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  1. This looks very cold for Thanksgiviing week!
  2. It is. The three finger roll is pretty tough. I've been playing for about 6 years and am in a bluegrass gospel band that goes to local churches, restaurants, nursing homes, etc.. Here's a recent video I made if you are interested: Thinking About You
  3. Here I am. The banjo playing snowman avatar should make more sense now.
  4. It's for November 8th...
  5. Allan Huffman‏ @RaleighWx 6m6 minutes ago 12z GEFS #Jose tracks shifted west compared to 6z. Close pass at least to SE coast possible this weekend early next week.
  6. After tracking these hurricanes, It's ok by me to only have a couple of winter threats. Hopefully we get a good 4-5 inch storm and I'll be happy.
  7. JB is expecting a 25-35mb drop. That would put it in the 910's I believe.
  8. Buckeye took care of it! Thank you!
  9. If this is true, report it to a moderator and he or she should intervene and ban 10below for trolling and posting incorrect information. Arguing isn't working.
  10. Can we get some cleanup in our Irma thread? Downeast and 10below have turned it to crap. I guess I'll have to go back to the tropical headquarters thread. It's in storm mode.
  11. What's the UKMET look like? It has been the furthest south and west for days. It was also predicting a Cuba hit. I already put a lot of weight in that model. To me, it's much more consistent than "king Euro."
  12. You didn't hear that from me. I have always enjoyed JB. He's a weather geek like the rest of us. He doesn't always get things right, but he always has scientific reasons for his beliefs. People bash him too much and definitely stereotype his forecasts. He calls for warm and cold. He's not afraid to talk about extremes of what is possible. He's kind of like the NAM of weather forecasters.
  13. Joe Bastardi‏Verified account @BigJoeBastardi Following We interrupt this hurricane season for an important message. Euro joins CFSV2 in healthy La nina for winter. this is a cfsv2 coup
  14. If the Euro is right, folks evacuating to Atlanta are going to have issues!