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  1. Less frozen and more liquid than actually received has been going in the books for 16 years now. The pranksters have been able to sneak it by the neurotypical but not a autistic retard like your best friend FHS. We all should care if historic records are to have any meaning or validity .
  2. Years of inaccuracy's can and is being used to misinform public and control a narrative . An inch here and there and a degree here and there changes everything everywhere over time. Any that cant see it love the narrative or live in a blind brat denial .
  3. They except and take totals sometime not until hours after the steady snow has quit and we all know that dose not work, especially with the kind of snow we had today. Very Pithy but wet snows like this one must be done real time especially when its above 0 .
  4. Fhs has done his best this year to not beat a dead horse this year. CPT cant measure baby's dik . They haven't done there job rite in 15+years
  5. Very nice quick hitter here . When the storm ended here there was very light sleet for less then 5 minutes . The storm reminded me of my all time favorite football player. It was strong , fast ,white and only good for about a 4 inch gain. Mike Alstott storm 2021
  6. Nothing is Falling ATM 40.203536,-76.886925
  7. who has the map that can juice up the backside the way real weather men like it.
  8. Its been snow here 40.203536,-76.886925 throughout although its been light for the first time and is becoming more audible. I don't know what the ratio is but it laid here with a very good pith
  9. There was a very robust embedded band between 6:00-7:00am to are west, Maybe that was the reason. IDK My memory of time could be off but it was around there sometime
  10. 114 in Lewisberry near 40.203536,-76.886925 from about 45 minutes ago . Its heavy used by West Shore School District . I told my boy to walk to a friends until I can get him tonight so I at least feel good about that.