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  1. Some of the nicest September weather we’ve had in awhile.
  2. There were some odd dead spots even here south of Downtown. In real time yesterday the radar didn't really show it, but there were some noticeable differences in amounts within a relatively small area.
  3. Nice little breeze out tonight. Relatively comfortable watching fireworks in the neighborhood.
  4. I feel what you're saying. It's more about the missing out part, that seems to be the theme around here for the last few years.
  5. During better climo, this system could’ve been a solid 3-5”, especially after the wind shift earlier today.
  6. Yeah, this winter was similar to what Vancouver B.C. would be.
  7. I try to hope for the best. It’s been tough the last ten years though.
  8. The pocket of dry air we've been under is very impressive. Had his been a legit snowstorm threat, the meltdowns would be understandable. Lol
  9. Shouldn’t be surprised that guidance is keeping the snow north of I-80. It’s been the usual track for a few years now.
  10. Normally I'm all about the severe weather, usually being disappointed with the weak sauce we tend to get. But considering everything going on, I agree with not having to deal with any extra problems.
  11. Right now ~1200ft seems to be where the snow is falling. I’m sure with the heavier precip later levels will drop.
  12. Another Superstorm anniversary. What a glorious time to be alive: 12/10/1992, 3/13/1993, 1/4/1994
  13. Maybe we’ll get enough sun to destabilize, and get some heavy snow/pellets with thunder.
  14. Looks like another band is about to effect the north hills. Might get clipped with the western edge here, just south of Downtown.
  15. Low development just isn’t fast enough to get any snow with these higher precip rates. Starting to run out of time for anything decent.
  16. Any untreated surfaces could be icy Thursday morning. Interested how quickly this wave develops. The best rates seem like they're going to be wrapped close to the low.
  17. Yeah, I remember that coming through early afternoon on a Saturday. Missed driving in the worst of it, but the roads were tricky for awhile. I think we had a few decent LES squalls later in the evening also.
  18. Unfortunately, the Euro and everyone else have been north from the start. I expect the GFS to cave soon. Everytime we actually need the NS to suppress a bit, it tends to fail us.
  19. I think we did about as good as we could with this trailing vort. 3-5” with limited qpf is pretty good. The pattern is so brutal, it took the perfect setup just to get advisory level snows. Maybe we can try to duplicate a 92-93 finish.
  20. Yeah, latitude was definitely your friend with this storm. Another 10 degrees south and we would be getting warning level amounts. Euro showed decent moisture through this evening, maybe we get some LES enhanced this afternoon.
  21. Not familiar with the HRDPS accuracy, but it shows rates in spots as hi as 3"/hr early tomorrow morning. Could be some brief 0.1-0.2 mile visibility on the roads.
  22. I'm still pretty confident we see our biggest synoptic snow in the metro. (thats not saying much) What's interesting is where that heavy band sets up.