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  1. The first snow flakes of the season started here in Bellbrook...just southeast of Dayton just after 7 this morning (Saturday 10/28). Always a joyful thing to see....and before Halloween. Now that has me geeked!
  2. And poof...just like that....the big, sustained warm-up the GFS was showing is gone in the long range on the 12z runs. Not saying its right or wrong...just stating what it shows. Three days or so of warm....in a sea of below normal temps for the next 16 days.
  3. I always chuckle at Accuweather with their realllllly stick out their neck...ultra detailed......precisely described forecasts for the season. Here's the new one for the coming winter.... Close
  4. Acrid smell of smoke definitely in the air this morning (Tuesday) in the Dayton area. In fact a black, feathery piece of ash dropped into our pool as I was cleaning it. The sky is an eerie yellow orange.
  5. Jonger...you could be right. All of the global models seemed to be determined to bring down some anomalous cold for later next week. They have been consistent with this for some time. We will see if the doubters are right...or the models....
  6. And brings a nasty 15 degree below normal shot of air down by mid week next week..or colder!
  7. Its the disingenuous media that raises the shackles of we pragmatists in the AGW debate. The record ice and snow levels in Greenland this summer are ignored. Yet anything close to a record heat event is blazed across the headlines. If Greenland were to be experiencing record heat and melt...it would be the coming of Armageddon,per the media. Thus...the skepticism for those that do their own research.
  8. Sure haven't heard much about catastrophic melting in Greenland this summer. Maybe that's because ice and snow there are at near record highs for the summer melt season. In fact Summit, Greenland just set the coldest temperature ever -33C in the northern hemisphere for the month of July.
  9. What a disaster of a winter. But...in little over 3 months...the sun starts heading south again...and our anguish pivots to hopes and dreams....and maybe, just maybe a winter of grand fulfillment! If not...there's always moving to Maine.
  10. When your normal snow fall for the season is 27 inches and you have under 8 so far with April like warmth to end the month of February....its a skunk...no dressing it up.... S for Skunk!!!!!!!!
  11. And the Euro has a 984 MB low over West Virginia Monday. Not a flake anywhere....strong Northeast wind and a driving rain! Cats are chasing dogs and up is down.
  12. Welcome to the area Jaf316! Most of us would gladly die and go to heaven if we got a 27 incher here. We will take all the luck you can bring us.
  13. Also in Bellbrook and enjoying the first system snow of the season. Great that a day or two ago...nothing was forecast. Goes to show not to take everything the models say ten days...let alone two days down the road. Mother Nature is her own boss sometime. Sure glad the Arctic express will have some white on the ground for its visit later this week. Nothing more depressing to me than an Arctic outbreak on brown grass. At a little after nine on Tuesday morning...the snow is nearly snow globe style.
  14. And....suddenly....our first digital snowstorm of the season.....let weenies rejoice throughout Ohio!!!! Regions Prev. Runs Forecast GIFTrend GIFPage SettingsKeyboard Shortcuts Precip/Moisture Lower Dynamics Upper Dynamics Thermodynamics
  15. Personally I am kinda glad we missed this one. Never liked 33 degree wet sloppy snows....followed by warm temps. Digitally we had some great snows...next season maybe it will really happen. See you all next October. Have a great spring and summer!