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  1. Yes that is was what I was saying.
  2. Severe studios cam there was that elevation and was submerged pretty early on.
  3. Makes no sense with strong onshore winds still
  4. New eyewall is starting to contract some in size radar.
  5. Harvey also pulled up a very quick ERWC and if I remember correctly never had any pressure rise during the process. The radar loop from that is very similar to the current one Ian is doing.
  6. Looks like the moat has really filled in and don’t see the secondary wind max on velocities anymore, thinking whatever attempt we were getting at an ERWC has been aborted for now.
  7. This storm has a pretty spectacular satellite presentation for its current intensity.
  8. Pretty crazy how the one big burst of convection completely changed the IR presentation of the storm.
  9. Going to be quite the race today to see if this is classified. Just based on satellite presentation right now I’d be betting it does.
  10. I’ve seen a lot uglier systems than that classified
  11. Massive wall cloud on that cell south of Tecumseh on Koco
  12. Boy looks like the Seminole storm is cycling up to drop a big one. Lots of damage in Seminole on news 9.
  13. The storm SE of OKC looks like it’s latched on to the warm front and could probably use a TW as well ETA: There it is
  14. You have to get DEEP south to get the climate you’re describing. I lived in Fayetteville, Ar for I while, would be my ideal climate. Averages 4 degrees warmer than Indy during the summer months but 10 degrees warmer during the winter, with all 4 seasons and multiple chances for snow every year.
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