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  1. Yea...I actually enjoy it. I only dislike it when we have a threat of t-storms. It sucks when you see storms firing over western pa, only to fizzle when they hit the cad over eastern pa.
  2. I believe that western and southwestern pa has the best shot at severe. They look to have the best cape. I believe the easterly flow in our area will limit any decent cape. We will be closer to the warm front so maybe a strong storm or two. Not an expert at all on severe weather, so hopefully Mag can chime in.
  3. I am at 1.17 since Monday. If I get under some of these localized downpours I might top two inches for the week.
  4. I was going to wait, but with all the rain coming this week I may do the same.
  5. Euro really coming in wet for the next 7 days.
  6. Yea crazy, weeds are really bad as well.
  7. Next week is looking really wet. Rain off and on throughout the week. I guess I will mowing next weekend.
  8. I didn't make the 80 club here. 78 for the high.
  9. Maybe if we all turn the a/c on It will make it snow Monday.
  10. Just flipped the switch. Too hot for this guy.
  11. You may not hit 80 but you should get close. Mid to upper 70s are a given.
  12. I'm not going to lie I downplay things at first, that is just my nature. This has my attention now!