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  1. How did everyone fair with the storms yesterday? I was in Wexford and it was pretty mild, but at home I got blasted. Tree limbs everywhere, power outage, fence was crushed by a tree in one section, garbage cans with trash bags in them blown over and the bags blown out. I’m not far from that BP that had the gas pump blown over. Must have been a microburst or something.
  2. Anyone else noticing the yellow sky? Crazy how comfortable it is out there. Very odd looking sky with sunset reflecting off these clouds.
  3. Surprised not even a drop of rain. Glad I watered the garden yesterday. Central / SW OH getting blasted again.
  4. Yeah whether we actually hit 90, those dewpoint numbers will make it pretty unbearable to be outside other than immersed in the swimming pool. I'll be interested to see how the severe threat sets up tomorrow afternoon / evening. Still some uncertainty per NWS which trigger is most likely to set things off. Looks like a pretty pleasant weekend on tap.
  5. Going to need elevation and some intense rates to overcome time of year during the day for much more than a coating on the grass that melts pretty quickly after. It’s going to be a raw miserable day for most I think.
  6. It has been an odd winter, by the numbers it looks good but lots of dead periods and near misses, crazy to think about.
  7. Crazy squal ripping through here right now, heavy snow probably top 5 in snow rates of the winter.
  8. Looks like a mid January morning out there rather than late March.
  9. Yeah, pretty wide swath of clearing over SW PA right now. It will be interesting to see if this has any effect on thunderstorm development later in the evening.
  10. Pretty much me this weekend: Special Weather Statement National Weather Service Pittsburgh PA 1020 PM EST Sat Mar 12 2022 PAZ013-014-020>022-073-130415- Armstrong-Butler-Lawrence-Westmoreland-Beaver-Allegheny- 1020 PM EST Sat Mar 12 2022 ...A HEAVY SNOW BAND WILL AFFECT NORTHEASTERN BEAVER...SOUTHERN LAWRENCE...SOUTHERN BUTLER...NORTHEASTERN ALLEGHENY...NORTHWESTERN WESTMORELAND AND SOUTHWESTERN ARMSTRONG COUNTIES... At 1015 PM EST, a snow band was located north of Pittsburgh and mostly stationary; 1-2 inches snowfall could occur within this band. Winds in excess of 30 mph are possible with this snow band. Locations impacted include... Cranberry, New Castle, Vandergrift, Apollo, New Kensington, Lower Burrell, Harrison Township, Ellwood City, Arnold, Tarentum, Natrona Heights, and Meridian. This includes the following highways... Pennsylvania Turnpike between mile markers 1 and 19. Interstate 79 in Pennsylvania between mile markers 81 and 96. Interstate 376 in Pennsylvania near mile marker 14. LAT...LON 4076 7971 4053 7952 4057 7982 4090 8052 4105 8052 TIME...MOT...LOC 0317Z 299DEG 45KT 4090 8036 Lol, we got snow here and it was fun sitting in the hot tub during a snow squall but totally feeling jealous missing the best snow of the season back home.
  11. No doubt it will start melting Sunday but should look pretty wintry Saturday. It is March, snow pack retention is unrealistic. That's why I say go big or go home in March, bring it hot and heavy over a short period of time and enjoy the rates because you know it probably starts melting shortly after.
  12. I'll be in deep creek for this, looks to be in the bullseye so to speak. Forecast there is 4-8 with 45-55mph winds then possibly localized blizzard conditions in NW flow after the synoptic portion. I didn't plan the trip with the intention to chase but looks like its going to work out. This may ruin my expectation for winter weather in my own yard lol Given the dynamics of this storm and time of year I'd think it has a better chance of over performing even though the track is a bit further SE and more progressive than it looked a few days ago. Keep your expectation in check and enjoy what happens, I think there will still be a period of heavy snow and post frontal passage the wind gusts should be impressive with embedded snow. Most likely our last snow even to track until next season.
  13. I fully expect a bullseye for our area on this one. Taking a weekend trip to deep creek so I'll probably miss NW again but only this time NW will be my yard back at home lol. Its a pretty fast moving system, but I'd expect a period of pretty heavy snow out of it and our area is in the game to get in on that at least as of how things look right now. Meanwhile the scene outside is still.
  14. Yeah total paste job out there right now. Early morning in March Sun angle not a big influence either especially with heavy rates. I put the snow shovel / sleds away. Kids boots / gloves literally Monday. Ma Nature calling my bluff.
  15. When I left for work this morning it was raining... Forecast called for mainly rain. It was like 32-33 at the surface and I figured great another cold rain event. Paid no attention to the outside until I overheard people at work talking about all the snow and I wasn't expecting this today talk so I run over to the window like a little kid to see the snow coming down. lol This is why you can't ever sleep on March for a surprise snowfall or two.
  16. If by over you mean an end to any chance if sustained cold / snow cover / all snow events then I'd agree, but also state by this time of year that's probably true a majority of srasons. Definitely still reasonable to expect some overnight coatings or a well timed storm though for the next 6 weeks so not over by that metric.
  17. I think he posted it just as an example of how much our corner if the state sucks for winter weather sometimes. There's been more times than I'd like to recall where we had similar maps but the advisories and warning were for snow.
  18. No doubt wasting cold is a disappointment. Getting 5 inches of rain but hitting average or below average temperatures for any winter month could easily be considered frustrating. They are just saying that scenario does not constitute a torch in terms of temperatures. The winter overall to hit average snowfall is needing a more and more extreme storm to make up the difference but nothing we can do about it. Not saying this to you directly but just in general we all need to just enjoy what snow we do get. We all know our climo here and keeping expectations in check goes a long way towards finding the silver linings. We did have that solid stretch in January with sustained snow cover and several snow globe type days. This hobby really is a what have you done for me lately thing, but you need to roll with the punches, not compare your yard to somewhere that averages double and just make an effort to take a step back and enjoy when things are going well and get outside with the kids / dogs / yourself and take it all in because we all know it won't last. Bickering and arguing over it only makes the atmosphere in the thread childish and miserable.
  19. Any chance that work place training is "How to remain respectful and professional with colleagues after the 12z model runs take away your snow."?
  20. Yeah I agree, a torch is a long string of consecutive above average days and in general for a month to be considered a torch I'd expect the average monthly temperature to be significantly above average. The storm on the 2nd / 3rd was literally 50-100 miles from being a significant winter weather storm, had that boundary been able to make it just a little further SE who knows what we would have had, instead it was literally 33 and rain for 18 hours. That had nothing to do with our climo per se, the ridging off the east coast was just enough to halt the boundary. Re-run that same setup with a few minor changes a 100 times and I bet 75 its a high impact winter storm, maybe not all snow but big sleet / zr type storm. You can't use P-Type as a means to call a month above average on temperature.
  21. No surprise here. 1-2 inches off the initial WAA slug on the front then a quick change to sleet / freezing rain / plain rain. The period of freezing rain will be at night so could get dicey for a bit with that. NAM did pretty well with the last event with surface temps so once we get in the 24 - 36 hour period we can monitor that if the overall evolution stays the same for potential ice, but again 30 and heavy rain won't be as dire as what the models show and we will be going up not down in temperature vs the last event. Overall this is shaping up to be a classic SWPA slop screw storm with low impact.
  22. I read that this morning and was going to make a similar post bolding that last sentence. If the mid-level low tracks south instead of right over us then maybe we see a better outcome. Until then don't get sucked into any model showing mainly winter weather but we probably all know how it plays out.
  23. It's been better, but its to cold usually in the medium to long range. That doesn't instill a lot of confidence when your riding the line. Doesn't mean it will always be wrong but if it's on its own giving us snow vs mix or rain on the others you have to keep your expectations in check.
  24. I feel like there's a "That's what she said" joke in there somewhere.
  25. Yeah, I’m actually thinking the sun probably helps with some instability which might help enhance some of the snow showers and wind.
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