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  1. NWS Pit has 8 tweets over the last hour talking about the rain in the south hills. They also retweeted the Allegheny County handle. Maybe could have done a little more, but i think thats a pretty good showing.
  2. Just took a peak at that cam. It does a live stream from it as well.. Crazy high water down there right now. Stay away if you can
  3. I'm just amazed that all of a sudden the cells popped up on what looked like a line and then stayed stationary. Crazy stuff. Areas south of downtown received 2+ in of rain in an hour based on radar.
  4. Anyone smart enough to figure out what was the trigger this evening to cause those storms to go up?
  5. I’m on the outside part of that cell. It’s been raining for almost an hour and my gauge has almost a half an inch in it. .
  6. The cell that just appeared over AGC is dumping rain. And it’s not moving. .
  7. This incoming line is really losing its punch. Just some weak showers to roll through I think. Even the back end of the rain is shrinking. On radar it looks like it is racing to catch the leading edge.
  8. I noticed that as well. Do you think topographic enhancement had anything to do with it? Needing the mountains to get things going?
  9. https://lmaps.org/#-80.59;40.18;9 In case anyone wants to watch the lightning strikes. Seems like a cool website.
  10. That warned cell in Washington county looks nasty. Could be some decent hail stones in there.
  11. Checked this morning. Enhance risk shift east. Firmly in the slight risk Zone for the area. .
  12. A little windy here, but the main part of the squall pasted to my north .
  13. Nice squall line starting to form. Meso Discussion is mentioning the impressive lapse rates coming out of Ohio and into Western PA. Should allow for some nice wind to mix down to the surface with the squall line.
  14. I haven’t either. NWS tweeted today that this is the 9th red flag warning since 2006. I had no clue it was that high .
  15. This is one of the most active in NWS history in terms of the number of counties in watches, warnings, and advisories. This map is unreal right now