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  1. Not gonna lie, the snowflake adds a little something to it. Here’s to a great winter. (Or at least better than the last two)
  2. Happy belated Great White Hurricane Anniversary. (1913) Truly a 100 yr. storm.
  3. Not really into temp records. But we kinda got screwed out having one of the coldest days this early in the season, with that midnight high of 41. Could've ended up with a mean of 24F or 25F. Although we still have a shot at the record low for today which is 20F. ( 22F as of this edit )
  4. It may be that we've had two bad winters in row, but you always hate to waste such a good airmass.
  5. Cat paws ftw today. The colder airmass was kinda refreshing this evening, as opposed to the warm stagnant pattern we had most of October.
  6. Out of town forecast But I’ll take it. Lol
  7. Yeah, chances are low for verification. However, regarding a possible longer term pattern, that run shows how a positive tilted trough can still deliver a decent storm. We tend to get screwed either way with those type setups, so it will be interesting we’re the mean trough axis is located this winter.
  8. Very good point. Ty
  9. Not familiar with the region at all, but would spots in Southern N.H. max out even a bit more, due to it's location closer to the coast ?
  10. Are you in a small valley ?
  11. The winter of 1970-1971 that shows up in the analog, was mentioned in the NE subforum as a strong analog. Even something close would be nice.
  12. Third September in a row, that we've had a significant heat wave. It always been hot a couple days in September, and even October, but the duration these past few years has been noteworthy.
  13. One question someone here might know. In NOAA's NCEI storm events database, where does the removed event data go to ?( i.e. pre 1996 winter weather etc. )
  14. Unfortunately I could only find clips for this storm in your area. (Pgh was kinda screwed, while State College got 2 ft) Anybody remember this storm. ( 3/1/94-3/3/94 ) It appears ORH did ok.