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  1. Pittsburgh PA "Spring" and Summer 2018

    Yeah, a lot of water predicted by the GFS. Looks like its showing some interaction with that tropical system down in FL too. I would also guess this is fairly unusual for May? I don't follow tropical to closely unless I'm planning a vacation along the East Coast, or there is a shot at some remnants hitting us, so not sure how unusual this might actually be or how likely the GFS is just out to lunch.
  2. Pittsburgh PA "Spring" and Summer 2018

    At this point I'm wondering do we look to break some records and see snow in May? Today certainly looked like winter and even managed some snow accumulation during the day. Pretty impressive for April 17th.
  3. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Saw some pretty cool lightening around 8:15 last night lighting up the storm clouds in the distance. No big effects in my neck of the woods though, just a couple flashes and few rumbles of thunder accompanied by some moderate to briefly heavy rain. Winds seemed to be really starting to ratchet up this morning.
  4. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Yeah, seems like its been slowly trending north, almost gets some good snow into AGC on 12z GFS, with plenty of time left for it to go further. I think these W-E type waves especially given the time of year have better chances of trending North than South, but we shall see.
  5. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    I hear ya, it looks below average for at least another 7-10 days, but even if we hit average temperatures by then that will feel really warm given mid April averages, but if we manage to get into an above average regime it will be a real shock to the system! At least this staves off grass cutting season I guess.
  6. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    They did, looks like they put us at 4in thus far for the month of April, with 56.5 for the season thus far. I usually check the climate website for this stuff, it gets updated pretty quickly most of the time. http://w2.weather.gov/climate/index.php?wfo=pbz
  7. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Maybe some storms tonight with the frontal passage? Looks to be pretty windy too. Looped through the GFS and still not really a strong signal for any sustained Spring warmth at least in the next 7-10 days. Who knows, maybe we can hit 60 inches of snow for the season with a big storm in May!
  8. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Hard to get a good measurement this morning, had about 1.5-2 inches on the grass, but varied wildly, some elevated surfaces were closer to 3, and nearly 4 on the top of my car, but not sure if that was somehow influenced by something else. In any case, roads were all just wet, but everything was encased in white. Going to be some really nice views shortly after sunrise.
  9. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Heh and looking forward we might not be done after this either, pretty decent signal for something next weekend too. If so wow what a Spring lol. Still stand by my previous statement wishing this all was a month sooner.
  10. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Not bad for April if it works out. Between I70 and PA border looks good.
  11. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Yeah, I'm a bit late to the party on this one but nudge the GFS north just a hair and it could be another decent region wide snow. Happens at night too.
  12. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Yeah a case of a little too much of a good thing with that one.
  13. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Well, maybe after the population dies off things will get better: http://triblive.com/local/regional/13443534-74/regions-population-slowly-dying-off My comment about the dangers of sun exposure were largely tongue-in-cheek vs an attempt to provide a rational reason to be happy about our relative lack of sunny days. It's also a bit of an apples to oranges comparison when discussing the cancer causing effects of the sun vs the terrible and likely corrupt business practices of NUMEC in Apollo. It's just the region's climatology, and I doubt you will see many running off to by solar panels in the hopes of earning back their investment in this part of the country. Your overall disdain for the Pittsburgh area has been made clear several times, both in your comments and satirical use of "Pittsburghese". While it can be humorous in small doses it does get a bit old. I'm not sure where you are originally from but its irrelevant at this point, lets just get back to talking weather which is the purpose of this thread.
  14. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    Solid Winter on the books this season, 52.5 inches, which is 13.8 above average, and 20.5 inches greater than last year! Still a chance we add a couple of inches here and there but not bad especially when you consider we wasted a large portion of February with warmth. This storm was fun, and so was the rain to snow storm we had back in Jan, we had a white Christmas with cold and snow around the Holidays, and some brutal cold air to go along with our typical nickel and dime events in Jan. Overall I'd take this winter again in a heartbeat if given the opportunity.
  15. Pittsburgh PA ❄️ Winter 2017-2018

    I'd also like to add we have a good group of regular posters now, for several years our area was pretty sparse in that regard. It definitely adds to the enjoyment having an outlet to vent your frustration or join in your joy and excitement. Most people find this an odd thing to enjoy, although I think there is a larger portion of the population that enjoys the snow than would admit, most aren't as dedicated as us.