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  1. Atmosphere is looking loaded for tomorrow afternoon. Even though the sounding is saying "Tor" I am not sure i buy that. Not enough directional shear for it imo. Damaging straight line winds look more likely
  2. Noticed they uped it to Enhanced at the for the latest outlook. Saturday is looking juiced up and ready to go as well.
  3. Probably need a new thread for this, but . i wanted to share. Impressive that we have a day 5 signal for severe weather. Day 5 (Saturday) the shortwave trough will suppress the upper ridge and continue through the Great Lakes and the Northeast States accompanied by a cold front. By Saturday evening the front should extend from the lower Great Lakes westward into the upper MS Valley region. Dewpoints in the low-mid 60s F will likely advect through the pre-frontal warm sector, resulting in modest instability with 500-1000 J/kg MLCAPE. Storms will likely develop along the cold front and spread southeast into the OH Valley and a portion of the Northeast States. A mid-level jet attending the shortwave trough will contribute to sufficient unidirectional shear for organized storms with damaging wind and hail the main threats.
  4. KPIT launching an extra weather balloon today in order to survey the atmosphere. Today is one of those days. Lots of shear to enhance the storms for later. .
  5. We can hope, but its not looking good lol
  6. Should be pretty gusty on sunday. On the sounding the wind at surface level is only about 15mph, but the fact that the wind barbs are in the same direction up to 850mb makes me think that some mixing from the mid levels can cause some wind to make its way down to the surface. Nothing like 2 weeks ago, but I could see a gust to 40 or 45.
  7. Sitting at three right now. Ive probably got another half an inch out there still on radar.
  8. Hopefully it holds together. .
  9. I’ve been stuck in this super fine mist of a snow for the last 2 hours. Probably somewhere around 2” so far .
  10. 1.5 so far. That’s it. .
  11. Trying to understand where the dry air is coming from. All levels of atmosphere appear to be saturated. Any ideas?? .
  12. Anyone else already tired of Jeff V on twitter? All I hear about it "No hype" / "No Fearcasting". Great, that is really appreciated. Some stations are notorious for fearcasting, I get it. But come one, he didn't even start talking about accumulating snow until Friday night. He was still saying "snow shower".
  13. will be interesting to watch the battle between the snow rates and the sun today. Been snowing for a little while here and starting to stick to the grass. Really struggling to stick on anything else.
  14. With pretty much no change to the forecast. Kinda makes me wonder if someone over at the NWS took a little too much authority in making that call for the WSW. I don’t know the procedures but I’m sure a lot of people were shaking their heads at that .