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  1. 12z Euro 2m temps. Saturday 87 Sunday 89 Monday 92 Tuesday 88 Wednesday 96 These temperatures are for MDT. Rainfall looks next to nothing. Hopefully Euro is wrong!
  2. Not to sure of your location but central and eastern pa will receive the most benefits from this front. A nice easterly flow off the Atlantic. Southwest pa will see the least amount of cooling from the front. To answer your question overnight. From northeast to southwest. If the gfs is right we might see some decent relief middle of next week and beyond. Euro is different with tropical weather just off the coast and less of a cooldown.
  3. I had some loud thunder around 2:30 this morning. It looks like I picked up 0.48" from it.
  4. Just had a nice 30 second downpour here. Really looking forward to our one day of comfortable temperatures on Friday.
  5. Yea...I’m hard to please when it comes to temps. 80 to 85 degree temps with low humidity just doesn’t cut it for me in September. Maybe in July or August.
  6. You will have many of those. I was thinking temps in the 60s to low 70s.
  7. If you are looking for a good fall pattern, just close your eyes and go to sleep for a couple weeks. Even that might not be enough time.
  8. I'll take this weather anytime in September. Next Wednesday and Thursday temperatures could get close to 90.
  9. I only picked up 0.06" here. Glad to see Harrisburg get some action.
  10. Good to see you back!
  11. Yea the 12z euro doesn’t really show a nice cool down until late next week.
  12. I had a low of 53 this morning. Only 29 days until fall starts.
  13. Wow! It seems like there is a stop sign at the river lately.
  14. Just had some pea size hail and very heavy rain. It looks like more storms coming behind that cluster.
  15. This heat feels fake. Not enough humidity!