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  1. One question someone here might know. In NOAA's NCEI storm events database, where does the removed event data go to ?( i.e. pre 1996 winter weather etc. )
  2. Unfortunately I could only find clips for this storm in your area. (Pgh was kinda screwed, while State College got 2 ft) Anybody remember this storm. ( 3/1/94-3/3/94 ) It appears ORH did ok.
  3. Oh ok. Because of circumstances out of my control, I couldn't install a window unit my first three years in this apt. But after last summer, I made sure to I had A/C for this summer.
  4. Which residence are you currently living?
  5. Probably gate D60 Its basically in the basement of MIA.
  6. Yeah, from the current COC motion, those inland locations will be worse than Tampa or Sarasota.
  7. Irma still heading north with a slight wobble east of due north it appears. What are forecasters seeing that would keep their NNW track.
  8. Not sure this is the best place for this thread, however I was wondering if anybody else has noticed a loss of events on this site.
  9. I was just thinking about how long it's been since we've had a decent snowstorm early in the season. We could use something like an Ivan setup, but with a much sharper cold front at the surface of course. Too much upper level push, and we lose the moisture, so it's definitely a thread the needle type setup Mabey a Nov 1913 type storm, aka the Great Lakes white hurricane.
  10. That chick seems to be too fidgity on camera. She is hot though. Sorry for the OT
  11. aghhhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. i know lol
  13. awesome ty
  14. how do you turn the hearts and chat off on jeffs stream
  15. Yeah, me too. I just hope we're not in the middle of a long snowstorm drought, like what we had from Feb 1978 - Nov 1992.