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  1. radar looks nice. Perfect timing on the season's first real event. Coming down nicely.
  2. Perfect for the kick off of Holiday season if you can't get a blizzard. Tree goes up tonight. Be nice to wake up to a coating of white for a nice setting. Good timing to say the least.
  3. agreed. trends are made to be broken.
  4. El nino years many times do have a good start in December but by Christmas it's game over. Per NOAA:"El Niño means The Little Boy or Christ child in Spanish. This name was used for the tendency of the phenomenon to arrive around Christmas. " and so might the winter of '23-'24.
  5. so we can skip the December thread this year?
  6. as they say....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. Rumor had it we were going to have a cold Thanksgiving. 42 and sunny is the current call.
  8. oddly, I drove I-80 to NYC this week. It seemed like most areas were pretty much bare except for our area.
  9. at my age I'm screwed regardless. Though I did live though the "new "ice age. It came in 1979 and ended less than a year later in October of 1980. Truly, something to have experienced.
  10. the process maybe to slow for us to fully enjoy it in our time.
  11. snow on Halloween is never a good sign longer term.
  12. LOT just referred to a band of showers coming through in mid October in it's AFD as :A "MANITOBA MAULER" . I always viewed it in a different light. (as something that is a quick hitting snow and wind event in winter not a October rainshower)
  13. nice 5 am soaker with flashes and booms. Always enjoyable.
  14. warm September's make for one of the best months of the year...if you enjoy warm and tranquil... as the sun sets on another summer.
  15. Heat when the kids head back to school and in early September has always been a thing, Just like a stretch of 80's in October. A period of 70's near Turkey day. The good news Sun is tempered quite a bit already versus June and July. Now if the angle of the sun begins to increase after Labor day that's a concern.
  16. Yup. Bought some ice cold Hamms beer from the land of sky blue waters to drink and put on my fore head while sitting outside a bit later. My idea of how to shed a few pounds. Love it.
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