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  1. Yeah, I remember that coming through early afternoon on a Saturday. Missed driving in the worst of it, but the roads were tricky for awhile. I think we had a few decent LES squalls later in the evening also.
  2. Unfortunately, the Euro and everyone else have been north from the start. I expect the GFS to cave soon. Everytime we actually need the NS to suppress a bit, it tends to fail us.
  3. I think we did about as good as we could with this trailing vort. 3-5” with limited qpf is pretty good. The pattern is so brutal, it took the perfect setup just to get advisory level snows. Maybe we can try to duplicate a 92-93 finish.
  4. Yeah, latitude was definitely your friend with this storm. Another 10 degrees south and we would be getting warning level amounts. Euro showed decent moisture through this evening, maybe we get some LES enhanced this afternoon.
  5. Not familiar with the HRDPS accuracy, but it shows rates in spots as hi as 3"/hr early tomorrow morning. Could be some brief 0.1-0.2 mile visibility on the roads.
  6. I'm still pretty confident we see our biggest synoptic snow in the metro. (thats not saying much) What's interesting is where that heavy band sets up.
  7. I might end up being wrong with Friday morning, but I still would rather be on the eastern edge of the trowel. With the fast flow minimizing qpf, we need to maximize our rates.
  8. Euro still likes us for Friday morning, with possible low end advisory amounts. The other guidance is also favorable. 2-4" is where we'll likely max out, due to the fast flow, and late amplification of the wave.
  9. Definitely having the other's support would be nice. Gonna be walking that fine line right through Friday morning.
  10. Lol. Yeah. But I do imho feel it's NAM or bust. Since our best shot at advisory level snows, would probably be dynamically driven. And the nam does better with dynamic snows.
  11. Yes. Seems like the winds at the H5 level are so strong, it's not able to close off a low. Uneducated guess. Checking in your group, since our interests are aligned.
  12. Seems like we've been in a late spring, late Fall pattern going on 4 years now. Wet and muggy summers with warm early winters. We almost need a dry hot summer to reshuffle the whole pattern.
  13. Would be nice to get a closed off H5 for Friday morning, however at this point it's more of a glorified front.
  14. Nice clear sky tonight. Bright moon and lots of stars even here in the city.
  15. Something we've seen for many years, is the inability for any strong inland runners to develop south of PA. We also tend to be on the wrong side of the boundary with moisture laden overrunning systems. The three separate waves are tough to deal with.
  16. Lol. Same here. If I knew that band was coming I wouldn't have fallen back to sleep.
  17. Canadian, Euro, and GFS all have the Thursday night storm. GFS and Euro are decent tracks, but the late development dampens are snow qpf.
  18. Came across this doing some research. Thought you folks might like it. lear snow storm 1984&f=false
  19. Reminds me of 86-92, which featured long periods without snow. Dec 1992 was the first big storm I experienced.
  20. Just when I thought I was out..the Euro pulled me back in. I would like that dying low more south, just to be safe.
  21. Snow equals views/memberships. Whether it's wxbell or all these other youtube forecasts, they know the viewer base. And if there's enough evidence to show above average snow, they're gonna push that. Unfortunately, rarely will these folks show the evidence of why winter could be another dud.
  22. Not sure about Jonesboro Arkansas, but we’re possibly becoming Charleston WV. Just looking at trends I don’t see winter improving. Basically the odds of becoming Charleston WV are much better than say I-80. Synoptically speaking. Despite Charleston being much further away than I-80. Sorry about possibly derailing any discussion on tonight’s flurries and wind event.
  23. We actually had a half way decent setup for an advisory level snow. Had this been more of a SWFE, we could have avoided that long break in the precip.