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  1. just need enough to keep me from having to water the plants myself.
  2. Lush spring, no question. Been awhile. Shame about the cicada thing.
  3. isn't that slightly above normal for Chicago area?
  4. First, I prefer a warm spring.Second, I do believe up until several years ago the largest accumulating snow in Chicago was April 14,1961. Not sure exact, but I do believe that has been surpassed twice in the last decade. All that said, if I can get it even to me more like Knoxville around here I'm all for it in my time.
  5. Not sure about seasonal anomalies,records and stats- I go more by what I see. First cut of the lawn was mid April which was about normal. Snowflakes on or around opening day. Had to cover the hostas and up coming plants last week due to potential freeze which is typical. Would not be surprised to see another before were clear for the season-hoping not as I would prefer the warmth but I know how things roll around here. No question it was a non winter.
  6. live look at CC (wo) man come August. Note: some may find this content hot or offensive.
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