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  1. Spring 2018

    Northernchateau "base camp" And here you have the Tug Hill! It makes our weather seem like true Spring.
  2. Spring 2018

    Yea... nice extended Winter. Only five more months until fall!
  3. Spring 2018

    I had a storm total of 2.04" of rain.
  4. Spring 2018

    I agree way too hot. I'm just glad it is only for a couple days. It looks like we head back below normal after our rainstorm.
  5. Spring 2018

    All will be forgotten on Friday. The 12z nam has us approaching 80 on Friday afternoon!
  6. Spring 2018

    Lol!! I was thinking about that earlier. At least we are seeing snowfall with this, much better than the weekend disaster!
  7. Spring 2018

    I'm just staring out the window watching the snow fall, and thinking this can't be April 9th.
  8. Spring 2018

    Monday's system still has plenty of time to change. Not sure if it will be better or worse. The one thing I don't like is the cold is kinda blah. 850s might say it's cold enough, but many other layers too warm. Get a stronger storm and good track with a better high placement then maybe. Even then I would favor mostly north and west of lsv.
  9. Spring 2018

    For the Monday and Tuesday storm the euro has a low off the North Carolina coast moving out to sea. We get some light precip, nothing exciting.
  10. Spring 2018

    Cmc gets good precip into our, then slams sne. Euro not out far enough yet.
  11. Spring 2018

    Not sure if anyone cares, but Euro is basically a non event.
  12. Spring 2018

    I was really hoping someone in the south would make out with this, but right now that is fading fast.
  13. Spring 2018

    12z gfs is nothing but a strong cold front. Some light snow and flurries in the air.
  14. Spring 2018

    Agree... February was a disaster! It was not a start to finish Winter, but most years are not. I say overall it was a decent Winter.
  15. Spring 2018

    From my point of view we have had a good snow year. Most of us are above climo. I know Williamsport and State College area are below normal, hopefully next year they cash in! Just two weeks ago I had an 18 inch snowstorm in late March! I guess what I'm trying to say if it ends today I will be fine with what I got this year. If the snow gods want to give us more then that would make me even happier.Lol!