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  1. I just saw @Bob Chill post in the mid Atlantic forum. Great seeing him post again. One of my favorite all time contributors. Welcome back, sir. You’ve been missed!
  2. 6z is running now. Let’s see what it looks like.
  3. Pivotal Weather has them for free.
  4. Here's where the RGEM ended up. I'm trying to avoid an ice storm down here in NC. Good luck to y'all up there in the powdery regions!
  5. 6z gefs has several members bullish for the MA.
  6. Quite a bit more freezing rain on this run of the Euro compared to 0z. Looks like at least .25" for most with more NW of DC proper (.7").
  7. About a 9" mean on the 12z GEFS for DC. More to the west. I know that counts all precip as snow, but it indicates quite a bit of frozen qpf.
  8. Weatherbell is showing over .25" of fzrn for the entire subforum. .7" for DC proper with up to 1.2" to the west.
  9. 96 for the op and 144 for the ensembles I believe.
  10. It really ramped up the precip totals for the mountains and foothills. Now showing over one inch totals.
  11. Quick question for those with 18z Euro access (wxbell doesn't have it). Are there any ice accumulation maps available? Those just to your south are flirting with warning level ice accumulation and potential power outages on most models. Thanks, and I wish all of you the best of luck with this one!
  12. The hi-res 3k nam has the initial plume of moisture further south:
  13. Lots of ice on the Euro too. Shows .25 inches of ice on the detailed wxbell maps for the entire Triad.
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