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  1. The NAM did it again. I’m not too surprised it’s stayed all snow either. It was still 34 at my house this morning when the models thought it would be 37 .
  2. Not sure the temp has increased as much as depicted by the models. Could bode well for higher amounts. I feel like I’m splitting hoard though. It’s a difference between a coating and an inch or two .
  3. good bit of rain coming for the remainder of the week
  4. GFS will come around as well. Surface map is not matching the 500mb. The 500 isn't super impressive right now either but certainly at least looks like precip would be present
  5. Did any other models have it? Even the HRRR?
  6. This is what I have been saying. The NAM is acting like the king and the Euro is actin a fool.
  7. Just looked outside ... hello snow. This is what I get for zoning out the last 24 hours. .
  8. Yup, somehow we always end up on the warm side of the L
  9. Lots of 8-12 in reports coming in from chicago.
  10. Last nights new run of the EPS weeklies, doesn't dismantle the eastern ridge until mid march. I'd feel better if the ridge was slightly further east and out over the atlantic. Then i feel like we would at least have an active pattern in which we could maybe get a good storm track. No only does the ridge look solidly over us, not surprisingly it looks average for precipitation.
  11. Yes this is a great point. Maybe that blend between 7 and 8 runs an avenue right where we need it?
  12. Surprising that this is so far off. The map comes from the interactive panel on the NOHRSC. I wonder if it is based on radar estimations instead of actual storm reports?
  13. KPIT official was 2.5