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  1. Roads were fine all the way to work. They were actually a bit worse this morning as I neared 84 and heavy snow began falling. Got a couple of inches to snow blow now.
  2. Probably managed and inch and half here. Gotta go to work tonight so I am not too disapointed at this point. I was dreading driving an hour into the city through 8" of snow, roads should be pretty decent for my commute tonight.
  3. Moderate snow finally in lower Dutchess but looks like it’s going to end soon.
  4. Just.a glorified dusting from this morning and then a snow shower or 2 up here. All the action south of me getting shunted East.
  5. Remember when people actually posted in Memory Lane rather than the storm threat of the week?
  6. Winter Weather Advisory for 3-5 inches of snow for Dutchess. Initially was under a Winter Storm Watch.
  7. Drove from my house in Dutchess at 42 degrees to upper Manhattan to where it’s currently 53 at my location.
  8. Still easily over a foot of snow here. I was finally able to clear my front steps. They have been locked in ice for the past 2 weeks.
  9. 28 degrees with a light mist. Nothing freezing so not sure what’s going on. No way we get anything frozen tonight.
  10. Downgraded from a winter storm watch to a winter weather advisory. Currently ice pellets and light freezing rain. 24°
  11. Don’t mind sleet. I just don’t want rain to ruin my beautiful snow pack.
  12. I don’t see us getting much even up here around i84. In my life every storm that was supposed to start as snow and mix to rain happened way sooner than later. One of the exceptions was the Valentines Day storm in 2007.