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  1. Yeah, pretty impressive thunderstorm for Feb standards. Lots of lightening.
  2. Grading on a curve now to get a "good" winter. In all seriousness though, it helps getting over it that it was a bad almost everywhere. It's not like we missed a couple good storms and everywhere else is celebrating a blockbuster. A couple of long shot windows in March for a one hit wonder maybe showing up. I'd say I'm done and ready for Spring.. but here I am. Maybe a few thunderstorms possible, looks like a pretty dynamic front coming through. At least we should get some wind.
  3. I guess this is a case of two different things can be true. This was a nice event, we got little improvements over the 24hrs leading up to the storm, had that crazy narrow band of 7-10 inches, and most ended up with double what was expected just a day or two prior. Being right on the edge of that band was a little frustrating, glad I got under it, but literally 5 miles away got almost double what I did so from the perspective of watching radar to get it to bump just a little further North did suck a bit. I was a bit surprised driving to work this morning going through areas that got nailed by the band that snow cover was already pretty well whittled away, late Feb sun doing the dirty work. Things really start to go down hill quickly now in the regard, time to root for overnight snows or a biggie and if we get anything else enjoy watching it fall vs having realistic hopes for longevity.
  4. Looks pretty quiet the next 7 days at least. A few transient cold shots, maybe we gut lucky and time something up.
  5. Getting some lake enhancement action, heavy snow and wind.
  6. That last batch not as heavy, but nice dendrites, probably high ratio stuff. Looks like a little over 3 here, might make it to 4. Not bad. Timing was good too, just after sunset helped with marginal temps at onset and I can still get a good nights rest.
  7. Starting to shift back to the South. Glad I got to see the good rates for awhile.
  8. It keeps tickling me, getting good dendrites now at least but waxing and waneing in intensity. Roads starting to cave.
  9. Same, about half an inch, band is about 10 miles away. Looks like its trying to creep north and widen some too. Gonna be close.
  10. Same, light flurries in the air now. Whomever gets under that initial band should be the stripe of winners, but good sign light snow is coming down already.
  11. Cloud deck lowering, and air is crisp and smells like snow... Damn I tried to be out but Im back in lol
  12. I think general 2-4 looks good, with maybe a stripe of 5 if the front end piece is real and that higher end band hit the same area.
  13. Thats how the storm earlier this year panned out too. It does seem like it bumped north a bit from yesterday, but its still not quite there.
  14. Need a 25-50 mile jog North to get everyone in the goods. Doable with 24hr lead time, fingers crossed.
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