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  1. This is crazy. Eventually everything will have to open. So when it does will you still be held responsible even then? So if I get covid in Maryland come back to pa and infect someone I may be in trouble, but if I’m from pa and infect someone from pa I’m fine. Is the covid in Maryland a different strain?
  2. I'm not downplaying flakes or even a heavier snow shower between Friday night or Saturday in lsv. I'm just not buying some of the snowfall maps that have been posted for our area.
  3. Rain changing to snow in May is going to be difficult for us in lsv. That is even difficult in January sometimes. I'm sure for some up north they will see an accumulating snowfall. It seems the trend this year was to have the cold chase precip. It would be nice to have cold air in place before the precip moves in.
  4. Picked up .38" of rain yesterday. For those who have been disgusted with the weather lately, should step outside today and suck up there vitamin D. What a perfect spring day.
  5. At least it won't kick on at the end of the week when it turns colder. You will be able to save some money.
  6. This summer when there is no current snow maps to post will you be posting maps from the past? There is nothing like looking at a snow map when it's 100 degrees and a dewpoint of 80. Maybe I'm the one who turned a new leaf. Lol!
  7. I have a temp of 71 here and dewpoint of 52. Overcast and a nice breeze.
  8. Yea...It's looking downright cold for this time of the year. Some people are not going to be happy at all.
  9. Where is Blizz with the snow maps? This is truly disappointing!
  10. It shows where the heavier area of precip was, but does not show correct observations they sent out in there statement.
  11. I ended with 2.54". Looking at the public information statement parts of Lancaster county had the highest totals in the state.
  12. It has been a real struggle to get the heavier rain into central and eastern Lancaster county.
  13. 2.09" and raining hard. I should have no problem hitting 2.5" or more.
  14. I never really looked into it. There is something that enhances rainfall and thunderstorms seem to intensify as they move over York and Lancaster counties. I wish I could say the same for snow.
  15. This is what I was talking about earlier. A lot of times the heavy rain sets up over parts of York and Lancaster counties.