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  1. Keeping an eye on the dews here in Fayetteville... temp of 39 but a dewpoint of 22 with moderate rain about to move in... could see some impressive evaporational cooling. (At least I can dream right )
  2. Ive been a mainly lurker on the forum for almost ten years now and just dropped in to say howdy neighbor . (I live on Wildflower)
  3. Looks like storm cycled just west of joplin
  4. Several mature supercells to watch as we approach the timeframe outlined per spc
  5. Still fairly broad rotation, small cell to its south but sometimes when these thing consolidate you see a really rapid uptick in rotation so it will be interesting to see this play out
  6. Longggg time lurker, first time poster, decided to join in on the fun this year. If I was chasing today I would be watching the developing shower/cell near cherryvale. Very near the intersection of the wf and a boundary visible on radar that runs roughly west of Tulsa to near Independence