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  1. 7" here in Valley Green, northern York County. Liquid equivalent later for my 7 am COCORAHS observation...
  2. Be ready for a heavy traffic and numerous people. It's worth the experience if you've never done it; however, I will warn you that it was very busy the ONE time we went years ago. I prefer to ride my bike up the rail trail.
  3. Yeah...at one point according to Newberry Twp police website, there was no way to get in/out of my location via road. I never left as I was trying to divert water from house and not have to clean up basement...again! I use a standard 10:1 COCORAHS type rain gauge and was measuring about every hour or so throughout the day. From 3:30 pm to about 5 pm was the greatest rate (but even the "moderate" rain was heavy all day!). I've been measuring precip for COCORAHS since 2010 or so. It's easier now for me to go out and get soaked by a tropical rain than melt a column and get the liquid equivalent! When I was younger, I'd do snow angels and pack snow against the tent. Now I'd like to have weather every day like what we had today; Sept 2, 2021! I love weather...and moreso, I love the meteorology and the outdoors!
  4. Warm AMO cycle with higher dew points and thus warmer minimums.
  5. Drainage basins for the various streams. Hydrology forecasting is very tricky for so many reasons!
  6. 8.22" storm total.Valley Green, northern York County.
  7. Here are my obs leading up to Lee...Valley Green
  8. I'm in that little yellow square just east of I-83 under the "E" in E-Town.
  9. And as of 4 pm here in Newberry Twp, there are 16 roads closed. Many of the closures are within a couple of miles of my location (Valley Green).
  10. I'm 2.25 miles SSW of KMDT and have received 6.89" as of 5:15 pm! I hope you're right about that 1/2 inch prediction!
  11. Crazy! And you are really just on the other side of the river...
  12. 5.07" as of 3:25 pm...with winds freshening! Valley Green
  13. 4.07" now at 2:00 pm; also starting to get a tad breezy.
  14. As of noon, 3.05" total here in Valley Green...most of it fell from 9:00 am on. Getting ready to go out and bail again soon! Not looking forward to this afternoon!
  15. I just now reached 1.50"; Valley Green, northern York County
  16. Harrisburg: 3.25" Lancaster: 2.75" York: 3.10" Tamaqua: 4.75" Williamsport: 1.75" State College: 2.25" Chambersburg: 4.00" Clearfield: 1.50" Just my random thoughts...
  17. Where is a good source to look for synoptic upper air analogs? I like to use CIPS during the winter storms...Thanks!
  18. Was on I-81 from Wilkes Barre south to I-78 couple of hours ago; light freezing drizzle was icing my truck and windshield, but the roads were still just wet. But the "sun" was still up at that time...I personally would be in park now that the sun has set...
  19. 0.23" liquid with 2.6" new snow accumulation. It's certainly been a wintry stretch...
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