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  1. First one to admit when i am wrong. Thats why I'm not a pro. From what I saw, thought feb would have been colder. I still like the first week of march though
  2. Interesting to hear all the talk about this warmth. Still not even in the top 10 warmest Feb for our area.
  3. MJO still hinting at a cold pattern as well..
  4. I'm glad he admitted he was wrong. His analysis of what actually happened is pretty interesting. Still looking into the Euro MJO, he thinks March is going to be colder and snowier. We shall see. Hard to want it after driving with the windows down yesterday
  5. First chance with this cutter. GFS took a major detour from what is has been singing.
  6. Pretty strong indication of a pattern switch showing up on the GFS. Even with the ridge over us, the strong ridge building up by alaska is usually an indicator for a trough to dive down over the eastern US.
  7. Pretty nice band in the south hills right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. After this strong Phase 8, the GFS is hinting that the MJO may loop back around.
  9. Wow. Here come the spring buds. I like that sunshine too
  10. Trust me, I like the warmth as much as anyone. Always look forward to the warm up and spring storms when they come. That being said, I was simply pointing out that the potential pattern is still there. While we will have some torch days (probably more than not) and cold days, a significant late season storm is still possible. I found another reanalysis for a march set up. It looks similar (just a little further west) to the set up i posted earlier which occurred in 1965. Without any "true arctic air", 1942 produced the 6th most snow in Pittsburgh for March. 18.3 in. I'm not an expert. I just started looking into analogs and found them interesting. Take it for what you will
  11. I might be as bad as JB at wishcasting, but here is something to keep your spirits lit with just a little bit of hope. Whats life without hope? This reanalysis is from end of february 1965. A neutral ENSO after a few months in a weak la nina and moving towards a moderate el nino. Interesting enough, I found this time to be a relatively negative PNA which is what the GFS is forecasting for us to move into around the end of the month. Usually that means a big ridge over us, however, this particular time period yielded the trough in the east. Not sure how that works,but here is the anomaly map. Enjoy and hope
  12. Oh yea, I've seen some of his stuff before. He is the one that can never figure out what county Pittsburgh is in.
  13. Just for reference, who is DT?
  14. I had wxbell and loved it. Problem is money. Too expensive. Eurowx is much cheaper. It if it doesn't have the ensemble, weeklies and all the extras with it, it's probably not worth it either. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. So i'm debating a subscription to Eurowx.com for the next month or so to give the euro a look. Anyone every use it before? Does it have the ensemble as well?