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  1. Reminds me of what Indiana and Ohio went through with the remnants of Ike. Can't remember the year. So eerie. Mid the remnants passed we never had a drop of rain, but with peak sunshine the winds were awful for a couple of hours as the heating mixed down the very strong air currents. The wind was incredible. Everyone was outside witnessing the roar and trying to stand still. The shrieking was punctuated by the constant cracking of trees here in the Dayton area and limbs were flying like crazy. My next door neighbors lost 4 or 5 full grown pear trees. We have an in ground pool and the mess was incredible with all the debris. Never will forget it. Enjoy the phenomenon west of here!
  2. The knife twist continues by mother nature. She says...."snow weenies take this pattern for May 9th....'cause you won't see it in January"
  3. And....the second week of May could be a continuation of the pattern we couldn't get in Met!
  4. So now we have two...back to back storms....that if the same pattern would have happened in winter....we would be looking at back to back snowstorms in the northern Ohio valley. Instead....cold rain, wind and nothing resembling spring for some time to come. The weather gods sure hate the Ohio Valley. Mother nature is having a good laugh at we snow weenies!
  5. I think sometimes this is just a good stopping point for we poor, cloistered, snow forsaken Southern Ohioans. But to make it fit....chance to see some snow in the air next week. Why do negative NAO's only happen in non-winter months.
  6. Amazingly it all traveled WNW to ESE.....and we in Bellbrook received only a few drops of rain. What a cut-off. Keeping an eye on the storms in Illinois and Iowa. Reports of softball size hail there. That will do some serious damage. Also moving in the same trajectory as last night...but positioned further south.
  7. It was pouring that's for sure. My wife started to shovel what little stuck to the driveway....and I said.....don't forget the snow shoveling rules. She said Huh? Never shovel snow after the 25th of February. The sun angle does the shoveling from hence forward.
  8. Transitioned to all snow....and heavy right now in Bellbrook. Too bad its 35 degrees and with a late Feb sun angle....snow is slushing on the grass....and just wet roads. Still in this God forsaken winter....its all we have.
  9. Don't look now...but the 18z model runs move the snow line much closer to the I-70 corridor. Is it a blip....probably....but worth keeping an eye on it. The Chicago posters....who were and still are under winter storm watches/warnings....are on suicide watch after the last model runs.
  10. Have vacationed at Kiawah Island. Can't beat it! Great Southern Hospitality too! Best of luck NWO!
  11. White flag here in Bellbrook. Could follow heavy rain moving up from Ciny. Snow quickly ended after a half inch. Looking like rain here now for the duration. What a crappy winter.
  12. All snow here in Bellbrook now. Based on Wundermap....its rain two sneezes south of me. Interesting tweet from NWS-Wilmington. However doesn't specify where...... NWS Wilmington OH @NWSILN · 23m [4:55 PM] Although temps aren't expected to drop too much, the setting of the sun in an hour may allow for snow to more readily stick to roadways & other surfaces. There may be spots that receive quick accumulations of several inches in a 3-4 hour window from 6 PM to 10 PM or so.
  13. Southwest of you boys in C-bus. Had a bit of sleet and a flake of snow to start at about 3. About .12 of an inch of rain at 34 then for a couple hours. Just now started mixing with big dendrites. Now back and forth with snow and then rain and snow. Surprised that snow mixed in after the rain. Don't hold much hope it will last long. That's the report from Bellbrook, just southeast of Dayton. (Update.......hadn't bothered to really look closer. Now its 33 with a 33 DP....and snow and sleet. Ground and pavement has light ice and snow cover.)
  14. And one more....when its January 22nd and the coldest temperature of the season to date occurred on November 13th.
  15. Being one who relishes in the failure of the pompous...I look forward to JB trying to spin his 150 percent of normal snowfall for us this winter. He has failed often in his winter forecasts...but this one is turning out to be epic.