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  1. Anyone have a radar loop on this storm. I wasn't watching the radar, but had no clue anything that severe was around. That's incredible. I'd love to see photos and the radar loop Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I usually think JB does a pretty nice job of predicting. He missed February big time, but called March pretty well. A few weeks ago he was talking about how he thought April would be pretty warm. Now he changed his mind? Anyone else have some predictions for April? I am ready to fertilize my grass and get spring started!
  3. Euro has another 2 feet for some areas that just had that
  4. Getting dumped on 79 at the S curves. Crazy rates right now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Looks like you are right. Seems strange though with 6 of the 10 being below average temps
  6. Most of those tend to look good for next winter then
  7. I did a little analoging for years in the past in which we had a pretty neutral ENSO that was heading into an El Nino. Lots of cooler summers and only one (2002) in which we had a really warm summer.
  8. Anyone have the date when the 12k nam is done? The 3k gets fully launched if I understand correctly?
  9. Canadian verifies to have done the best in the longer range. I don't have the Euro numbers, but Canadian did way better than the GFS.
  10. Looks like that is a snow before changing to all rain. However, not sure i buy that it will be that warm when the system pushes through. That ridge looks like it is really pumping in the west. I would guess the trough would be a little deeper in the east
  11. I didn't officially measure, but i would say we got somewhere around an inch in the south hills. I can still see some grass sticking up out of the snow. The NWS only have one report from the metro this morning. 2.0 in out in white oak. I don't doubt the the city and some of the other locations in the path of that intense band could have dropped a quick 2 inches and may have picked up another in over night. Some crazy return rates were coming out of that thin band that sparked all of the statements for the NWS last night.
  12. Anyone have any totals from some of the big cities? I know NewYork was sleet and rain for some time.
  13. http://climate.cod.edu/hanis/satellite/1km/index.php?type=C_Illinois-vis-1-24&checked=&prodDim=100&overDim=100 Not sure if the link will work like i want it to, but still cool. Visible satellite imagery from indiana. Makes it easy to see what a little march sun can do to a light snow even when the temps are still below freezing.
  14. I do too. Every storm is the most epic thing the world has every seen.
  15. Not even enough to give us a precip number. Sad.