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  1. Pretty incredible radar presentation right now
  2. Looks like we may be getting an attempt to clear out the eye as well
  3. To me, it looks like Idalia still doesn’t have most of its energy focused around the eyewall and think we need to see that bigger outer band really contract before we see winds increase and pressures start dropping. All the feeder bands are currently working into this band rather than the inner eyewall.
  4. Looking at radar it looks like we are about to have our first fully closed eye shortly.
  5. Originally posted in the wrong thread but the low over florida has clearly moved into a better position to provide some ventilation to the northeast
  6. Idalia has had a really hard time actually wrapping feeder bands into the center of the system
  7. Storm has wrapped convection all the way around the circulation including the ups head side, not convinced it’s not off to the races
  8. Radar looks like it’s definitely attempting to wrap thunderstorms on the up shear side of the storm
  9. Finally seeing really intense sustained convection over the center of the storm
  10. Not sure if the llc is feeling the effects of the deeper convection to the east or what but it’s getting pulled that direction in a hurry on visible
  11. Very obvious on visible there is an LLC somewhere over the channel
  12. Looks like there another aircraft en route, should be great timing to capture whatever peak this thing is going for after the ERWC. Looks great on sat.
  13. Pretty apparent outflow boundary from the ongoing storms on visible. Surface obs showing north winds behind the boundary, could focus convergence as the warm front continues lifting north.
  14. Going to be an area to watch for any residual boundaries this afternoon
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