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  1. That's my hope as well Grit. Perhaps the EPS won't pop a ridge in Alaska because it's not "seeing" the higher amp 7/8. 12z seemed to have a bit of one further out in time but yeah, it's way out there in time.
  2. Agreed. The lack of a -EPO on the EPS concerns me. That's where the key lies IMO for a true pattern change and sustained cold in the east. Rooting for the GEFS but very wary of it overmodeling pacific ridging.
  3. Ouch. It'll hopefully bounce back overnight.
  4. Very nice. I love how through the whole time referenced the west coast ridge axis and east coast trough axis just sits there in the perfect spot. Pretty much opposite of the last 2 weeks.
  5. That's one of the best gefs runs in the long range I've seen. Eps as always not as enthused but still looks very good at h5. Hopefully it ticks up in the mean. Getting to the point where im afraid to keep looking at the models because im afraid theyre going to fall apart. I'm a weenie.
  6. Yeah, I just don't want it high tailing it to the cod and back out to 4 and 5 for February. Take a stroll and hang out in 8, 1, 2 for a while it's nice there, lol.
  7. I really hope the MJO doesn't stall out in phase 7, and start back to loop around.
  8. That's beautiful right there. GEFS has officially joined the party. Bonus: cold and wet. Hopefully the EPS didn't decide to quit overnight and take its ball home.
  9. It does. This run seemed a little later to the party though. Next week nailing down the timing of this change will be interesting.
  10. I like it, thanks!. +PNA/-EPO ridge with the TPV on our side of the globe stretched into eastern Canada. And no SE ridge! Let's get the GEFS on board and see it get closer in the next week...hopefully soon we'll be tracking storms and not patterns.
  11. Now that's what I'm talking about. Hope it's right. How does the STJ look during this period on the EPS? Does it dry up and we go northern stream dominant?
  12. Now you go in the corner, and you think about what you just said Mr. Long range I'm waiting for the ensembles to tell the tale. Two GFS runs in a row is noteworthy I guess, but I'd like the ensemble means to show an average out likelyhood of a better pattern down the road.
  13. Agreed. The western trough sets up and never lets go. December is toast for the SE if the ensembles consensus is right; lights out till January. That's kinda every year big whoop. I'm just hoping we kick it east by new year.
  14. Yeah I think the 50/50 low is way too north as well. Everything needs to shift south. We need the TPV sitting in SE Canada for the cold and south push...
  15. this is beautiful. We need to start seeing some serious clown map action soon. Come on man!