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  1. As of noon, 3.05" total here in Valley Green...most of it fell from 9:00 am on. Getting ready to go out and bail again soon! Not looking forward to this afternoon!
  2. I just now reached 1.50"; Valley Green, northern York County
  3. Harrisburg: 3.25" Lancaster: 2.75" York: 3.10" Tamaqua: 4.75" Williamsport: 1.75" State College: 2.25" Chambersburg: 4.00" Clearfield: 1.50" Just my random thoughts...
  4. Where is a good source to look for synoptic upper air analogs? I like to use CIPS during the winter storms...Thanks!
  5. Was on I-81 from Wilkes Barre south to I-78 couple of hours ago; light freezing drizzle was icing my truck and windshield, but the roads were still just wet. But the "sun" was still up at that time...I personally would be in park now that the sun has set...
  6. 0.23" liquid with 2.6" new snow accumulation. It's certainly been a wintry stretch...
  7. 13.2" total; 8.1" from 7 am Monday with liquid equivalent of 0.61"...Still light snow at 7 am...
  8. 5.1" new snow; 4.8" on ground at 7:00 am; 0.46" Liquid equivalent...Etters, N York County, PA
  9. SPC (Storm Prediction Center) website; mesoanalysis, upper air... https://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/mesoanalysis/new/viewsector.php?sector=17#
  10. Even if 25% verified, will be some heartache with high water Super Bowl weekend when temps spike with another 1" of precip...
  11. Central PA...NYC is spit away and here is the screenshot from the model output...
  12. Looks like the NAM told DeBlasio the atmosphere will not cooperate with his charge to re-open NYC this week!
  13. The "B" in Miller B represents "bitch" of a prognostication...
  14. Way too far in time and space...HRRR is excellent with convection within 6 hours of initialization...not with synoptic physics of the atmosphere...IMHO
  15. I was just up to Towanda yesterday and there was very little to no ice in the river. Ice dams should not be a concern. Obviously they do have quite a snowpack up in that region however which is not good with these high dew points and mild temps!
  16. Etters, PA (northern York County)...9" total with a liquid equivalent of 0.98". Had light sleet and very light snow for several hour period from about 6-10 pm or so. Just not nearly as much precip fell as was being modeled by numerical guidance. This storm very much underperformed for northern York County. To be sure it was a good snow event and it's very wintry (and pretty) outside, but it most certainly was not what was being touted in terms of a winter storm of major proportions...Side note; the official observation at KMDT (9.3" as of midnight) for one of the few times had a greater snowfall than I am reporting!
  17. The mail is being delivered here in Etters! 4"+ and visibility about 1/8 mile...
  18. +SN for last hour, Etters, PA and very wintry. These old bones say "It's cold"!
  19. Use Sterling, Dover, SC and then extrapolate...as an "old fart", I think the radar products are simply amazing!
  20. During the March 1993 event, sleet mixed in during the "height" of the storm with strong NE winds and lightning/thunder at that point. So as per your analysis of the model HRRR, look for sleet and thunder and gusty winds around 8-10 pm ish...the stronger and deeper this low gets, expect sleet well inland and convective properties including charge separation and high rates of precip. It will be interesting to be sure!
  21. +SN here in Etters. Began to bring it about 11:30 am EST...
  22. That greater radar reflectivity could indicate sleet mixing in which is the time frame of that most likely occurring...still likely one for the books!
  23. Hello all...I was wondering if anyone knows about the MAD WEATHER Teleconnections website? Has it been moved to a different web address or has it been discontinued? It was very helpful and one I often looked to during the cold season. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
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