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  1. That's one of the best snow maps I've seen all "Winter" lol. I mean if its going to be cold and precipitation falling I'm all in for something record setting which has Burghblizz mentioned in May wouldn't take much. Heck if I see a coating of snow on May 9th I'd consider that a win. I know anecdotally we welcome the cold snaps in Spring to kill bugs etc, just curious what impact an actual hard freeze this late would do to mosquitoes etc.
  2. Looks like snow for Mother’s Day weekend is possible... .LONG TERM /THURSDAY THROUGH SUNDAY/... Dry and cool conditions resume Thursday before another shortwave returns rain chances Friday and Saturday. Models are in above average agreement with heights and temperatures aloft heading into the weekend...with values 2-3 standard deviations below normal and 30 year return intervals. By Saturday morning 540 thickness is as far south as the carolinas and h850 temps over the forecast area will be between -7 and -8C. Although sfc temperatures will be above freezing during the day precipitation should be all snow based off temps aloft. Breaks in the clouds and May insolation should result in at least a marginal amount of sfc based CAPE given the cold air aloft (convective temps will be in the low 40s)...and that with a saturated DGZ there could be brief periods snow intensity high enough to get some measurable amounts (higher than a trace) during the day before melting. The last time in PGH where May snow was anything more than a trace was 1966, and measured snow greater than a trace has only occurred six time in the period of record. Early morning temperatures in the extended will be abnormally cold; frost/freeze headlines may be needed if current model trends continue.
  3. That’s what I was just saying to my wife, fall / winter / spring have basically merged into one 6 month period of blah. I just saw this article in the Trib, nothing surprising and pretty much predicts what we have been saying. PA Climate Story We will of course still get snow, but it will take an increasingly anomalous pattern as we proceed into the future. It is crazy to see some of the short term effects of the drops in pollution due to COVID-19 stay at home stuff. It’s too bad we don’t have a way to feasibly cut it like this indefinitely. An abstract macabre thought... maybe COVID-19 is actually the planets immune system trying to eliminate a virus.. us! Yeah the quarantine is probably starting to affect my mental state.
  4. That's the problem, it too bad we couldn't get a pattern like this in the December - March time frame...
  5. Pretty intense snow squall moving through here right now. Some pretty strong gusts and brief whiteout. Even managed to briefly whiten the roads. What a week of weather, 70s, tornado, snow squalls, par for the course for western PA spring I guess lol
  6. Yeah it was crazy for sure. I saw the line of storms on radar, but when it hit it meant business. Within a few seconds it seemed to go from relative calm to hail banging of the windows and the power started flickering and then was out then about 45 seconds later both of our phones went off with the Wireless Emergency Alert for a Tornado Warning. I ran and looked out the kitchen window to a sight I have never witnessed since living here. Already the roar was was incredible from the wind and I said get the kids and get downstairs now, this is for real. There was probably a 45 second period where the sound was so deep, as they say almost like a freight train. We could hear the deck furniture start sliding and them slamming off the rail and then almost as quickly as the whole thing started the wind died down (relatively speaking) and it was done. I'm thinking that period was probably the tornado at its closest proximity but can't be sure. We were lucky, very little damage. Ripped off a downspout and the chimney cap, lots of branches etc but the biggest thing the kids trampoline was blown into the trees and got mangled up pretty bad. The other bad thing is we were without power for about 12-13 hours so most of the food in the refrigerator was lost. I think I'm good on severe weather now, I'd be good with saving all the "interesting" weather for the upcoming winter season.
  7. Power out here, tornado warning, roughest 10 minutes of weather I’ve witnessed in a long time. We ran to the basement with the kids when the tornado alerts went off.
  8. Things look to get interesting in the next hour or so. With all of the quarantine / stay at home stuff the kids bedtime has been slipping later and later. I expect that line coming through will wake them.
  9. Getting some decent bursts of snow this morning. Big fat fluffy dendrites coming down with temperatures in the low 20s. One of my favorite types of snow.
  10. Pretty decent band just ripped through here, winds started gusting and visibility dropped pretty drastically!
  11. Anyone want to take a road trip to the Tug for this storm?! URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Buffalo NY 427 AM EST Wed Feb 26 2020 NYZ006>008-261730- /O.UPG.KBUF.WS.A.0006.200227T0900Z-200229T2300Z/ /O.NEW.KBUF.LE.W.0004.200227T1200Z-200229T2300Z/ Oswego-Jefferson-Lewis- Including the cities of Oswego, Watertown, and Lowville 427 AM EST Wed Feb 26 2020 ...LAKE EFFECT SNOW WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 7 AM THURSDAY TO 6 PM EST SATURDAY... * WHAT...Long duration heavy lake effect snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 2 to 3 feet with locally higher amounts possible in the most persistent lake snows. Snowfall rates may exceed 2 inches per hour at times. Winds could gust as high as 45 to 50 mph resulting in SIGNIFICANT blowing and drifting snow. * WHERE...The Eastern Lake Ontario Region. * WHEN...From 7 AM Thursday to 6 PM EST Saturday. * IMPACTS...Travel will become be very difficult to impossible with very poor visibility and deep snow cover on roads. The hazardous conditions will greatly impact the morning and the evening commutes. Gusty winds could bring down tree branches Man can you imagine the drifts with 2-3 feet and 45mph winds? Wow.. Some localized areas will probably see our seasonal total in a 3 day span.
  12. Keep an eye on tomorrow night into Thursday morning. Maybe a chance at some short lived but decent snow rates. Sort of similar situation to the last event but we need a shift SE.
  13. We are now at 19.1 inches for the season. What would the over under of 25 inches for the season be? Just about any other year on Feb 14th you'd take the over but not this year.
  14. Yeah that was cool, didn’t observe any lightening but it only took about 45 seconds for roads and everything to go white. Looks like some light snow building in behind the front now. Maybe we can eek out an inch overnight.
  15. It’s coming, let’s see if that line can hold together, if it does it will be brief but intense. Saw a post on Facebook about thunder but not sure how reliable the person is.