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  1. I'm sure many of you have seen this, but if not, this graphic is pretty cool. The awesome power of nature... https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-82.32,44.18,981
  2. It is just flat out delivering the mail here! 1/4 mi vis with blowing and drifting.
  3. It has been snowing here all daylight hours at varying intensities and is still snowing now with visibility of ~1/2 mile. I live about 3 miles SSW of KMDT.
  4. Well with Carlisle's 12:1 ratio and my 11:1 ration (both slightly higher as mathematically I was at 11.4:1 and Carlisle was at 12.4:1), but we will go with 11.5:1 at 1.82" would put them at 20.9"...I'd bet the under for KMDT! I'd even bet the under at 18.2" at strictly a 10:1 ratio. My buddy likes to tell me it is most definitely a "TMI Effect"!
  5. 1 pm obs Valley Green, York County; 18.0" with LEq of 1.58". Also at 1 pm, there was SN+ with DRSN; never any IP here. A very wintry day to be sure!
  6. It will be interesting with a saturated 700 mb level to watch these heights fall as the 500 mb low rolls across later this afternoon/evening...I personally believe there will be numerous productive snow showers/squalls until sunset and beyond...
  7. The 500 mb low is just a smidge too far north and west relative to the surface development to deliver a statewide major event. Nonetheless, a formidable system to be sure. Both the ECMWF and GFS are in remarkably good agreement on the closed low location later this evening and overnight. Have not had any sleet here in northern York County.
  8. 8am obs Valley Green, York County; 13.0" w/ 0.98" LEq
  9. Valley Green, northern York County: 5am 8.5" with 0.74" Liquid Equivalent. No sleet as of this time here...yet. Reminder to those folks who did not experience March 1993 system, but sleet, thunder/lightning, was observed during the height of that storm and New Cumberland at the time still managed 20"+! Enjoy the day and marvel at the awesomeness of mother nature.
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