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  1. vogelhund

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Please take your Josh **** to banter.
  2. vogelhund

    January 22-23 Storm Threat

    The Bolaris Storm of the Century.
  3. here is a nice image http://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-72.45,33.48,1059
  4. vogelhund

    Vendor forecast thread

    DT is all in.
  5. vogelhund

    E PA/NJ/DE/Okle: Banter/Non Storm OBS thread

    $102.00 electric bill today. I can afford to go to the beach this weekend!
  6. vogelhund

    March 6-7 Winter Storm Threat

    Yes, winter is over. It's going down to 6* Fahrenheit tonight nimrod.
  7. 13" in Perkasie 32* Drizzle, Not freezing
  8. Just plain old dumping on us in Perkasie.
  9. Puking Snow Here in Perkasie 27* 10.0"
  10. vogelhund

    Delaware River freeze watch

    When they take the red flag down and put the green one up.
  11. vogelhund

    January 2-3 Winter Storm Potential

    talking about what?
  12. vogelhund

    Tropical Thread 2013

    I'm heading to Tampa Bay on October 10 for the Eagles and a little R&R. Whats the long range tropical forcast say??