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  1. This was outside of town out in the valley before dark. Lots of blowing and drifting. Most secondary roads/streets are still in pretty rough shape.
  2. The mean western ridge axis being approx near the West Coast certainly gives this a chance to get us in the thick of things if we can phase shortwaves. Euro does this most successfully while the GFS southern stream 500mb wave digs down more in the SW/slows down and missed interacting with the northern shortwave.
  3. Snowing and blowing as I’m back into some of the backend stuff. Probably been roughly an inch since this morning though it’s been blowing around so I’ll have to see if I can get a decent measurement. I picked a really good time to have an actual weather station. Some notables.. as I mentioned my pressure bottomed out near 981mb about 5am or so. Temps did edge above freezing from about 230-430am but only made it as high as 32.9ºF. High gust so far is 32mph, but this wind is just getting going.
  4. I think the more inside track of the low was what allowed the NAM to “nail” the warm surge since the low pressure ended up going right over my head. I bottomed out at 981mb this morning a few hours ago, probably the lowest MSLP around here since Hurricane Sandy. The low coming in this far really didn’t become evident on guidance until the near term yesterday since the consensus had generally been curling the rapidly deepening low into eastern PA, not dead center in the state. That was enough of a difference to not only allow a changeover to rain but also get some of the heavier rain and wind tapped down with the occluded frontal passage before the dry slot into the Sus Valley. NAM never really saw the half decent front end snows in the LSV until it was already happening. All models weren’t cold enough at the beginning of the storm either from the Laurels eastward in the state.
  5. There some regeneration of precip on radar down this way and it’s straight light freezing rain, so now the pack is crusted over already.
  6. Yea I think you guys will still salvage some more snow even though the best deform ended up NW of the city. It should still swing back through some as the storm lifts up out of central PA overnight and probably rebuild some. Definitely been a fascinating storm to watch.
  7. Temp is up to 28ºF now, pressure is DOWN to 987mb. Living the dry slot life currently.
  8. Also, here was a snow pic right at the sleet transition a bit ago. There actually had been some half decent drifting.
  9. CTP did hoist wind products (advisory for 15-25 gusts to 50mph) for good portion of the area in the wake of the system tomorrow and incorporated wind impact into the ongoing warning in the Laurel’s. Also didn’t completely rule out needing a blizzard warning there tomorrow either. Per short term portion of the discussion:
  10. That line could be the mechanism I mentioned yesterday that would be needed to tap the high low level winds and provide some semblance of the high surface wind gusts that models like the GFS have been showing a lot leading up to this. Will have to keep an eye on it the next couple hours to see what sneaks up into the LSV. Specifically this portion.
  11. Ping Ping. Going to be clearing boards at 5.2” so far. Sleet with 21ºF, winds NNE 7 G14, and pressure crashing now down under 996mb.
  12. Starting to flirt with the mixing zone on the CC product. Still all snow for now but will see when the next patch of brighter echoes get here shortly. HRRR has been pretty consistent on an approx 11pm transition to sleet here so that’s probably looking pretty good. Also starting to get near the dry slot as well, though I expect some rebuilding of echoes to a degree.
  13. Right around the 4” mark now, with moderate to heavy continuing. Temp has been rising but still in the teens (19.4ºF), Pressure down to 1002mb.
  14. One thing I’m noticing on the meso surface obs is that most ASOS stations have winds of a NE component to them in central/eastern PA, and even all the way down in all of Sterling’s CWA. So that’s likely to at least hold some surface cold for awhile. Sleet will probably be a more predominant mix type for a while after transistion as it will take some time to modify 925mb.
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