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  1. Nice to get on the board before things quiet down for the near future. Looks like most of the county got a solid 1-2”.
  2. Solid lake enhanced NW flow FTW. Nice to see early season LES.
  3. Nice to take advantage of the warm lakes early in the season. Recent November cold shots have been with a WSW flow.
  4. The PWS near me has about the same since midnight. Hopefully we get something close to this snowfall wise, come this winter.
  5. Oh ok, I forgot you were living in Philly back then. Basically I was just thinking how many years its been since the whole region cashed in on a big storm. I remember there being a screw zone from about Mt Pleasant to Morgantown, precip stayed rain until about 10pm. Snow totals were closer to 10-15" unfortunately for some folks.
  6. Always remember it being warm the first couple weeks of school (always started after Labor day), but not mid summer like humidity. Side note: Do you remember how much snow you got from the 2/5/10 storm ?
  7. Any big winds with that bow echo, for the north and west posters ?
  8. Condolences to you and your family, very sorry for your loss. Yeah, it would be nice to get through the summer without the damaging floods. And hopefully we get some legit storms to track and verify next winter
  9. Strong line about to move through the City, decent thunder and lightning.
  10. Very impressive for storms that were moving at a decent clip. SPC forecasted that enhanced severe area well.
  11. Probably gonna be a race between the boundary pushing far enough south before the best dynamics move east. Reminds me of being on the southern edge of a WSW. Lol
  12. Peak climo period, along with favorable WNW flow should yield widespread results.