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  1. 2.56 inches is my total. Hoping for some flurries or snow showers a little later. Merry Christmas!
  2. We ran a lot of calls those couple of weeks from the blizzard to flooding.
  3. I can remember doing a water rescue down around Cargill. Helicopter trying to get people off there roof, and huge ice chunks floating by. Not sure if you were on duty that day.
  4. Yea..southeast Jefferson, northeast Oswego and central Lewis county is by far snow heaven.
  5. Redfield is really just a reference point for nws to use.If you go around 6 or so miles north of Redfield that's were the big totals start to show. I'm not saying the town does not get a lot of snow, just saying the big totals are usually a short distance north.
  6. Yea, Barnes corners is a great area, but just a few miles south of there is even better. Regardless its way better than what we get around here.
  7. If you ever see place on townline rd or bice rd for sale buy It! That area is probably the best on the Tug. I've been all over that hill and that area is by far the best location.
  8. Yep...I stay at cabin 2 miles from worth.I have been going up there for over 15 years. Last year was the least I ever saw snow depth wise. Only 28 inches. Worth gets hit on just about every wind direction. It will improve going forward up there after Christmas.
  9. I'm gonna be there from December 30 to January 7. It's looking better after this mess.
  10. Christmas eve is looking downright ugly. From winter storm warnings last week to possible flood watches and flood warnings this week. Oh well a lot of Winter to go. It just sucks there has to be a huge rainstorm for Christmas eve. It looks like Maytown will be sitting by the ac vent Christmas eve.
  11. Better hope for a slow thaw. All that water up north has to come down the Susquehanna.
  12. Storm total 11.2. Over an inch of sleet in that toatal.That sleet was not our typical sleet. It was almost a dry sleet. It added up nice. My highest hourly rate was 2.3 inches. If we wouldn't have mixed we probably would have ended with15 or more around here. On to the next!