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  1. I know that we have been mentioning this for a while, but I really like the way the ensembles look for the end of the month and early feb. That ridge out west looks solid.
  2. Saw that earlier on twitter. Crazy amounts of ice. I always feel when we get more than .10 of ice then we got a lot. Can't imagine what those people are going through. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Is this roidzilla? This is your storm on the Euro for 240 hr
  4. 18z NAM also picking up on the freezing rain potential.
  5. Crazy how icy it is out there. I would have thought that with the amount of time yesterday way above freezing, that the ground temps would be above it. I would also like to see the NWS add ground temps to there stats. Though it probably only has an effect on people on days like this.
  6. KPIT recorded a 41.4 mph gust around 10 pm tonight. Blustery
  7. Big Joe Bastardi was talking about the pattern flip on his daily video today. Cited evidence in the stratosphere (10 MB) for a pattern flip. Not 100% sure on how it works but it seems to make sense. When the stratosphere is cool like in the first picture below, the troposphere is warm, causing the united states to be warm. At the end of the month, the patterns flips the second picture below. With sudden warming in the stratosphere, it causes a significant cool down in the troposphere and in the eastern united states.
  8. Teleconnections don't look good for much of the remainder of January either. AO, NAO, PNA, EPO, and WPO all forecasting positive right now. Not a good combination for January. Not giving up all hope, but the patterns looks warm right now.
  9. The fact that the models are starting to move northwest is only upsetting me. Just getting closer to only miss us. Not to mention giving the east coast a another decent storm. Forgive me for being a little jealous. I'm ready for a thumper.
  10. Newest GFS on the snow totals from the shortwave. Cheering for the NAM!
  11. Canadian has a lot of southern folks smiling
  12. Pretty nice little snow for the outer banks if this plays out
  13. The trend south continues...