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  1. no this isn't that. These are the typical 17 year. I saw a posting on twitter showing they are signs they will show 4 years early in N. Ill/NW Ind.
  2. off topic. Why are the cicada's out. My hostas are covered. I didn't think this was the year?
  3. Yup. I've had duck families in my backyard pond each of the past 3 Mays. But, I don't have a pond.
  4. ORD shows 92 again. What's with being 4-5 degrees warmer there versus neighboring sites all of a sudden? Happend the other day also.
  5. Garden variety storm here. Cells sort of split us. Sun breaking back out.Bring on the warmth and humidity now....
  6. No viewpoint on this one way or the other, just another point to add to educating ourselves on the topic:
  7. DVN office at least called this nightmare early on, LOT was far too optimistic since last Sunday. In truth, if you know our climo tendencies this wasn't a surprise. In fairness, cloudy and 60 in late May just puts me in a bad a normal year.
  8. send it this way.....
  9. sorry, if you were for it but I'm good. Can you tell me how the back end of may looks?
  10. Sunny and 55 on Saturday doesn't sound too bad for early May. Here is hoping after mid next week we can bring on a sustained period of decent spring weather,
  11. Than there is this idiot: