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  1. Just when I thought I was out..the Euro pulled me back in. I would like that dying low more south, just to be safe.
  2. Snow equals views/memberships. Whether it's wxbell or all these other youtube forecasts, they know the viewer base. And if there's enough evidence to show above average snow, they're gonna push that. Unfortunately, rarely will these folks show the evidence of why winter could be another dud.
  3. Not sure about Jonesboro Arkansas, but we’re possibly becoming Charleston WV. Just looking at trends I don’t see winter improving. Basically the odds of becoming Charleston WV are much better than say I-80. Synoptically speaking. Despite Charleston being much further away than I-80. Sorry about possibly derailing any discussion on tonight’s flurries and wind event.
  4. We actually had a half way decent setup for an advisory level snow. Had this been more of a SWFE, we could have avoided that long break in the precip.
  5. Seeing how most of Ohio caved quickly to the warm air, that was going to be our ultimate fate.
  6. Regarding the NWS post about a possible switch back to snow, the GFS did show that possibly happening.
  7. There seems like a consensus is forming among the big three of at least 1-3" on the front end. Nothing great, but outside of a few rogue snow squalls, this would be the biggest event so far. Smh
  8. Unfortunately it has that classic CAD look, where longitude is our enemy. However like you said, it’s still a week away. Possibly the 850’s end up a few degrees colder, and the precip rates are heavier at the start. We’ll see.
  9. You folks definitely want the App's. Here in Pgh, CAD is the bane of our winter existence, as we constantly get flooded with warm air. Even on 2/5/2010 parts of our area had rain until 9-10 pm.
  10. Glad you made it home safe. This is some of the lowest visibility I can remember in a awhile.
  11. Far northern areas could have some slick roads throughout the night. Splitting the county probably isn’t an option for this occasion.
  12. Hopefully we can get some scraps off the NW flow occasionally. Unfortunately CAD does nothing for our immediate area.
  13. Nice to get on the board before things quiet down for the near future. Looks like most of the county got a solid 1-2”.