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  1. For we in Ohio....its looking more and more likely it will be at least July before we see our first 90 degree reading. Last half of June looking to be below normal. I'll take it.
  2. Wish we could share all this rain further west. Ohio has had a pretty Garden of Eden type start to summer.
  3. will need everything from sunscreen to umbrella's and heat packs. Spring time in Ohio....gotta love it. Have a great time!
  4. Out my backdoor in Bellbrook, OH....near Dayton.
  5. Pretty frustrating to have one of the best snows of the winter happen on April 21st. Hard to measure due to such variance of measurements. Some surfaces shaded by trees and others acting as mini-heat islands. Where sloped ground is away from prevailing sun angle....about 4 inches or so. Maybe some more than that. Didn't spend a lot of time measuring. All will likely be gone by sometime this PM. The good news for snow just two months...the days start getting shorter again.. A look out the back door......
  6. iluvsnow


    And now....just the opposite:
  7. Bing that was my neighbor chewing out her husband for forgetting their anniversary.
  8. I am sure most are aware of the snowstorm in the front range of the Rockies. I found a time lapse from Cheyenne, Wy this morning. Make sure you wait till the very end to see what this morning looks like.
  9. For all the flak Dr. Judah Cohen gets for his long range winter forecasts.....this past winter's was pretty good....especially when compared with other sources.... AER is Cohen's Atmospheric and Environmental Research outfit.
  10. Larry Cosgrove thinks a brief respite and then winter returns.....
  11. Then you won't like reading this.....
  12. All in all, in Bellbrook, we made the most out of a sad situation. Switched from sleet....and even some freezing rain for a while to snow about 9:00 PM. Then got moderate to heavy snow for 4 or 5 hours. Ended up with about 5 inches. We are the last holdouts...still using the shovel method to clean off the drive and walkways Still snow globes and 15....and totally exhausted. One of the toughest shovels I can remember. Maybe finally time for the blower. Of course if I will no doubt curse things and we will go years before its needed.
  13. Definitely pound town snow in Bellbrook going on 10 PM on Monday night. I will tell you this....after letting the dog out for a final will be no fun cleaning up the concrete on the walks and drive. Looks like a few hours of good snows on top of the glacierfied ground. Much rather shovel just snow.
  14. Here is a hard lesson I have learned in watching these models leading up to show time....if you truly want to count on need a 100 mile pad to feel safe.....especially at go time.