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  1. Haha this would be too typical in the winter, but it also feels like this is the way summer is going too. I wish there was a metric to determine how much thunderstorm activity we’ve had this summer. I know it has been try, but I feel like we’ve really lacked those nice afternoon boomers as well. Maybe just me in the south hills? .
  2. a blocking pattern finally decides to show up. On may 9th.
  3. From November through April. A perpetual state of 40° .
  4. What time are we thinking here? 2-2:30? I was going to try to sleep for a little before .
  5. Lightning showed up on RadarScope. Also, my uncle lives in Hubbard, OH. He texted me and told me he heard a rumble .
  6. Starting to stick. Temps still at 34°. If it was 28°, I’d have over an inch by now .
  7. 4.25” here in Mt Lebanon. A nice heavy wet snow that sat beautifully on the trees all day. I know it wasn’t the 12” storm we keep waiting for, but it was a fun one. 48 hours ago we were a mess. It came together to give us a nice 12 hour storm. Fun to track with you guys .
  8. That interesting hole in the HRRR that seems to be right over our area has to be an error. I think the snow totals are a little low because there seems to be a struggle to be transition 100% over to snow. The PType map is showing freezing rain still in the area around 10z. However, looking at the sounding, I don't think FZR is falling during that time. Not sure what the HRRR is finding right there.
  9. Sorry I am a little late to the party.. Should at the very least be a fun one tonight. Still waiting on the 21z SREFs, but the 15z kicked out 4in and about a 50% chance of 1"/hr rates around 7am. Id take that in a heartbeat.
  10. SREFS over the last 4 runs --> Trending up. GEFS Plumes --> 3+ and has been trending up a little over the last few runs.
  11. Canadian made some moves as well... Nothin big, but 2-3 days out, this is a nice trend. I think we would all just some snow falling at this point.
  12. Honestly, its a nice trend. We are right on the line, but the 00z GFS showed some hints of bringing the energy back a little further west as well. So the NAM and the GFS are hinting at a slightly stronger LP that runs a little more inland and slower. Will need to watch, but its a nice to see. Hoping the Canadian comes in with a least a little move
  13. 00z suite is coming in this evening. Models are all over the place. So many different pieces they are trying to figure out. Long week of watching...