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  1. local met in chitown buying in a bit. and this guy is fairly conservative...just to throw some more gas on the embers.....
  2. It doesn't snow in Indianapolis. Easy toss.
  3. I'm much more a guy that's worried about 1-2" snow rates in Burlington,Iowa headed east-northeast into my neck of the woods in the next 3 hours versus what's happening in the Gulf of Alaska. I'm just not into the long game.
  4. The flip to cold and snowy right around the holidays, after a mild November and early December, is always a good thing.
  5. rockin the AC on November 10. This is a good sign for the upcoming winter.
  6. I like my long range maps to show "Possible Blizzard" over my area especially on holidays. A cold front doesn't do it for me.
  7. A new study just released yesterday regarding the particle size of the virus if folks are so inclined. Apologies if it was previously posted. My understanding is the particle size is relevant to the importance of mask wearing. Others here I'm sure are more schooled than I to it's relevance. Just trying to add to reasonable debate.
  8. for this board, despite this particular thread "Dust in the Wind" maybe more fitting.
  9. when do we begin the record breaking October heat wave thread?
  10. worth the read out of Japan.