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  1. Houston is just a magnet for heavy rain from tropical systems. The 10-12" max rainfall in the last 18 hours just happens to be in SW Harris County.
  2. Obviously can't be sure, but usually once you start getting cold fronts into the Gulf it usually means the end of the season there.
  3. Looks like we finally have a bit of a quiet period coming up, thankfully. MDR season might be about over. Probably have an uptick in activity early October, my guess is the Gulf might be about done for the year (hopefully).
  4. Am guessing the expectation is drier air will cut down on the precip?
  5. Really need a backup list of names that is used in this case. Some of the later Greek letters sound a lot alike also, Zeta, Eta, Theta, would be rather confusing if those storms were active at the same time. When 2005 happened, people assumed having that many storms would not repeated any time in the near future.
  6. Ophelia went extratropical 9-12 hours before hitting Ireland. Vince in 2005 was downgraded to a TD just before landfall in Spain.
  7. I agree technically its worthy of classification, just figured they would add this as unnamed STS post-season
  8. Shocked they bothered naming this....literally about to make landfall
  9. Generally it seems this will stay weak, Biggest concern would be stalling near a populated area on the TX coast.
  10. SST's in the Mediterranean Sea in that area are about 28C. Certainly warm enough to support a TC. Some of these type of stormed have formed in the winter months, with lower SST's than usually required for Tropical Cyclones. In many ways like 2005's Hurricane Epsilon, with colder temps along likely allowing for their formation. These storms (like Epsilon) often show eye features at lower wind speeds than seen in deeper warm core systems.
  11. Wind damage is going to be worse that normal for the landfall speed. Combination of intensifying storm and slow movement. Getting reports of both wind and surge damage in in coastal Alabama, including Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Pensacola getting whacked. Combination of east eyewall, surge and freshwater flooding.
  12. Will still take 2-3 more hours for the center across the coast. Euro was too slow for sure.
  13. Very heavy rain bands occurring in Ft. Walton/Destin area 2.68" last hour at Hulburt Field, 5.32" in 3 hours.
  14. I think people in Gulf Shores to Pensacola are getting a bit more than they were expecting. Instead of a borderline cat 1 you have a slow moving borderline cat 3. Plus the excessive rainfall to boot.
  15. 1208 AM FLOOD PENSACOLA NAS 30.35N 87.32W 09/16/2020 ESCAMBIA FL TRAINED SPOTTER 18.25IN OF RAIN AT NAS PENSACOLA. REPORTED BY A TRAINED SPOTTER. With the surge, that water is not going to drain either.