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  1. Officially 962 on the pressure for that last pass through the eye
  2. Extrapolated pressure of 957 on last pass.
  3. Can someone share the link to the recon that supports the 175 mph surface? Not that i don't believe it, just want to be able to find it. Thanks
  4. Very sad. Humans in dire situations
  5. Is there a reason why the recon flights won't fly into the eye while its over land?
  6. Most of the stations on the island seem to be playing christian music. This one that most of us are listening to is talking, but taking frequent breaks and playing christian music
  7. I am still listening as well on TuneIn
  8. Anyone have any experience with these new systems? Seems to be relatively inexpensive.
  9. This graph is very helpful for verification. Can you send the link to where you got it? Thanks
  10. I'm not sure we will get actual data on the surge from points south of Naples. There isn't any device measuring those levels from Naples all the way down to the keys. My guess is that the area south and east of Marco got some bas surge. Luckily, that is mostly swamp.
  11. They keep saying its going to go NW... At some point do you throw the models out and just simply watch the radar. This thing still isn't turning and it almost past their 11 pm advisory cone.
  12. I could be way off here, but I feel like it has to do with the trough still pushing in from the northwest. Looking at the WV imagery, you can still see the southern movement from that piece. Could the constant push from that trough be keeping it from going NW? Maybe
  13. Absolutely terrible to hear. Is this the first official death within the US from Irma?
  14. Thank you. Very helpful
  15. Very interesting. I never would have thought of that.