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  1. 6z euro slightly improved. 500mb heights in front of the vort slightly more amped. .29 precip dca(0z had .19) more to the south and slightly less to the north but mostly everyone above .2.
  2. Hey, I’m also chasing this storm(from dc area). Very familiar with the selinsgrove, Williamsport area so hoping those two will be in the max area. Would just be happy with 12-15”+.
  3. Looking like 2-3 inches already. Just keeps pouring snow. Will measure later.
  4. I’m a mile or so west of the China king, oceanic gas station
  5. All snow now and coming down heavy. I think 5-6 is a good call for all of us.
  6. Was just about to say it looked like snow mixing in outsides a couple minutes ago. Now it’s 50/50 snow/sleet and at Prince frederick that does seem off, even Chesapeake beach is 32-33. I look on weather underground for stations close to me. I’m fine with 4-6. I think that is doable.
  7. Sleeting here too, nice ice accretion from all the drizzle last night. 31.8F right now. Hoping we turn to snow within the next hour or two. Location just north of the 2&4 split in huntingtown.
  8. Was mainly sleet. Finally Snow/Sleet mix turning to mostly snow in northern calvert.
  9. Had a little snow on the car this morning. The 6z runs the gfs was more amped and was a little stronger with the low, however precip was basically the same, the nam came in a little less amped causing precip to move farther southeast by 20-30 miles. Ecmwf was pretty awesome .4 all the way to northern Calvert and .8 at the beaches on the eastern shore. It's probably the wettest model currently.
  10. Heavy snow, currently 34.7F. Sticking to everything. Edit: 33.4F now
  11. Hopefully we can get snow tomorrow night. GFS has 2-3 inches across southern Maryland and 1-5" across the Delmarva, 1" for SBY and 4-5" for DOV.
  12. I love it, they have really good margaritas and i usually get the nacho fajitas for an appetizer, if i'm drinking. It feeds two or more people, unless you are extremely hungry. Also their regular fajita options are really good. My friends like basically every entree there so I don't think there is a wrong choice. Also, 30.4F on and off light freezing rain showers/drizzle. Probably have around 1/8 of a inch of ice accretion on cars and over previous snow pack.
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