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  1. You don’t even need to go out to day ten. Just go out a day most times and it’s terrible. I have kept count before and it really is ridiculous! I think it is a couple hour fix for the weenies, until they get to the next model run!
  2. The last good poster in here I remember leaving was Jamieo. I believe that was for different reasons. I am speaking for the whole board.
  3. I also believe some of the crazy weenies have chased some good posters away.
  4. I believe a person can be too optimistic as well. Sometimes they are much worse than the debs!
  5. So your saying the ones who did not chase unicorns, should stay away when there is a real threat?
  6. Could not agree more. Last weekend the wife and I took a 45 minute walk and it was 16 below. It felt great to be out in that. If you dress for it, you will be fine. The people in Alaska do it every year.
  7. Yea...a lot people just like snow and not the cold. How the hell does that even work? Give me snow and cold!
  8. Excellent post!! If we could pin a post, this would be the one! Bubbler for president.
  9. A winter like this one makes you appreciate the good ones. If you ask me we have been quite spoiled here in the lsv. God forbid we have multiple winters in a row like this! I think some of the younger crowd would have a full meltdown.
  10. It does feel good! Sometimes you just need to let go!
  11. Hell...you could have said most of the Winter. Imagine the responses you would have received.
  12. How can you talk about snow?..when there is none to talk about.
  13. Good for you! I can't even call it a cold rain here. I have 43 and sprinkles