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  1. Some of the nicest September weather we’ve had in awhile.
  2. There were some odd dead spots even here south of Downtown. In real time yesterday the radar didn't really show it, but there were some noticeable differences in amounts within a relatively small area.
  3. Nice little breeze out tonight. Relatively comfortable watching fireworks in the neighborhood.
  4. I feel what you're saying. It's more about the missing out part, that seems to be the theme around here for the last few years.
  5. During better climo, this system could’ve been a solid 3-5”, especially after the wind shift earlier today.
  6. Yeah, this winter was similar to what Vancouver B.C. would be.
  7. I try to hope for the best. It’s been tough the last ten years though.
  8. The pocket of dry air we've been under is very impressive. Had his been a legit snowstorm threat, the meltdowns would be understandable. Lol
  9. Shouldn’t be surprised that guidance is keeping the snow north of I-80. It’s been the usual track for a few years now.
  10. Normally I'm all about the severe weather, usually being disappointed with the weak sauce we tend to get. But considering everything going on, I agree with not having to deal with any extra problems.
  11. Right now ~1200ft seems to be where the snow is falling. I’m sure with the heavier precip later levels will drop.
  12. Another Superstorm anniversary. What a glorious time to be alive: 12/10/1992, 3/13/1993, 1/4/1994
  13. Maybe we’ll get enough sun to destabilize, and get some heavy snow/pellets with thunder.