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  1. You can call this "Fantasyland" all you want, but there is probably some validity to this. The longer range models have been hinting at a pattern change around Christmas time. Maybe Santa brings us this storm at the right time. Let's hope!
  2. I was still holding out hope for a little jog to the north, but it might be time to accept reality. That is a pretty stong H sitting right over us. Not only squashing our storm, but my pride and hope that this would be a surprise.
  3. MAybe a few hundred miles is a little overdone. Maybe I should just say that I think there is room for it to come north. EPS percentage chance of 3 in eeks up a few ticks every run.
  4. In the mean time, really beautiful out today. Nice sized flakes falling all morning
  5. I'm with you on this one. Really hard to see this kind of suppression holding on. I think there is a few hundred-mile jog to the north in store for us.
  6. Thunderstorms in December. I forget how much I love thunderstorms .
  7. very thin band of snow along our cold front to make its way through the region later this afternoon... Cold air comes in after. Temps probably drop into the teens tonight.
  8. Not sure I would buy that model. Especially if it is the CFS ---> been performing terribly. Long range Euro is showing a much cooler pattern. The MJO also favoring colder phases. I don't think we are looking super frigid just yet, but I think there is a decent signal for some near or below average temps into december
  9. Anyone up in Lawrence County today? Snow looks like it coming down hard on the radar. Returns are nice. All rain down here. Just curious as to some observations from up north
  10. Next storm threat. 12z EPS .
  11. Branches on my trees are droopy today. Very heavy and wet snow. A couple of flakes still flying out there this morning. Eastern suburbs looking to get another quick hit here in the next half hour or so. Should look like a snow globe
  12. Sleet in Mt. Lebanon .
  13. Not sure how Weather.com makes their forecasts, but the HRRR is spitting out 5 in to come for the area. Not buying that, but i do think we have white grass tomorrow morning.