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  1. Spring 2018

    I can vouch for far western Cambria County having an inch or so this morning on the US 22 corridor at one of the high points (Chickaree Ridge). Nothing on the roads though despite it snowing pretty hard. Tuesday was a different story as there was snow on the roads up there that morning. The Laurel's have been something else this month.
  2. Spring 2018

    Some snowflakes mixing in with the lingering rain here. Couple 511 cams just up the mountain on US 22 showing a coating on the ground. It was nice knowing the brief two days of early summer warmth haha.
  3. Spring 2018

    The remaining snow earlier did start accumulating on all non paved surfaces as dusk rolled in. Variable accums from 0.6" on the deck and grass to 1.6" on the glass table and probably on the trees as well. I'll call it about an inch on average. Yet another spring event with mid-winter rated snow crystals. This stuff is sparkling dendrites and aggregates.
  4. Spring 2018

    Been snowing steadily for most of the afternoon. Accums have been mostly relegated to heavily shaded spots, sheltered pines, and some cold elevated surfaces. Deck is just wet, but the glass table on the deck has 0.8" of snow on it. Probably would have been a 2-3" type event if it had been night-time. All of this on a SE wind too, in April.... Heck of a way to run spring. I slept in Sat morning so I saw some of the shaded leftovers of Fri Night's snowfall when I woke up late morning. That one was likely a 0.5-1" or so event. Was in Cambria County today (next county over from me) and there was still thick patches of snow and plow piles in parking lots in Ebensburg from whatever amount they had Sat morning. It was likely of the several inch variety.
  5. Spring 2018

    Well I did my part to reel this storm back in. Snow tires are scheduled to get swapped off my car tomorrow for the regular ones. As much as I like tracking a good snowstorm, I'm def ready for things to break. But this is quite the cold, unsettled pattern whether we get another snow or not. Realistic chance that after we saw 75-80ºF+ in February we may not see it again til it's May.
  6. Spring 2018

    NAM 2m temps are in the mid-upper 20s while this is ongoing. Kuchera takes the warmest temp in the 500mb-surface part of the column and applies it to an equation to spit out the ratio.. so in this case the warmest temps would be at the surface and those kinds of temperatures with a spring storm is impressive. Even more impressive is the NAM's 850 temperatures.. at -6 to -10ºC in the region of C-PA where it's snowing.. in APRIL. That's also why the precip shield might have tightened up in this run.. this isn't no marginal sloppy wet snow look that's for sure. For instance the NAM has Harrisburg at 28-29ºF during the best precip (that's during the day mind you). Applying Kuchera to roughly -2ºC or 271K gives a ratio of 12:1. We've also seen in the last two events ratios that are greater than 10:1 even with having marginal at or near freezing surface temperatures. One has to remember the lifting processes that initiate snow growth go on higher up in the atmosphere, which is a bit of a drawback of the Kuchera. That method doesn't apply that stuff, which is why I don't like using it in marginal temp situations (with that said this does not looks like a marginal temp situation haha). If the rates are good and accumulations are established on the ground, you can get fluff bombed by the good flakes that pile up quickly even with marginal temps.
  7. Spring 2018

    With the Saturday event, the CMC is farther north with precip coverage and snow axis than the GFS is. The GFS brushes the PA/MD border with some accumulating snow but the axis of heaviest is through WV/MD/Northern VA/DC. A lot of the GFS accums come from that Tuesday one that it has, while the CMC's mostly comes from Saturday's storm (doesn't impact us with the second storm system). I'd concentrate on one storm at a time and specifically that Sat system for the potential to trend north into PA with possible impacts. Sidenote: While we're discussing/chasing our next prospective April snowfall.. there was some half decent thunderstorms that came through here earlier tonight.
  8. Spring 2018

    So that's pretty much 10 advisory or greater April events for H-Burg in the last 124 years (8% or 1 every 12.4 years). This pattern we're in gives a legitimate chance at 2 such events in the same year.
  9. Spring 2018

    This mornings event seems like it quietly ended up targeting our folks "living on the fringes"... with 5-7" reports being pretty common around the Centre region (State College and surrounding), 4-5" where 2001kx is and the same around IPT where the climo station there reported 4.6" this morning. It seems the more robust high res NAM/HRRR amounts and somewhat further north placement of the heavy snow axis won the day.
  10. Spring 2018

    Well not sure on an actual storm per say, but it looks to be a pretty robust shot of cold air coming in for the weekend. The potential weekend storm looks to be south currently, although the GFS eventually has a following system at the beginning of next week that appears to be snow producing. Details aside, certainly the moral of the story is that this pattern for at least the next 8-14 days is no where near a sustained springtime pattern.. and the potential is there within that pattern to produce yet another type of event like what just happened this morning. So we'll have to keep watching. Back on the weekend, there looks to be a frontal passage Fri-Fri night bringing in pretty impressive cold (for April). Low level lapses are progged to be pretty impressive, as you would figure on with the strong April sun and surface warming. Could be lots of snow showers/squalls around or even some kind of organized line of such things with the frontal passage. That might be what the models are trying to portray with the QPF across the state in that timeframe (roughly between 102-114).
  11. Spring 2018

    Went out to measure a bit ago and got 4.7" again so using that as the storm total here. That brings my seasonal total to 54.6", where 50-55" is roughly an average winter around here. Def a very impressive close out of winter (23.4" since March 1), as entering March getting to average was looking like a long shot.
  12. Spring 2018

    Just measured 4.7" and moderate snow ongoing. It's a heavy wet snow that's caked on everything.
  13. Spring 2018

    Continuing to pound snow outside... now past 2.5" and the streets are covered now as well. Looks pretty good up there, some of the 511pa cams are showing Atherton St starting to get covered.
  14. Spring 2018

    Heavy snow... past an inch already. Paved stuff still mostly wet.
  15. Spring 2018

    Well that didn't take long... Heavy snow and starting to accumulate (dusting)