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  1. If anyone one on here is thinking frost and cold to settle in, then they are in for a huge letdown. If your expecting more typical fall weather then you should be happy. Reds and oranges at 500 does not always indicate heat. Surface temps can be quite different. Which you have already explained.
  2. Could not agree more! It is really going to feel great.
  3. It also drops between two and three inches of rain over most of the area Tuesday into Wednesday.
  4. We will see some warm days but persistent warmth is looking less and less likely. After tomorrow's heat I think most of us on here will be happy.
  5. The highest temperature I see on the 00z Euro next week is on Monday. It has mdt reaching 70. The rest of the week is below that. The gfs is cooler than euro. Not a bad fall week at all. We should see some rain as well.
  6. Yes sir...We are starting to see some good signs that this endless summer is coming to an end.
  7. The Euro ops goes to October 4th and yes most of next week is a torch. The eps goes out to October 9th and not as torchy towards the end of its run. Gfs definitely cools us down in the long range.
  8. Absolutely! A/C until November 30th. Buried alive December 1st.
  9. Blizz already posting snow maps in September! Dear god help us!
  10. I had a low of 43 this morning. Now we embrace summer again.
  11. Yes... I'm not worrying about warm weather this time of year. Give me a good pattern when it counts. Don't get me wrong I would prefer it much cooler but I'm not sweating it right now. Definitely a warm period coming up but some models are backing off on a on endless heat.
  12. Haha! Very true. I am looking at it this way, let us bake until mid November. After that let Winter begin and last until April.
  13. 12z Euro 2m temps. Saturday 87 Sunday 89 Monday 92 Tuesday 88 Wednesday 96 These temperatures are for MDT. Rainfall looks next to nothing. Hopefully Euro is wrong!
  14. Not to sure of your location but central and eastern pa will receive the most benefits from this front. A nice easterly flow off the Atlantic. Southwest pa will see the least amount of cooling from the front. To answer your question overnight. From northeast to southwest. If the gfs is right we might see some decent relief middle of next week and beyond. Euro is different with tropical weather just off the coast and less of a cooldown.
  15. I had some loud thunder around 2:30 this morning. It looks like I picked up 0.48" from it.