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  1. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 10 days out on EPS, but a signal for a trough over the region. Pretty good sign for it to be picking up on it this early. Teleconnection indices are looking good for the period as well. Something to keep an eye on.
  3. Yeah, unfortunately, just cold. Big HP (1034 or higher) going to set up over top of us friday night into saturday morning. Should cut off any LES that started to fall as a result of that cold front tonight. Friday night playoff football is going to be chilly
  4. Currently I️ have sleet and snow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Wow, 2.6 is really impressive. I think the official KPIT is only 1.3. That’s a good soaking down there for your guys though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Here is the Euro. A little snow for Halloween in the mountains.
  7. I am interested to see what everyone would say if we tried to find an analog for this year. I have been trying to look at ENSO conditions as well as some conditions in the other various parts of the ocean . If anyone wants to throw a suggestion out there, id love to hear it. I was looking at 1984-1985 but the SSTs are so different in the NA as well as the PDO region. Would love to hear some opinions on analogs. Thanks guys
  8. GEFS has a ridiculously strong signal for cold for 8 days out. First flurries of the year off the lakes?
  9. Topical Tidbits is great for a lot of different models and is all free. https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/ The College of DuPage also has a really nice one that has some analysis features too. http://weather.cod.edu/ Ryan Maue (formerly of WxBell) has been working with weather.us to develop a models page. It is the only one on the web that has the Euro from free. Its pretty good and he is adding more stuff to it on a daily basis. http://wx.graphics/
  10. Temps made it down to 35.6° at the KPIT and 35.1° at KAGC this morning. I had some spotty frost on my grass. With my handheld weather flow, I only left it out there for 10 minutes and was only able to get it down to 40°. Sure felt colder than that, but like i said in a previous post, i think it takes a while to adjust to a change in environment. Ten minutes probably wasn't enough. Anyway after a chilly start today, we should rebound to normal temps. Last day around normal for a while
  11. Yes, I didn't purchase it, but was able to borrow it for a while from a friend. I have the handheld one and so far it has been really nice. Does a nice job with wind speed and seems to do alright with temp. My only complaint about it is that it needs time in the air to adjust to the temps. If you go from inside to outside and there is a big change in temp, it can take up to ten minutes for it to figure out that it is in a different environment. Other than that, its sweet. I plan to set it outside tomorrow morning and see what it gets for the temp.
  12. Wanted to try out a new WeatherFlow device. Got soaked. Only recorded a 13.8 mph gust. That was disappointing. What was cool to watch was the temperature. Went from 74.1° at the beginning to 68.2° by the time i went inside. I was only out there for 4 minutes.
  13. Pattern change coming. From the the EPS. GEFS agrees
  14. Anyone know if they change the max size of a file we are allowed to include on here? I feel like all of the files that I want to post are too big and cannot seem to get them down in size. ... Anyway, I was going to put a picture of the current radar and talk about how this would be the perfect storm for the winter. As long as the cold air was established, this is textbook.
  15. 18z HRRR putting us with almost 2 in of rain now. Just need to wait and see what falls at this point.