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  1. Looking at the traffic cams, the solid accumulation has been mostly above 1100ft.
  2. Good call. Maybe 0.75” on the grass so far. Brisk Northerly winds adding to wintry feel.
  3. Maybe some graupel or snow/mix looks to be crossing the northern part of the county soon.
  4. It was a legit winter airmass today. Impressive for April 1.
  5. Thanks. Didn't realize this was the long range thread.
  6. Any cams of downtown Cheyenne ? Haven't been able to find anything.
  7. Kind of a waste of cold air this late in the season. Not that this is uncommon for early March, but it still would've been nice to cash in on something.
  8. Top 10 in the eastern region is really good, considering all the perennial powerhouses to contend with.
  9. Seems like it stuck to everything. Made for a surprisingly nice scene this morning.
  10. That freezing drizzle Saturday night put a nice crust on the pack, maybe it survives until the next cold stretch.