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  1. Had enough hail around 8:00-8:30 to where it was white on the ground in many areas and looked like a "light dusting". Largest was around marble size. That's probably the 2nd most hail I've seen on the ground (most was a storm one spring in the mid 80's).
  2. Isotherm - you had one of the best performing outlooks I've seen for this winter. Excellent job on the 500mb pattern prediction.
  3. Well indeed, this was your storm eyewall, lol
  4. Any upslope component for you there?
  5. Nice eyewall. What a photo! Getting nuked right there. May not be 2 feet so far, but I thought you'd get a good one with that 700mb low tracking so far west.
  6. I would be interested to hear from burrell on the peach farm. Looks like a rough couple of nights ahead after a warm winter and early growth
  7. Is this report from WeatherNC?
  8. There's a ton of QPF model data back to Dec 2001 at this site (GFS, NAM, NGM...even Euro and UKMet) - http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/mmb/ylin/pcpverif/daily/
  9. Here's a map, but it looks overdone in some areas. Terrible year from Kansas to KY to DC
  10. Pic from my house yesterday...azaleas are really confused man
  11. This is your storm eyewall...enjoy! Pinehurst had a little dusting yesterday, lol
  12. Yeah it's a nice site. You can also select the GFS and NAM for comparison. Only thing I'm not clear on is how often it updates, and just scanning it, the model run isn't clear...but I haven't used it much yet
  13. This site doesn't have soundings, but it has maps for the Euro and you can toggle thru different levels (800mb / 850mb) to see the temperatures. Click on the map itself to get a specific temperature readout as opposed to viewing the map contours. On this link below, it is set on 800mb temperatures and the locale selected on the map is in SW VA https://www.windytv.com/?800h,temp,2017-03-12-15,35.476,-81.254,5,m:eHFadVM
  14. Gotta bump the bolded jburns no more snow declaration
  15. Saw a report of 3 inches in Union, SC. Where's Shetley?