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  1. Not sure if this was a micro burst but what I saw was wind driving rain into the ground and spreading out in all directions.
  2. Many cars/buses/trucks can’t move up hills in Harlem. Absolute stand still traffic almost everywhere up here.
  3. couple loud booms on the upper east side. so loud thought something blew up outside. lol
  4. Sooo what is it in your area? Flakes are super small where I am. barely seeing them. If it were moderate snow the projects won’t be so visible in the photo below.
  5. Light snow in Harlem. Hopefully those heavier bands make it up here.
  6. Heavy’ish snow in Harlem. All surfaces covered.
  7. If you want to see snow just get yourself a set of these.
  8. just came back from a walk outside. went to the hudson at 125st. snow picked up intensity significantly. roadways were being covered quite quickly.
  9. Wow! Bright blue flash with thunder. Upper east side
  10. Seem to be waffling between snow/sleet and snow on the UWS.
  11. Where are you located in Harlem? I know this isn't how to measure snow, but it looked like nearly 2 inches on the car.