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  1. The NWS took a bit of an L yesterday. They thought downsloping would hinder any precip development, however with N-NE surface winds, this was not an issue. Usually said winds are SE, or to a lesser extent E. Possibly these Mets relocated here, and aren’t familiar with local climate. Regardless this would’ve been a nice surprise in the winter.
  2. Good old fashioned gusty northerly. Line held together longer than I thought earlier.
  3. Decent storm rolling through the South Hills.
  4. Definitely an unusual start to met summer. This dry back door cold front pattern would be more useful with a strong STJ in the winter.
  5. I think most of us here have a common bond through weather/physical science in general, with varying degrees of preference. As long as we respect each others opinions it's all good. Sometimes feeling/intent doesn't always translate through the typed word.
  6. Then you can stay in your Spring thread, unless you have something useful to post in the winter thread.
  7. If it only rained, long range model verification would be 95-100%. Oh wait... SMH
  8. 3 NNE Worcester AP 23.0 in 1211 AM 03/15 Templeton 23.0 in 0643 AM 03/15 Trained Spotter 1 NE Fitchburg AP 19.4 in 0609 PM 03/14 Public Phillipston 19.0 in 0400 PM 03/14 Amateur Radio Holden 0.9 SSE 19.0 in 0530 AM 03/15 COCORAHS Barre 1.4 NNE 17.2 in 0700 AM 03/15 COCORAHS Worcester AP 14.4 in 1108 PM 03/14 Significant H9 variance.
  9. I’m still keeping an eye on next weekend. (And the rest of the month). Although the OP’s have pivoted to a far NW solution, not all is lost yet based on a few red tagged comments I’ve seen in other threads.
  10. After a quick look at all the Feb. snow totals, 0.2" should be the new record.
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