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  1. Just measured an even 3 here in Bellbrook (Southeast Dayton 'burb). With the mid winter's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
  2. Gorgeous pix EE! Looks like we'll be getting our first covering Monday PM and some mood snow showers Tuesday as he Arctic temps move in. Hopefully a good sign of winter to come!
  3. Rain changed to snow just about 10:30 in Dayton this morning. Temps dropped to 34. Won't last long....but the snow weenie is open for business!
  4. I am amazed at how quickly the European locks in the "cold" for much of the eastern part of country.....
  5. Fellow daughter lives in Denver. She's a chip off the old block (Head) and loves winter weather. She is chagrined because she is on a business trip to Vegas and missing the fun. She is scheduled to return today though. If they get the record low will be another landmark for them. A couple weeks back they hit 9 degrees...which was the earliest single digit low in the city's recorded weather history. Told her she needs to ship some of that cold and snow east on the jet stream.
  6. Thanks Carver....looks like you guys are going to be luckier than us.
  7. Carver, can you extend that precip map to include the Ohio Valley. We are desperate for rain, as well. Thanks,
  8. Iconic Hara Arena in Dayton....where the Rolling Stones once no more. It had been closed for years anyway.
  9. Don't tell that to the digital snow monster AKA FV3 GFS....suppose the snow digitizer moves a hundred miles or so north.
  10. Yep.....may be the last flakes we see before next winter....everything melting at mid-day as it falls....but a nice post card to dream of storms to be....way down the road!!!!
  11. I am waving the white towel. We have a pool and lots of trees. I have pumped water off the pool cover four times this winter....and lost count of how many times I've fished leaves off the top. Now the yard is a war zone of limbs and twigs....and the pool has more leaves in it than water......ready for a long spate of calm, sunny....warm spring days. Time to look for a condo in Marquette, Michigan. I'll have to find a new wife though....mine would never go.
  12. At this rate....our yard and fields won't dry out till summer. Mother nature sure likes to challenge.
  13. I have followed weather all my life, even as a kid, and winter and snow have been one of my top passions. I will hit 70 later this year and have discovered at least one immutable truth. Anticipating snow season and your favorite baseball team's season have one thing in common....a lot of hope...followed by mostly heartbreak!
  14. Alright Buckeyes/ Hoosiers and those close by....after five days of inactivity in this forum....time to wake up and smell the snow snow that is:
  15. But...."We'll always have Paris".....I mean the Euro run from a week and a half ago showing 27 inches of snow on the ground and minus -20's. Digital winter...the only kind we ever get in Ohio!