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  1. Had at least dime sized hail or so here at home with the early afternoon storm, which eventually became the tornado warned storm in the next county over in Huntingdon. I was in State College at the time so I missed it. I've seen multiple pics/videos of accumulated hail out of that one in Huntingdon County...like this out of Alexandria, PA (Credit). Outside of the mini heat wave two weeks ago this has been a really unsettled and cool month.
  2. Definitely flood advisory worthy conditions around here this morning. Some small streams are out, poor drainage flooding, significant runoff, etc. This ended up being a pretty impressive rainstorm overnight into the first part of this morning. Oh yea, and here is that -NAO we were waiting for all winter.
  3. Probably windier here this afternoon than it was with those storms yesterday haha.
  4. The wind was mostly a non-issue around here with the line of severe storms but certainly a heavy rainfall with pretty robust runoff. The next valley over into NW Huntingdon County was a different story though. Apparently the wind got tapped down there.. as some spots were a bit of a wreck. Route 45 between Spruce Creek and Franklinville (roughly 20ish miles SW of State College) had multiple trees down. The one road that enters into Rothrock State Forest a couple miles north of the village of Spruce Creek had approx at my count 8 pines that were sheared by the winds (definitely straight line). One of the trees was a 75-100ft Hemlock tree. Fortunately none of the big Hemlocks around the place my family has down there across the creek from the state forest/picnic area got taken out.. cuz they likely would have hit the house. My lowball estimate on windspeed would be 60-70mph or so type winds. I didn't see the type of widespread downed trees on that Route 45 corridor that would indicate to me that the winds were much higher than that. Still though.. it was pretty notable.
  5. Just starting to get hit with this line of storms, it's already been pretty breezy out ahead of it. Def am somewhat worried about some of the pine trees. At any rate, damaging winds and a potential QLCS spinup appears to be the main threat at this juncture with this severe line. Shear and helicity are very high in central PA as per mesoanalysis. Fortunately CAPE numbers are fairly low, lending to a good bit of cloud cover over most of the region today. This could have really been a significant tornado threat otherwise with good heating and probable discrete supercells. Will have to continue to keep an eye out as this presses towards the Susquehanna Valley.
  6. Here's a GIF of some of the experimental data from the new GOES 16 satellite..showing our next system developing in the midwest (might take a minute for the loop to roll smoothly). This particular product is a mid-level WV loop. College of Dupage has this and also a few IR and visible products available as well as several zoomed in regions. The northern Mid-Atlantic region has PA nicely centered and close-up. The resolution is very impressive and you can really visualize features in motion with 5 min frames. This is also just an inkling of the capabilities of this new satellite. Tracking tropical, severe, and winter storms should be interesting as it becomes officially operational.
  7. Got a new Sping Central PA thread going for our non-hibernating posters.
  8. Pretty wet week ahead with two systems slated to affect PA.
  9. That particular map was generated off of Saturday's 12z European run, which had a major snowstorm. And that tweet was put out early Saturday evening. Typical social media post of a single model map that I'm sure has gotten the rounds from being shared. There was nothing else at the time that had that solution and currently no guidance has anything close to that. After bit of a shot of colder air mid-late week this week, we look to be finally starting to moderate temps back to where it should be for the late March into early April timeframe.
  10. Finally transitioning to snow, it's been a pretty rainy evening here. 34ºF
  11. This was one heck of a storm, and put an exclamation point on the return of a decent winter storm wise for northeast PA into upstate New York after missing out on so many of the really big ones in recent years. Caught this out of the BGM discussion yesterday afternoon. So despite the amount of hostility we had this winter with the pattern and the warmest Feb on record, BGM is on the cusp of beating (and probably will end up beating before the month is out) their all time snowfall set in 93-94. That's crazy... along with getting 33.2" in one storm.
  12. Probably a dent in it by that point but I don't think it'll be gone. That Friday night/Sat system isn't necessarily a clear cut thing attm. Not really a snowpack eliminating amount of QPF with it and it may not even be all rain either. Northern stream system with the low progged to go north of PA but given the impressive cold air mass that it needs to boot out and the fact that this system appears to be coming through generally on Friday night, there could instead be a period of warm advection snow that may transition to rain or ice. The thing for the Sus Valley with the low progged to the north is that the usual downsloping business may minimize precip. 18z NAM didn't have much precip but here was 18z GFS hr 54-66.
  13. Haha I dunno what kind of QC they do at MDT but I wonder why it's so hard to get a straight measurement from them. I don't buy the excessive liquid equivalent of 2.53" they reported for the storm either (unless they revised that too). Can't really speak for that end of the state but even with the mix line infringing into the southern tier a bit I find it hard to believe Harrisburg had that poor of a snow ratio. I know back here this was literally the fluffiest snowfall of the winter. The snowfalls I got back in Jan/first part of Feb were the type of wet snowfalls you'd see on April 1st or something.
  14. Here's the map he was referring to: Looks fairly reasonable.. I'm sure Fulton county saw a bunch of snow but there were no reports in or near there to help generate the map. That Centre Hall report that was bogus does stick out like a sore thumb haha.
  15. I was watching an old school National Geographic documentary on the 93 blizzard on youtube a few nights ago to get the mojo going for this one haha. It really was amazing how powerful that storm was. That was the rare triple phaser.... and the amplification was a lot deeper, driving all the way into the Gulf of Mexico. The storm was probably as deep as this one is now while it was still in Georgia and precipitation shield was massive... snowing in PA while the low was still in the Gulf. I really wish I was able to remember more of it. At the time I was stranded at my grandparent's and upset that the storm cancelled my 7th birthday party haha.