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  1. I think Friday may be the best shot at 100. Get some downsloping and some drying of the air I think we may have a shot. It really doesn't matter add moisture and temperatures are a tad lower but it feels worse. Bring on fall!
  2. 2.95 in the gauge today.
  3. I find myself very lucky working in 30 degree temperatures twelve hours a days. It makes summer a lot easier!
  4. Then you might be in full bitch and complain mode late next week! Euro has us in the mid 90s with dewpoints in the low to mid 70s. Maybe some tropical remnants late next week as well.
  5. Yea...four miles to my southwest received over two inches of rain.
  6. I've been in the mid 70s all afternoon after a morning high of 87. Not much rain at all here.
  7. Any convection that fires today may produce a lot of rain. Pwats are very high and storm motion looks weak.
  8. It was an intense quick hitting storm. Just over an inch here. Typical summer weather so far this year. No extreme heat yet. Low 90s suck but it's been a lot worse in years past.
  9. I may hit 90 for the first time this year. Unless a storm pops up before that. One good thing it's only 86 days,15 hours and 25 minutes and counting until the first day of fall.
  10. Yea... I'm jealous! Did you get any video? Every storm has missed my area. I only picked up 0.35 over the last couple days.
  11. Yea... we might go from a few scattered showers to flood watches.
  12. Blizz I think we do have better chance next week. I think it is a low chance but it is our best shot. We still could see something out of this weeks event. I’m doubtful but it can happen.
  13. The gfs and the fv3 show a lot less precip. I hope the gfs is right. I don’t want the rain.
  14. 00z nam is a good 2 to 3+ inches of rain for most of eastern pa Thursday. If only we had good airmass.
  15. 18z Euro really increased rainfall amounts for Thursday and Thursday night. 1 to 2 inches over a good portion of the lsv.