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  1. Agree 100%! One of the first things I look for in the morning is his post down there. The guy should be a red tagger!
  2. That’s a lot of white over the area. If only that meant snow.
  3. 281 days 13 hours and 31 minutes. And counting!
  4. Only 191 days, 18 hours and 11 minutes until fall. And counting! We are getting there.
  5. Maybe some flurries for you and I. It has some very light precip to our north.
  6. That had to be the most boring Euro run of the Winter. If it is right we will definitely dry out the next 10 days. Maybe we can hope for a fluke late month or early April.
  7. Yes have been there. It is really beautiful but it is just too damn hot and humid in the summertime. I will have to try 81 for something different next time we go.
  8. Ah nice, the wife and travel to Port Richey every other to visit her parents. The drive is brutal.
  9. Bubbler where in Florida do you travel to?
  10. I really lost interest about a week ago. It might still come around but I'm not holding my breath. Edit: Not a week but definitely last 4 to 5 days.
  11. It would be even more attractive if it was just off the east coast!
  12. 12 Euro shows just about nothing for the east coast next week. Central Florida gets some good rains. Flow is just too progressive.
  13. I thought he moved to northern Virginia.