....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. Rumor had it we were going to have a cold Thanksgiving. 42 and sunny is the current call.
  8. oddly, I drove I-80 to NYC this week. It seemed like most areas were pretty much bare except for our area.
  9. at my age I'm screwed regardless. Though I did live though the "new "ice age. It came in 1979 and ended less than a year later in October of 1980. Truly, something to have experienced.
  10. the process maybe to slow for us to fully enjoy it in our time.
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