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  1. I saw that one and questioned it too. I think they have since cancelled it. I still haven’t received a drop of rain .
  2. Any pictures of the damage? .
  3. Yea could really see the storms pop up on radar along the gust front. Pretty cool stuff .
  4. Im always so fascinated and yet so confused with storms like tonight. I never understand the dynamics that cause the complex movements of thunderstorms like tonight.
  5. Also some flooding in Lebo. Cedar blvd, right in front of the entrance to the park is under water. One car was stuck in there about an hour ago
  6. How did you fare? Looked like so nice velocity reading around McMurray. I had great thunder and lightning some moderate rain but hardly any wind. I was just north of it. .
  7. Not feeling too optimistic about the storms making it to us intact. Satellite imagry showing that the storms are having a hard time maintaining after they form. CAPE looks decent, but the aloft winds are pretty weak. I'm hoping to get some good thunder later tonight, but not holding my breath.
  8. NWS Pit has 8 tweets over the last hour talking about the rain in the south hills. They also retweeted the Allegheny County handle. Maybe could have done a little more, but i think thats a pretty good showing.
  9. Just took a peak at that cam. It does a live stream from it as well.. Crazy high water down there right now. Stay away if you can
  10. I'm just amazed that all of a sudden the cells popped up on what looked like a line and then stayed stationary. Crazy stuff. Areas south of downtown received 2+ in of rain in an hour based on radar.
  11. Anyone smart enough to figure out what was the trigger this evening to cause those storms to go up?
  12. I’m on the outside part of that cell. It’s been raining for almost an hour and my gauge has almost a half an inch in it. .
  13. The cell that just appeared over AGC is dumping rain. And it’s not moving. .