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  1. CoraopolisWx

    ✨Pittsburgh PA ❄ Winter 2018-2019

    Unfortunately patience is the key again this winter. Although it’s basically been winter for about a month now, the cold/dry, warm/wet cycle is getting old pretty quick. So hopefully we get at least some advisory level snow soon.
  2. Models seem to be in pretty good agreement of "uninstalling" next weekend. It"ll be nice to finally get some fall weather.
  3. Another round of summer like flooding. Sections of 51, north of 88 are closed. Is it June 4th or October 4th ?
  4. Here's a topic/thread I started for us: https://wxdisco.com/forums/topic/386-pittsburgh-weather/?tab=comments#comment-9378 I placed it in the Personal Weather section so it's easier to find when needed.
  5. Yeah I hear ya. I just found out about this today, so haven't been able to look too closely at the site. Hopefully we'll be all good, but just in case we crash here, we have a rendezvous point to gather.
  6. Just got word that the accuweather forum is closing at the end of the year. This is were most of those folks are migrating to: https://wxdisco.com/forums/
  7. Accuweather Forum Wasn't sure if it was even ok to mention another forum.
  8. Just a heads up that when the site goes down, especially during an event, the old stomping grounds site is still open. Just go to personal discussions, and you'll see the Pittsburgh tread.
  9. I’m not sure if the NWS is including early Saturday morning in the storm totals. They all seem a bit low.
  10. Same here, steady light to mod since 4pm, plus the 0.6" we had early this morning was sort of a bonus.
  11. There's kind of a semi micro-climate in that area depending on elevation, where you can get enhanced LES at times. Growing up I lived in the west end, and it always seemed during LES events, while we were bone dry, your area had at least a C-1" on the ground.
  12. What part of Allegheny County ?
  13. The slow movement of the storm allowed it to backbuild to the northside, and intensify as the whole system moved SSW. Had decent winds out the NNE along with the rain and hail. Also lost power for a couple hours.
  14. It's almost like small meso-cyclones moving independently within the larger area of precip.
  15. Yeah, 51 is a river again up this way.