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  1. Thats not a big surge in Florida. Its a big surge in cases that consisted of variants as a percent of total cases.
  2. Starting to think it never actually "warms up" in the Midwest. Going to be heading back into fall before we know it.
  3. I shouldn’t have to break down every single post for you Barney style to keep you from misinterpreting or misdirecting what I am saying. Which is the vast majority of mainstream is left leaning and uses the exact same tactics the article you keep talking about does. Do I need to post the CNN director video for you? And, I specifically said the “rest of the world” as a counter to what’s happening to India, is there a way I can’t say that so it’s more clear to you? I don’t need a lecture from you about centrism when every single post you make includes some underhanded shot at dipshits on the other side of the aisle from you. Which I have said, over and over, I am not.
  4. Almost like the far left media (so basically, the media) leading the public to believe the pandemic in the rest of the world is far deadlier/more severe than it actually is.
  5. Some of the worlds biggest slums too. The perfect place for a virus to go crazy.
  6. Fair, just the first one that came to mind.
  7. I'm going to make one of those that says "when you get shot in chicago" and the picture collage will be mugshots and see if you guys still think its funny.
  8. Im with you here, if people havent realized the media sensationalizes headlines and stretches the truth for clicks I dont know what to say
  9. How’re those states doing with Covid numbers right now
  10. There's no "fringe groups controlling the narrative", there's media using inflammatory language to get clicks and engagement.
  11. My (natural gas companies) in house meteorologists are thinking a hot summer right now, I think based primarily on 2011 analog. Haven’t bought in to that yet, probably because I hate hot summers
  12. Had any thoughts about leaving during all of this?
  13. Smear for what? They're doing better than a lot of places and are more open than a lot of places... that fact just makes some people's heads explode.
  14. With roughly twice as many total (confirmed) covid cases for covid, you’re more likely to be hospitalized but half as likely to die? Seems less dangerous than the flu to me?