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  1. I'm talking Sunday's's radar is a bit of a bottom feeder...
  2. I do not know how to access that data...? Freezing drizzle...0.01"?
  3. By the way...where has "Cashman" been...? I would've like to seen his obs from earlier today?
  4. What you describe is exactly what COULD occur Sunday...especially with height falls right over PA digging towards a deepening surface LP...but my concern is no HP north of us in realistic terms. My forecast mantra; predict the high; predict he snow! Isn't this fun? Helluva lot better than Netflix or whatever people do today...I'm listening to kick ass tunes, reading you guys opines, and studying the models...since my dogs are now asleep...GOOD STUFF!
  5. In all honesty, I believe the snowfall rates will be hard pressed to reach what we did last night here between 2-3 just flat out dumped snow...awesome! My dogs went out and quickly came back to the house...and they are not snowflakes!
  6. When I saw all of the precip with the Sterling radar, I immediately thought oh no for Sunday...that water vapor energy will translate away from our area. Agree...the equations are simply for frozen precip...go K for rip/ for developing LP, seek the temp gradient...that's a shitload of precip across the meteo!
  7. Here is a "new" line for accumulating snows instead of the Turnpike or I-81...The Appalachian Trail! For Friday night's event, SE of the AT will see greater accumulations than to the NW...but Sunday is a different story...either way, winter will not quit with lows close to "0" under clear skies and calm winds next week and snow covered grounds! I have lived here all my life and without going through the official records, I remember only ONE time where temps in March went below "0" and that was with the passage of superstorm 1993! Not thinking it will this week...but it has a chance!
  8. Should've purchased them on StubHub walking up to the stadium...though there will be many MIKE TROUT fans there...easiest MLB ticket this year, sorry to say the Baltimore Os
  9. I've attended MLB for years; as a kid to Memorial Stadium seeing all of the classics...including Frank R...Then it was the new VET...and PHilly Sillies...until they got good! Of course, off to PSU when they won 1980! Torn in 1983! I'd get together and venture to either venue; anytime...
  10. That Sterling radar is juiced...and that spells a real concern for those hoping for big amounts Sunday...water vapor is energy; lose it and there will be less QPF for the next wave...And FWIW, the NWS radar loops on my computer are not fully operational, but on my mobile Radarscope...fully functional! Anyone else?