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  1. And one more....when its January 22nd and the coldest temperature of the season to date occurred on November 13th.
  2. Being one who relishes in the failure of the pompous...I look forward to JB trying to spin his 150 percent of normal snowfall for us this winter. He has failed often in his winter forecasts...but this one is turning out to be epic.
  3. Well there's no lack of cold in Alaska now.....its happens.
  4. Here in Bellbrook a hair under 4 inches. Watching to see where the rain-snow line sets up this afternoon. At least till the end of the week it will look like Christmas here. Christmas week.....nah-so-much.
  5. Until it falls from the clouds over my house its nothing but digital snow.
  6. This looks to be the last throws of winter for most of the sub-forum for a least well into the holidays. For we southern forum'ers....we at least get a gift we'll have to cherish for the moment.
  7. We Ohio/Indiana/KY guys are counting on good Karma from you this winter......
  8. Just measured an even 3 here in Bellbrook (Southeast Dayton 'burb). With the mid winter's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
  9. Gorgeous pix EE! Looks like we'll be getting our first covering Monday PM and some mood snow showers Tuesday as he Arctic temps move in. Hopefully a good sign of winter to come!
  10. Rain changed to snow just about 10:30 in Dayton this morning. Temps dropped to 34. Won't last long....but the snow weenie is open for business!
  11. I am amazed at how quickly the European locks in the "cold" for much of the eastern part of country.....
  12. Fellow daughter lives in Denver. She's a chip off the old block (Head) and loves winter weather. She is chagrined because she is on a business trip to Vegas and missing the fun. She is scheduled to return today though. If they get the record low will be another landmark for them. A couple weeks back they hit 9 degrees...which was the earliest single digit low in the city's recorded weather history. Told her she needs to ship some of that cold and snow east on the jet stream.
  13. Carver, can you extend that precip map to include the Ohio Valley. We are desperate for rain, as well. Thanks,