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  1. Fun fact about the run of record low maxes in 1972. That actually occurred during Hurricane Agnes as the tropical system was absorbed by an anomalous trough and associated mid-latitude system over PA. That whole mess sat and spun over us for days, leading of course to all the insane rain totals and flooding. With the historic flooding obviously being the most memorable aspect, it's not often mentioned how chilly it actually was during most of that event in central PA.
  2. Nothing major to report around here this afternoon as most of the action has been firing in north-central and southwestern PA. Do have some nice mammatus clouds downstream of the Pittsburgh storms.
  3. Ended up being under a really localized area of heavy rains first thing this morning. 1.5” estimated over my location and a couple 2”+ spots nearby.
  4. Lol, this is turning into a straight up snow event on the I-80 corridor west of Clearfield. Starting to lay on the highway on top of Rockton Mountain west of Clearfield.
  5. Got to throw in the May snow pic, since it’s an annual thing now apparently. Top of Wopsy Mountain Also some occasional mangled flakes/cat paws down at my elevation as well in heavier precip.
  6. Snow showing on the 511 cams in some of the Laurels spots.
  7. It's very cold aloft today with 850mb temps a couple degrees below zero, 700mb temps around -10C and 500mb nearly -30ºC over the commonwealth...which is quite significant. Combine that with the strong May sun providing surface heating and instability and that's definitely a recipe for graupel, which would count as frozen. Technically regular hail does too, but I think considering the cold low-mid levels any frozen p-type is probably mostly graupel. Would have to see some pics if anyone gets any decent hail/graupel. There was some actual snow in some of the higher Laurel's spots this morning. Not quite the extent of last May's major cold shot, but it's certainly a pretty chilly/unsettled weekend. Also, sorry I haven't been posting too much.. I usually get pretty busy in the spring/summer months.
  8. I sit at approx 1300' here on the NW corner of the city right up against the Allegheny Front. A 4 mile drive up the road out of town gets me to almost 2500'.
  9. Yea we had a pretty good blast of snow during the late morning. I just got home here and I was surprised to measure 1.5" on the glass table on my deck. All on grassy and elevated surfaces, this stuff isn't touching any pavement or gravel at this elevation. I'll bet the top of the Allegheny front has advisory amounts on it, I was up in Cambria County early this morning and the higher spots already had snow on the ground presumably from the back end of the main precip changing to snow overnight. Accumulations are pretty elevational and localized down here.
  10. Pretty snowy this morning. Downtown Altoona
  11. Since you guys want good old fashioned Easter Week winter weather so bad, sounding the pinger alert here with rain and pellets.
  12. So far so good here in my immediate neighborhood, but that wind is definitely legit.
  13. Possibly, I think the timeframe looks pretty solid. Gusty winds are going to linger into the evening tomorrow but It does appear that late morning-mid afternoon period might be the time of highest gusts.
  14. Probably a good thing for us it's early in the spring (and not having diurnal heating given time of the day) because a lot of these same dynamics driving the impending PDS situation in the deep south ride up through PA overnight into tomorrow morning. The NAM actually does briefly inject higher surface dewpoints, high helicity, and some CAPE (mainly 500-800) into eastern PA around daybreak but dry air aloft is already punched in at 700mb and most of the scattered showers/possible storms are lifted north. Seeing this type of a dynamic situation in say, May would likely be a much different story. At any rate, the wind situation looks to be a pretty significant deal tomorrow with most of the area easily seeing wind advisory criteria. Guess I'm the lucky one that get's the high wind warning in this situation. I don't often see a high wind warning actually verify here but this is looking like that once in a few years time that it actually does as I'm co-located nearest the best dynamics plus the immediate downslope off the Allegheny Front with the westerly winds. The Euro was through the roof (or blowing the roof away) with wind gusts around here in today's run. 18z 3k NAM coming in isn't quite that nuts but it's close.
  15. Looks like about 62ºF here this afternoon, which just happened to be the number of inches of snow the 12z GFS had for Denver today (mostly Sun-Tues). Boy those model and ensemble plots are a sight to behold in that region.