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  1. Snow two days in a row in mid March, what more could you ask for. Hopefully this year we get a couple more events into April!
  2. Oh man that's the only thing it's good for.
  3. Heavy sleet falling.
  4. Good morning!!! I'm sure we'll ping, but I think will hit double digits easy.
  5. Coming down good. Just measured a little over 7 inches.
  6. That sleet is coming north too fast for my liking. Hope it stops soon.
  7. Good work Nut you covered them all. You got to be worn out. Lol
  8. Good lord the para NAM through 36 hours is really juiced!!
  9. Matt (Allweather) see you lurking here any thoughts on this? Could use a Mets input.
  10. Agree. Good post
  11. I might be wrong, but I think you will do very well. I would not get upset over GFS amounts.
  12. Yea...This is starting to come together nicely.
  13. I see nothing wrong with the NAM. It's doing what it normally does. Try not to pick out a certain area with precipitation totals. Look at whole picture. A lot of PA is in for good storm.
  14. Lol! It's going to be struggle tomorrow at work. I'm so glad I have off Tuesday.