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  1. Hail in Dutchess County. We might have had a tornado not far from me according to damage reports. Hail reported in Yonkers as well as in Tarrytown where my wife works.
  2. Dusting of snow up here...everything covered to my surprise.
  3. 27 degrees here and still holding on to my snowpack.
  4. Heavy snow showers in my hood.
  5. I'm not going to get into a pissing match. I'm just telling you what I have going on in my neighborhood so I just found it hard to believe bare ground is visible but anything is possible. Your response was a bit over the top but to each his own. Have a great day.
  6. This guy is in the next town over from me. I have over a foot of snow on the ground and massive piles all over from plowing and snow blowing. I’m having a hard time believing bare ground is showing.
  7. Pouring snow in upper Manhattan
  8. Roads were fine all the way to work. They were actually a bit worse this morning as I neared 84 and heavy snow began falling. Got a couple of inches to snow blow now.
  9. Probably managed and inch and half here. Gotta go to work tonight so I am not too disapointed at this point. I was dreading driving an hour into the city through 8" of snow, roads should be pretty decent for my commute tonight.
  10. Moderate snow finally in lower Dutchess but looks like it’s going to end soon.
  11. Just.a glorified dusting from this morning and then a snow shower or 2 up here. All the action south of me getting shunted East.