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  1. 2" here in Maynard. Just NW of the main band it appears
  2. I am sure many of the missing are with relatives, etc. It can take a few days to track everyone down/confirm they are OK. AFAIK only 11 deaths have been reported in Dawson Springs so far. It would be very fortunate if it remains that low. Town has ~2500 people and took a direct hit.
  3. https://twitter.com/bclemms/status/1469815153780793347 Footage of Dawson Springs, KY. pop ~2500. Also hit directly by the long track tornado that hit Mayfield. High end damage.
  4. Time of the year is hampering recovery work some due to limited daylight available compared to typical springtime events. Some of these locations, like the candle factory in Mayfield, are just too dangerous to work in at night.
  5. Wonder how far is was continuously on the ground for. Surveys will be able to tell whether is briefly cycled at some point or not. without a doubt will be a an (in)famous long track tornado.
  6. Sounds like the Bowling Green tornado went from Moss Creek Ave area NW toward WKU/Bypass in center of city.
  7. Sounds like the 50 number so far is for all of KY. Unfortunately that number is likely to go up. Mayfield and Bowling Green both took direct hits from violent tornadoes.
  8. There is a chance it went mostly south of Hayti (hopefully).
  9. Lots of blocked catch basins with all the leaves on the ground. Had to take a couple of short detours on my way home.
  10. down to 50k out, looks like almost all will have it back by tonight.
  11. 500k outages. I know Irene and Halloween Snow had 600k+ with most of those outages in both those cases being in the interior.
  12. Winds have started to come down, outages still rising a bit 475k now. 75%+ of Plymouth County is out.
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