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  1. I guess I’m just not good at reading the nam. I use it for temps and severe, but not much else. You guys are far better than me at this so maybe I should use it more. I will say I don’t model chase.
  2. Sure it has it’s good moments, but if you ask me it has far more bad. If the model works for you then all is good. I just look at it and move on.
  3. I think I’m being brainwashed in to believing the nam is great. I have to stop reading. lol!
  4. Ended with 3.0”. I need just 0.2 to hit 30”. Hopefully I can get that between now and April.
  5. 12z gfs says shit storm. 12z gfs para says nice clean snowstorm. edit: I’ll take the cmc for that one as well.
  6. Are being serious? I still have 3 to 4” snowpack. I have one bare spot around pine tree.
  7. This is what a lot of us have been looking for. Some big events mixed in with smaller ones. Day ten with 100% snow cover here. Enjoy!
  8. Oh my...bitter cold is fun for a little, but boring unless you live near the Great Lakes. Give me an active pattern with cold nearby any day.
  9. Ended with 2.8” this morning. Surface temps were meh. 26.8” ytd. The week ahead looks to be a snow weenie dream. Starting to get pumped!
  10. The next 10 to 14 days look like a lot of fun. Some waves we will win on and others not so much. Lots of pretty colors coming.
  11. Spring weather today. Snow depth now 5.8”. I’m thankful for the sleet and freezing rain from the last storm.
  12. December-11.8” January-5.2” February to date-7” ytd-24.0”
  13. Yea 6z showed that. Not sure about 12z para never updated for me.
  14. Yea I only received 1.2” overnight. You were most likely getting better snowfall rates last night.
  15. At least we know we have more chances after this one. Most times we we have a bleak outlook after a good storm.
  16. Yep. Snowing nicely here with very light radar returns. Keep us posted over in your area since our precip is coming from your direction.
  17. Haha! Storm total so far 11.1. I only have a snow depth of 10.4.
  18. Not sure where you are at in York county but here it is heavy snow with big flakes.
  19. This will be great 24 hours. Even if it’s light snow and flurries. If we get heavier banding even better.
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